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Single Ended Bath Suites

Single Ended Bath Suites

To ensure consistency of style and to save time attempting to match up individual items, there is no doubt that buying an entire bath suite at once is the right road to go down when it comes to fitting out your new bathroom. Not only that but you’ll also save much more money buying your bath, toilet, basin and taps together in the one package, rather than separately.

What does a single ended bath suite contain?

What you’ll find in a typical single ended bath suite is a bath and matching side panel together with a toilet and basin with pedestal. Then there is the waste and taps for both the bath and sink. The taps come in a variety of styles to suit your bathroom décor theme, such as Minimalist, Spa, Victorian, shabby chic or even Art Deco, while you’ll also find a large variety in terms of the design of the bathroom suite itself.

Many of the toilet basins are close coupled and come with a push button flush and soft close seat which is not only less noisy to replace, but also far more durable.

Single ended baths

The tub in a single ended bath suite has a slight sloped edge at one side and taps with the waste at the other. Both reinforced and standard versions are available. Reinforced baths are tougher and retain the heat from the water for longer, thanks to a special insulating coat applied to the base of the bath. These baths are also more durable and guaranteed to last longer (up to 30 years in most cases).

Single ended bath suites are suitable for both large family sized bathrooms and small en-suites. In the case of the latter shape tends to be the key with many contemporary single ended bath suites specifically shaped to suit smaller bathrooms these days.