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Repair Kits

Repair Kits

If you’ve had your bath for some time now it’s probably sporting the odd scratch, mark or dent. But don’t despair if you can’t afford to replace it with a new bath just yet. That’s because an easy way to get a bath you’ve had for a number of years looking good as new (or almost) is to invest in one of our repair kits. These can help with a number of difficulties such as help repair a bad scratch in an acrylic bath, get rid of marks, scuffs and even how to fix a crack in your bath.

Repair kits are so user-friendly these days that it’s possible for a keen DIY enthusiast to do this by him or herself. Professionals do specialise in this type of repair but it can prove costly.

Use kits to repair scratches and chips in your bath

Here at Bathroom Supastore we stock the Cramer repair kit. This is suitable for various types of bath including acrylic baths, enamel, ceramic and fibreglass baths and even shower trays made from stone resin. All that’s required is for the user to mix the filler then apply to the damaged area with the supplied spatula. After the mix has been applied, sand it down smooth then apply the enamel spray.

The Cramer repair kit includes filling compound and hardener, sandpaper, spray paint and spatula.

Getting rid of scuffs and marks on your bath

The Cramer Rubber can deal with both scuffs and water marks on your bath. Used the same way you would employ a pencil rubber, the Cramer Rubber manages to wipe away the offending blotch without damaging the surface of the bath itself. Like the kit, the rubber can be used on a number of different surface types such as acrylic, enamel, porcelain and ceramic.

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