Bathroom maintenance is slightly different to bathroom cleaning but it's essential for keeping your brand new bathroom running at its peak performance. After getting a new bathroom fitted many people think cleaning is all they need to do. However, if you want your showers to stay as powerful or for your tile grout to stay bright white, there is a little more work needed.

Shower Valves

Thermostatic Shower Valve

Shower valves are an important part of your bathroom to maintain. A shower valve is considered a wear and tear part which needs to be serviced at least every 6 months.

The valve is the part if your shower that stops and starts the flow of water. When in use, the valve has a constant stream of water flowing through it. This can create a build-up of lime scale which can cause the shower to drip. Simply taking the valve of the shower apart and giving this a rinse in warm soapy water will remove this build up and keep your shower operating at its peak performance. If you've never washed this down before it may need a deep clean. It's recommended you add a dash of white vinegar for it's first clean and leave the parts to soak.


Shower Heads

Shower Head maintenance

Just like the shower valve the shower head, with all its individual jets can also get a build-up of lime scale and debris which will reduce the efficiency of these jets. This in turn will make you use more water every time you shower. Not ideal in the current economic climate.

All shower heads can be removed from their arms or hoses which will give you access to the back of the jets. Nothing more than warm soapy water is needed but just like you see the build-up of soap scum and lime scale on the outer of these jets, you will often find an even bigger build up on the back which can stop the water coming through forcefully enough to give you a powerful shower. If there is a build up, pop some white vinegar and warm water in a small plastic bag and tie this around your shower head. Leave to sit in the solution for a little while and you should find that wiping with a damp cloth will clear any built up gunk.


Tile Grout

Mouldy Grout

Tile grout maintenance is hard work unless you keep it up! Mould spores can quickly appear between your bathroom tiles if you don't monitor the humidity levels in your bathroom. Always open a window when in use or have an electric fan fitted to help remove excess moisture from the air.

If you've let this get too far and you do see those pesky dark sports showing through the tiling don't panic. Using bleach and a toothbrush will help remove the mould but won't help with keeping it away. If you want to help reduce the likelihood of its return as well as get rid of it the Cramer Mould Remover also has disinfectant properties.


Bleed Radiators

Bleed radiators

Bleeding a radiator is easier than it sounds. All this does is simply remove air from within the pipework of your radiators. This will make your radiators more efficient and heat up quicker. This will get those towels hot and fluffy much more efficiently. This simple maintenance task should be done every few months to get the optimum warmth.

To do this you must first turn off the heating. Pop the radiator key into the valve, using a towel/flannel to pop this around the key, just in case any hot water spurts out as you turn. Then you simply turn the key to release any air. This will give you piping hot radiators much quicker again.


Whirlpool Jet Maintenance

Deep Clean Whirlpool Jets

We all know that when it comes to cleaning the bath, a simple wash in hot soapy water is the way forward. Always avoid using an abrasive cleaner. However, whirlpool baths with all their jets do require a little more of an in-depth clean to help maintain them.

Not cleaning these correctly can cause a build-up of fungi and bacteria which can be a health issue. After all you're getting in the bath to get clean so this isn't an ideal situation. Fear not though, cleaning these jets is easier than it looks and we have just the thing you need. There are many homemade solutions you can use to clean your whirlpool, but choosing a product such as the Cramer Whirlpool System Cleaner will also disinfect the jets. This not only removes the build-up but kills any germs accumulated there.

And the best simply run a bath pop in the solution and let it run for 30 mins. No scrubbing or elbow grease required!

Are these maintenance tips something your bathroom fitter or plumber has advised you to do? Are they things you were aware of?