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Monthly Archives: October 2017

  • Why choose Bathroom Supastore?

    The thought of purchasing a new bathroom online can leave you feeling a little apprehensive, especially as it’s a big investment. Here at Bathroom Supastore we understand this and do everything we can to put your mind at ease and make it a pleasurable experience. This is why we think you should choose to shop with us.

    Why Choose Bathroom Supastore?

    The BEST Customer Service

    There is so much to consider when refitting your bathroom, it can be quite a daunting process. Having to ensure the measurements are correct and you have all the correct parts is overwhelming. Which is why we have the best customer service team (if we do say so ourselves!). All of the team has many, many years’ experience. Knowing the products stocked inside out. Any queries prior to ordering can be answered with call, email or online chat.  Without a showroom to view the item before purchasing can make a huge difference. So we include multiple photos of the product on the website, showing each item in as many rooms as possible.


    Order Check Process

    After you’ve taken the plunge and placed your order you can rest assured knowing this will be fully checked by our experienced team. If the team can see that what you’ve ordered isn’t compatible or they’re unsure of what you’re hoping to achieve with the items, they’ll give you a call. This is to make sure that the items are exactly what you need to complete the job in hand. Where else would you get that kind of service!?


    Great Quality Products

    You can rest assured that anything you buy from Bathroom Supastore is of the highest quality. Supplied by the best in the business; with the majority of items fully designed and manufactured in the UK.  With products by Trojan Plastics, Kudos, Reina and Tavistock, to name just a few. Prior to shipping our warehouse staff fully check the products to ensure they are in perfect condition for arrival.


    We pride ourselves on the service we provide here at Bathroom Supastore. Going above and beyond to ensure that our customers get exactly what they want in addition to receiving the best price possible with superb customer service.  We're obviously going to be biased, but if you’ve placed an order or spoken to the team we’d love to hear about your experience via our Trustpilot review page, which you can find here.


    We also love to see what you've done with your purchases. Send us a photo of your new bathroom via email or by tagging us on one of our social media pages. Maybe you'll see your bathroom online!

  • Cloakroom Bathroom Ideas

    A cloakroom bathroom or downstairs toilet as most people call it, is common place and almost always included in new build homes these days. However this is a great addition in older homes too. Adding possibly thousands in resale value to the property. The best bit is you need considerably less room than you may think to add a cloakroom bathroom to your home!


    Under the stairs toilet


    Under stairs Cloakroom bathroom

    I hear what you’re saying…. there is no way a cloakroom bathroom will fit under my stairs! Well you’d be very surprised with how much space you actually need for just a toilet and a sink. Which is essentially all you need in a downstairs loo. There are many ways to approach this, using wall hung furniture such as the Tavistock Micra. The stylish sanitryware eases manoeuvrability in the small space, whilst providing a clean and modern look. Our favourite option for an under the stairs toilet, due to it ingenious innovation is the Two in One Toilet Basin. This combines the basin into the back of the toilet removing one of the essential items and meaning less space is required.


    An old airing cupboard conversion


    Laguna Corner Toilet and Basin

    Many homes these days no longer have a huge tank of hot water on the landing. However a cupboard still remains where this used to be! So inevitably this space is often converted into an extra bathroom. These spaces are often quite small but that doesn’t mean it’s unusable. It’s important to make sure you choose sanitaryware and furniture that is proportionate to the space. Many options of sanitryware provide smaller basins and toilets, such as the Tavistock Structure range, due to demand. Within a more rectangle space as these cupboards often are, our favourite option is the Lecico Laguna Corner Basin and Toilet. Utilise every corner of the room whilst getting in and out of the small space with ease.


    A room with an unwanted alcove

    Tavistock Match back to wall unit

    If you’ve got a downstairs room with an unwanted alcove you can use this as the starting point for your new addition. The Tavistock Match furniture is ideal for a recess cloakroom bathroom and because of its clever design, helps to reduce the space required. The Match combines a toilet and basin in a back to wall unit, that also boasts under basin storage. As a result of this design the unit can be slotted straight into the alcove space. The worktop space along with the storage creates a space for all the bathroom essentials needed in a downstairs loo.


    A specially made cloakroom bathroom


    Sonata 500 Basin & Unit Medium Oak

    If you want to add a downstairs toilet but don’t have any of the options above and need to make a new room, this can be easier than it looks. Remember that you don’t need very much space. A fake plasterboard wall is used to create a space within another room or passageway. These created rooms have a tendency to be long and narrow to avoid loosing too much of the existing room. The toilet will ideally fitted to the back wall as this creates space for cloakroom furniture along the walls. The Sonata vanity basins are super slimline, with a depth of just 195mm, making them ideal for this kind of cloakroom bathroom.


    A contemporary or classic cloakroom bathroom is achievable in even the smallest of spaces. Hopefully this article will inspire you to finally take the plunge. Either with a transformation or to create that downstairs room. Besides those shown above, Bathroom Supastore has wide collection of cloakroom style furniture available. Looking for further inspiration? Click here to see our full range of cloakroom options.

