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Grab Rails

Grab Rails

The last place any of us wants to slip is in the bath, shower or the bathroom as a whole. That’s because we’ll probably land on either hard porcelain, ceramic or sturdy acrylic. In other words, on material which may lead to broken bones. So, think how much more frightening having a shower or bath must be for an elderly friend/relative or an individual with mobility problems. This is why the concept of grab rails arose in the first place.

What types of grab rails are there?

At Bathroom Supastore we provide straight grab rails. These wall-fixed rails can run horizontally or vertically and either straight or at an angle. It’s also possible to buy grab rails in a 90 degrees angle, providing a vertical and horizontal handhold. Then there is the hinged support rail (which we also offer online).

Horizontal rails tend to be better for toilet use since they are easy to push down on from a sitting position. Vertical rails are good for use in the bath as they can help an individual pull up into a standing position.

All our grab rails are powder coated in order to allow for a firm grip and a warmer feel. This type of surface is also hard-wearing and, importantly for bathroom use, is slip resistant so that it remains effective, even when wet.

Meanwhile, the reason some grab rails are painted dark blue is because government regulations insist that grab rails are either darker or lighter than the bathroom walls on which they’re attached. This is to make it easier for individuals with sight difficulties to access them.

How easy is a grab rail to affix?

Grab rails aren’t particularly difficult to fix to a wall – but they obviously must be very secure in view of the weight they will be asked to support.

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