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P Shape Shower Baths

P Shape Shower Baths

With more room at one end than a standard rectangular bath, the P shape shower bath provides an excellent solution for bathing and showering in an awkward shaped bathroom. That’s because the bath is larger at the showering end, providing the user with additional space in which to move around in comfortably without the necessity of the householder having to go to the bother of installing a separate shower cubicle. It also comes with a rubber sealed see-through panel in order to prevent excess water spilling onto the bathroom floor or getting nearby items wet.

The P shaped shower bath is so called because the end of the bath with the additional room is curved so the shape of the bath forms the letter ‘p’ in the alphabet. Similar to the L shape shower bath, which has a straight line at the roomier end, the P shape shower bath provides an extra 10 per cent of space at the roomier of the bath tub.

A smart solution for en-suite bathrooms

En-suite bathrooms in particular can benefit from the P shape shower bath since these tend to be smaller than standard bathrooms and the lack of space often makes it impossible to fit both a bath and a shower. In other words, with a P shape shower bath there is no need to have to choose between the two. And, because it already comes fitted with a screen it proves a much less expensive alternative to having to purchase both a shower and a bath separately.

Not only does the P shape shower bath prove a sleek space-saving device for most homes, but it also looks elegant, modern, and can enhance the décor and overall look of a bathroom. The curve at the roomier end of the bath helps soften the straight geometric lines that most bathroom furniture these days comprises of.

At Bathroom Supastore most of our P shape shower baths are manufactured from either very high-quality acrylic, reinforced acrylic or Lucite. The latter is acast acrylic sheet, with both materials proving durable, extremely sturdy and non-porous. The bath and panels also boast a smart appearance thanks to a glossy sheen which proves very easy to clean by means of simply wiping the bath with a damp cloth. Another advantage of these materials is the ability to add colour so that it is possible to find the exact shade to fit with the existing bathroom furniture.