  • Bathroom Colour Trend for AW17

    The AW has seen a huge shift in the bathroom colour trend compared to those we’ve seen in SS. Gone are the pastel hues of pink, baby blue and grey whilst rich plums, dark greys and teals are very much in. For inspiration think of a peacocks tail feathers or favourites from the chocolate tin (well, as long as your favourites are the green triangle and hazelnut in caramel!). These rich jewel shades scream luxury and add that touch of class.

    Autumn is the of year where we spend more time indoors, therefore it’s inevitable we start picking holes with our home décor. The bathroom colour trend this season will make a huge impact. Rich, deep jewel tones were once considered overpowering and a no-no for smaller bathrooms, however this isn’t the case anymore.


    Small Bathrooms


    Alberta Wall Hung Basin Plum Room


    You can use an eye catching shade into a small room by using textures to stop this compromising the size. Using super glossy tiles with a perfectly white suite for a contrasting look that reflects all the light natural and artificial to brighten the room. This technique will help if you do want to use a darker paint to the room too.


    Structure Basin and Toilet Teal Roomset


    You can also transform your bathroom by using the on trend shades in small doses. By picking out a statement feature, such as a patterned or statement wall. Another way of incorporating the trend is to pick accessories such as your towels in your chosen colour to keep your décor bang on the bathroom colour trend. Consequently, this method won't overpower the smaller space.


    Larger Bathrooms


    April Brearton Freestanding Bath Teal Roomset


    If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom but are still a bit scared of this seasons bathroom colours, don't panic. Every bathroom trend can be eased into. Choose a bright white furniture and bath, such as the Brearton Freestanding Bath and go for a lighter floor. Add the on trend bathroom colour of your choice to your walls only. Your clean white suite will contrast the rich backdrop and leave you with a bathroom that’s elegant and sophisticated.


    Tavistock Kobe Plum Roomset


    You can even team these amazing teal and plum colours with a dark grey suite, such as the Tavistock Kobe. The combination of the dark units and rich walls is opulent and indulgent. Which  creates the perfect setting to take a soak and relax.


    Do you like to stick to bathroom colour trends? What are your thoughts on these rich, dark shades? We love to hear what you think.

    If you would like any help with any of the items pictured don’t hesitate to give our customer service team a call on 0845 271 9929 or get in touch via any of our social channels.

  • Create a Hotel Style Bathroom with Kudos Showers


    Believe it or not, it’s much easier to achieve a hotel style bathroom in your own home than you might think. The moment you step into a hotel room, after a little bounce on the bed you head straight to investigate the bathroom. Usually adorned with the latest and greatest in bathroom technologies we often leave wishing we were going home to a bathroom even half as elegant and lavish. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to help you on your way...


    The barely there wet room

    Kudos Ultimate2 Wet Room Panels


    A wet room used to be the kind of set up you’d expect to find in the changing rooms of the local leisure centre. However in recent years the wet style room has had a super stylish make over.  Many hotels, will have a wet room style bathroom as the look is clean and modern. The sleek floor and wall set up needed is super easy for cleaning too!

    Wet room panels create a showering area that is open and spacious. The chic, slim line panels create the illusion of a shower cubicle; whilst providing a walk through space. The Kudos Ultimate2 range has fittings and fixtures in an array of colours ideal for helping to conceal the 'floating' glass panels. With no shower tray to speak of the area blends seamlessly into the background. Choosing dark walls and flooring will instantly add a touch of sophistication and glamour.


    Illusion style shower enclosure

    Kudos Pinnacle8 Shower Enclosure


    Now if you’re wanting to make use of every nook and cranny, as even the most expensive of hotels do, then the Pinnacle 8 Kudos range is where you need to look. The brand new range has doors that are designed to be fitted into a recess or corner within the room. A rimless shower enclosure enables this to be fitted to a shower tray, such as a Kudos K-Stone or to a wet room system. The clear glass enclosure maximises light exposure and simulates the sensation of showering outdoors. Choose a light marble floor and wall; a technique many hotels stick to, to maximise brightness. Along with its minimalist fixtures and fittings, a cut out handle the Pinnacle8 help to give the room a spacious and bright feeling.



    Hotel style bathroom with a tub

    Kudos Inspire Shower Bath Screens


    If you're someone who cannot bear to be without a bathtub in your bathroom, fear not! Kudos has a solution for your hotel style bathroom too. Kudos also offer the stunning Inspire bath screen range. Available in either folding or swing styles, to suite any bathroom size.  The design follows the Kudos standard with minimalist fixtures and fittings. Hence allowing you to create a decadent and luxurious bathroom. Especially with the addition of a spa style whirlpool which will create that perfect spa hotel style.

    Kudos showers are manufactured right in the heart of the Lake District, from start to finish. The innovative designs take inspiration from the beautiful surroundings, so explains why their hotel style shower designs never disappoint. The amazing Kudos products are available on our website with many items in stock and ready to ship. With our amazing finance options, that hotel style bathroom of your dreams could finally be an everyday experience.

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