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Bath Anti Slip Kits

Bath Anti Slip Kits

Bath anti slip kits are essential for anyone who uses a bath – not just the elderly and those who are a bit unsteady on their feet. This is because unseen soap or gel residues on the floor of your bath can make it so easy to slip and break or twist an arm or leg, leaving you immobile for weeks (and, in many cases, in a lot of pain).

Anti slip kits are simply to apply

Bath anti slip kits are easy to apply and can even be fixed to the bathroom’s tiles and a shower base. How they work is by increasing friction so that slipping, and therefore having a fall, becomes much more unlikely. This proves to be the case in both wet and dry conditions.

Anti slip kits don’t alter the look of the bath or flooring

Here at Bathroom Supastore we have found that the majority of bath anti slip kits on the market today can be painted onto the surface and become transparent when dry. This ensures that applying the kit doesn’t ruin the look of the bath or your flooring so you don’t have to worry about your bathroom décor. You’ll find too that many anti slip bath kits can be applied to acrylic, cast iron, porcelain and gelcoat baths, as well as metal or concrete surfaces.

More stylish than using a bath mat

Bath mats are another way of introducing an anti slip surface into your bathroom but these aren’t infallible. They can still slip as they age and the underside becomes less textured. In addition, they can also become rather unsightly looking with mould attached in some cases. A cold bath mat isn’t a very pleasant texture to step onto inadvertently either, while that mat will also need somewhere to be stored in your bathroom when not in use.

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