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Double Ended Bath Suites

Double Ended Bath Suites

You can save yourself lots of time and money when it comes to fitting out a new bathroom in your home by simply investing in one of our double ended bath suites shown here.

What does a double ended bath suite contain?

Available in a variety of contemporary or traditional styles in order to fit in with the rest of your planned bathroom décor, our double ended bath suites consist of a tub, basin and pedestal, toilet, taps and waste.

You’ll find the tub is sloped at either end so that it’s possible for two people to bathe comfortably at once. This is because the taps and waste are located in the centre of the bath out of the way. This, in turn, results in a roomier bath, making the double ended bath suite popular with both couples and families looking to bathe more than one child at a time.

The double ended bath

The tubs in our double ended bath suites are available in either a standard or a reinforced version. In the case of the latter the baths have the strength of a traditional cast iron bath, but manage to retain the warmth of contemporary acrylic. In addition, they will also retain the heat of the water for longer, thanks to a special insulating coat applied to the base of the bath. All this ensures durability, with the majority of reinforced double ended baths carrying a 30 year guarantee on materials and craftsmanship.

Toilets and taps

The toilets in our double ended bath suites are of the modern close coupled variety and have a soft close lid - resulting in less wear and tear and proving more durable as a result – as well as a push button flush for ease of use.

Choose from taps which are square or rounded and in line with the rest of your bathroom accessories to give the room a co-ordinated, finished look.