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Freestanding Bath Suites

Freestanding Bath Suites

There’s something rather luxurious about the look and feel of a freestanding bath. There’s the roominess, of course, but also the style of the bath – whether it happens to be slipper shaped, rectangular or curved and double ended in order to fit with a contemporary aesthetic, or more of a Victorian style, in keeping with a Downton Abbey classic look.

Why invest in a freestanding bath suite?

The benefit of the following freestanding bath suites is that they all come with toilet, wash basin, bath and taps to match. This saves you from having to spend hours attempting to source co-ordinating individual items. It also works out far less expensive than when buying the items separately and it means not having to worry about whether everything in the bathroom will co-ordinate when it comes to creating your dream designer bathroom.

Then there is the mobile freestanding bath taps that accompany the baths. These look a touch exotic in themselves and are flexible enough to be placed anywhere in the bathroom you like – whether alongside the bath or at its head. Some freestanding baths are already supplied with the waste in the centre of the bath while others have it at one side.

On the whole freestanding bath suites require a larger bathroom in order to give the bath the space to be displayed. The baths hold more water too so it’s worth checking beforehand whether your hot water tank has the capacity to fill it.

Where to sit your freestanding bath

These baths look particularly stunning, for instance, when situated in the central spot of the room and used as a focal point for the whole bathroom. And on that note, probably the biggest plus to a freestanding bath is that it can be placed anywhere in the bathroom – including in front of French or picture window, with the result than a perfectly pleasant bathing experience can become an utterly spectacular one.