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L Shape Shower Baths

L Shape Shower Baths

With a geometric and contemporary L shape shower bath it is perfectly possible to combine the best of two worlds - of bathing and showering, that is. There really is no need to compromise - or argue with the rest of the family - and choose one over the other when you have an L shape shower bath. That’s because the additional space an L shape shower bath provides at its wider, cubed end is roomy enough for the bather to stand comfortably or to move around and shower in. The rubber-sealed see-through panel attached to the L shaped end of the bath, meanwhile, prevents water spilling onto the bathroom carpet.

The modern L shape shower bath is very similar in design and concept to the P shape shower bath in that they both have an extra 10 per cent of space built in at one end of the bath. Where they differ however is in shape. The L shape is, as the name suggests, a straight line while the P shape is curved. Whether the geometric L shape or the curved P shape is better depends on the existing bathroom furniture, the shape of the room and how much physical space there is available.

Excellent for small bathrooms

The L shape shower bath and its P shape counterpart work especially well in awkward shaped or small bathrooms, such as en-suites, where it would be impossible to fit both a bath and a shower in without the room looking excessively cluttered. In other words, the L shape shower bath is a very suitable solution to a potentially tricky problem with lack of space.

Another alternative to this dilemma would have been to install a wall shower above a standard single end bath or double end bath but without the additional standing room available and having to go to the bother of getting a shower door or curtain fitted. With an L shape shower bath these aspects are already conveniently taken care of.

Strong, good-looking and easy to clean

Most of our L shape shower baths here at Bathroom Supastore are crafted from either high quality acrylic, reinforced acrylic or Lucite - a cast acrylic sheet. Both materials are non-porous, retain water heat and look good by producing an impressive gloss look under the bathroom lights. They are very easy to clean – simply wipe with a sponge or cloth – and extremely durable.