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Freestanding Baths

Free Standing Baths

Whether you are in the market for a roll-top version, slipper shape, contemporary curved egg form or a claw footed vintage model, our freestanding baths here at Bathroom Supastore are certainly worth considering when it comes to choosing your bathroom focal point.

Stylish and rather decadent, freestanding baths tend to be larger and roomier than the majority of inset baths around. When centred in a bathroom they also double as an impressive and dramatic piece of furniture – one which, if it has claw feet, doesn’t detract from your smart bathroom floor tiling either.  

Many freestanding baths come with moveable tap accessories; others sit beneath wall plumbing or have taps fitted. It’s also possible to have a shower attachment installed in a freestanding bath so you don’t lose out on bathing when pressed for time.

A decorative addition to your bathroom

Claw foot, roll top freestanding baths are perfect for a traditional period décor scheme. The roll top effect is gained by doubling the acrylic and forming a smooth curved lip. The slipper shape, which sits flush with the floor, is a 20th century design where one end of the bath is a little deeper than the other. When both ends are deepened it’s known as the double slipper shape. Both the roll top and the slipper shape today can be redesigned to suit a minimalist or contemporary aesthete. Either way, freestanding baths tend to be deeper than their traditional counterparts, meaning the bath panels themselves will play a larger part in your choice of décor scheme.

Many freestanding tubs tend to be curved in shape. This can provide a nice ‘softening’ feel to a bathroom’s otherwise angular furniture with its geometric and severe straight lines.

A big advantage of a freestanding bath is that it can be placed anywhere in the home. In other words, if there is a fabulous view and the house isn’t overlooked, then it’s possible to sit a freestanding bath in front of the window allowing bathers enjoy the landscape while luxuriating in the tub. It’s practically why free-standing baths were invented!

The first ever freestanding baths were old copper or iron tubs and often with an enamel coating, usually placed in front of a roaring fire in the sitting room. Nowadays, thanks to central heating and modern materials such as acrylic we can enjoy bathing in the privacy of the bathroom and which many individuals revel in as their own private sanctuary.