When it comes to bathroom flooring the first thing that springs to mind is not very often carpet. A bathroom has not been considered a place for full floor carpet since the 1970’s. A time before people realised this was a breeding ground for bacteria and many other germs.

These days many people avoid fancy bathroom mats as even a standard bath mat doesn’t get washed as often as they should do in many homes. You can only imagine just how dirty a carpet that can’t be thrown in the washing machine would end up being after just a few months.

Lily Allen and new husband David Harbour have been renovating their new town house. Creating a bathroom come living room that boasts not only a massive inset bath, a full fire place with armchairs, but also a carpeted bathroom floor. Now this isn't just a plain or simple design carpet either. The flamboyantly patterned carpet is something you'd expect to see in your grandparents house in the 1960's. This revelation on the Architectural Digest has sent the home décor world into a spin. Many love the choice. Many are not so keen on the idea!

So, does carpet belong in the bathroom?

There are several reasons why it's generally not advised to put carpet in a bathroom. Here's a list of the biggest cons!


Bathrooms are high moisture areas. Carpet tends to absorb moisture, which can lead to mould and mildew growth. Over time, this can cause unpleasant odours and even damage to the subfloor and walls. Many people believe choosing carpet will add warmth to the floor. In reality, a busy family bathroom is always in use so the carpet would remain damp and inevitably cold underfoot.


Bathrooms are high traffic areas. There are many liquids and pastes used in the bathroom. A combination of shampoo, bleach and toothpastes can spill and cause stains that will be difficult to remove. The advancement of carpet shampooers means that cleaning these are much easier than in the 70's. However, there are often small crevices and nooks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.


A wet carpet can be slippery and pose a safety hazard, particularly for young children or older adults who may be more prone to falls.


Bathroom carpet tends to wear out more quickly than other flooring options due to the high moisture levels and continuous foot traffic.

What flooring should I put in my bathroom?

If you're renovating your bathroom and looking at flooring options the most popular choices are tiles, hardwood floor or vinyl flooring. As far as we're concerned bathroom carpet needs to be left in the 70's! A common misconception is that these options will leave you with a cold floor and a floor that is easy to slip on. Something to be avoided if you have children or elderly family members.

All of the above flooring options can be fitted with underfloor heating, so this can help eliminate the cold floor, however the addition of a bath mat will prevent slips and also give you something warm to step onto. Choosing a vinyl flooring such as Hydro Step, for example, which comes with underlay attached which helps to maintain warmth within the flooring itself.

What are your thoughts on carpet in the bathroom? do you have some in yours? Do you think Lily and David have made a good interior design choice? Let us know below.