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Towel Rings

Towel Rings

Our bathrooms are one of those rooms in our home where, because of its smaller size, can appear cluttered very quickly. One way to stop this happening is with towel rails. There is nothing so untidy and off-putting in a bathroom as wet towels lying on the floor. Matching hand towels hung up on adjacent rings though, has the opposite effect; this gives a symmetrical and smart touch to the bathroom. Hang them at either side of the basin or set up three, in a row, on the one wall.

Which towel ring should you choose?

Like other bathroom accessories these days towel rings tend to come in co-ordinated sets. These bathroom accessory sets are also sympathetic to particular décor themes, such as Victorian bathrooms, Art Deco, minimalist Spa-type bathrooms and a Shabby Chic or Country Cottage theme.

Different sizes of towel rings are available these days – for both bath towels and hand towels. You can also hang a bath mat with a towel ring, to allow it to dry quicker and keep it out of the way when not in use.

Here at Bathroom Supastore we stock a range of towel rings in various styles and sizes, from geometric and chunky pieces to slim and curved rings. They range in size from 153mm to 225mm. Designed and manufactured by UK-based Croydex, the majority of our towel rings are wall-based but we also offer the more quirky under-basin towel ring. All are produced from durable zinc allow – which prevents rust - and coated in shiny chrome to give a sparkling look to your bathroom.

Tips for towel rings

If you’re in the lucky position of going for a full bathroom make-over, then don’t leave placement of your towel rings to the last minute. Plan where they’re going to go right from the start so that the overall look of your bathroom is the best it can be.

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