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Roca's bathrooms and sanitary ware products come from a design ethos based on creativity and technology. Quality in manufacturing and technological excellence applied to water conservation makes for bathrooms that are globally recognised as leaders in the bathroom market. Roca works with the worlds best designers and architects to help create stylish solutions to all bathrooms and sanitary ware products, with an exquisite selection to meet all tastes and budgets, designed to give you a consistent sense of style, cleanliness, mood, romance and luxury.

Roca employs advanced technology to ensure that the Roca bathroom products and sanitary ware that you invest in are consistently of the highest possible quality. Roca Bathrooms & Sanitary Ware's bathroom products have been adapted and developed to comply with British and European standards. Roca is accredited to ISO 9002 and the parent company to ISO 9001, the certification for design and production of sanitary ware.

Roca Laura   Roca Nexo


A traditional response to classic atmospheres. Elegant and functional curves in an extensive collection of pieces that combine simplicity and versatility, offering the convenience of well-tried solutions.



Two ostensibly conflicting objectives, converge in harmony in this collection: aesthetics and economy. Pieces wrought in several dimensions so that they adapt to all spaces. A contemporary and perfectly-proportioned design that blends subtely into all types of spaces.

Roca Gap   Roca Senso
 The Gap

Designed by Antonio Bullo, this concept is both a compact and functional style. This wide range adapts to all possibilities and enables one to optimise any bathroom space The modern and stylish lines mean that it is an intelligent choice.


The signatures of the Germans Schmidt & Lackner appear on this extensive collection, which offers a large number of solutions for the contemporary habitat. Their proposal enables one to make the most of the space and it easily merges with any style.

Roca Dama-N   Roca Meridian-N

Design, functionality and breadth of range. The collection, with its neutral, pure lines, offers a wide variety of sizes. The combination of this series' products will give you astonishing results in all kinds of bathroom spaces.


One single concept for a thousand solutions. One single concept to fulfil any need. The most versatile and global range.

Roca Hall   Roca Happening

A design ideal for complex and virtually impossible spaces that adapts perfectly and faces up to the challenges posed by modern-day interiors to achieve a maximum adaptability whose only contribution is positive, without compromising on design.


From a formal viewpoint, Ramón Benedito has made the very most of this collection he offers us. He conserves the classical structures of the different elements in the bathroom but with a new perspective. The pieces are compact with forms that seek the essential. Their simplicity creates an uncluttered space that is committed...

Roca New Classical   Roca Veranda
 New Classical

Its elegant and refined style conveys the sense of serenity and peacefulness associated with the classic atmospheres of bygone times. Designed by Marcello Cutino, its proportions are solemn and its details are timeless. A sound and quality collection designed to stay alive through the passage of time.


Designed by Schmidt & Lackner, this series is given a facelift and opens up to the exuberance of the curve and the sophistication that are in line with the very latest trends in contemporary interior decorating.

Roca Element   Roca Frontalis

Forceful, compact and rational. The architect David Chipperfield has drawn up a geometrical, pure, distinct and radical design. Thanks to the simplicity of its lines and his comprehensive plan for the bathroom, this collection can easily coexist with the different stylistic registers that are required of contemporary interior...


Designed by Belén and Rafael Moneo, the shapes and forms take their inspiration from nature and suggest the flowing of water. Their cascading curves blend in with the walls and gently embrace each other, offering a modular system with interesting formal solutions. This collection opens up a new horizon of possibilities where...