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Shower Seats

Shower Seats

Shower seats can be used by everyone but they are particularly useful for the elderly or individuals who have difficulty standing for long periods of time. By installing a shower seat these householders can still enjoy the pleasure of a warm shower anytime they feel like it, without having to rely on the support of others. At the same time, many able-bodied individuals prefer the comfort of a shower seat to standing up – some women like to use shower seats for placing their leg on while shaving, for instance.

Another advantage of a shower seat is that they work as an extra safety measure for the elderly by helping to prevent them slip and fall on the shower floor. Meanwhile many families use them to store children’s toys, shampoo and shower gel bottles while they’re showering so they don’t trip on them.

What different types of shower seats are available?

Here at Bathroom Supastore we sell various types of shower seats, the main examples being wall mounted. Our most basic model is the folding shower seat – so called because it can fold back up into the wall when not in use. It’s the most space-saving of our ranges and also the least expensive.

Our hinged shower seat is cushioned and is permanently fixed to wall in a seating position. We also offer shower seats which are both attached to the wall and have supporting legs to provide extra support.

How easy is it to attach a shower seat?

A shower seat can be installed by any enthusiastic and competent DIY’er. However, because of what it’s required for ie additional support, it’s probably just as well to get it either installed or checked over by a professional. Both silicone adhesive and screws will be required to attach the shower seat to your walls.

  • Cavalier Folding Shower Seat 370 x 300mm White-2703-Bathroom-Supastore-20 Favourite

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  • Barwood Cushioned Hinged Shower Seat 455 x 465mm B206 Powder Coated White-B206SSW-Bathroom-Supastore-20 Favourite

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