When it comes to picking the correct shower it is important to understand which type of shower you will need. Here we shall explain the different varieties and what to consider when it comes to purchasing your new shower. There are four different types of showers, these include:


Digital Showers


Digital Showers are the latest in innovative technology. They can be pre-programmed for the desired temperature. They are available in Mixer and Electric type showers. A digital shower works by a small processor, which mixes hot and cold water together. The water temperature is controlled and means that you are unlikely to get water temperature spikes mid-shower.

They are designed to give you more flexibility when it comes to your bathroom design and layout. The mixer and heating unit is operated by a separate control panel- which can be placed out of sight via a hidden wire or wireless technology.


Benefits of a Digital Shower

  • Adjustable temperature and water flow via a panel hidden away from the shower unit
  • The power unit can be fitted within a 10 metre range of a shower unit, or via wireless technology usually in either a loft or an airing cupboard
  • Available in either Mixer or Electric shower types.
  • Flexible bathroom design and layout
  • Control of water temperature and flow


Power Showers

Power showers are useful to have in low-pressure water areas. They feed of both hot and cold water supplies and have a built in pump. Water flow is usually good especially if you live in a low- pressure area. They are easy to install, as they don’t have a separate pump like Mixer showers do- and offer a good amount of control over water temperature. However- they can be expensive to run as they use a lot more water: something to consider if you have a water metre.


Benefits of a Power Shower

  • Good flow of water even when in a low water pressure area
  • Easy to install as there is not a separate pump
  • Works best with low pressure systems.


Electric Showers

Electric showers work off a cold supply of water. The water is heated as it is needed. This can be beneficial to help keep costs down. The water flow tends to be weaker than digital and power showers- but this can be overcome with an added integral pump. Installation of an Electric Shower by a certified electrician is important to ensure safety compliance and can add to the cost of the overall fit of the shower. The temperature can fluctuate between 1-2 degrees of the recommended temperature. This can be dependent on the household’s water usage at the time of showering.

Electric showers often become victims of limescale build-up and generally have weaker water flow.


Benefits of an Electric Shower

  • Only uses cold water supply-energy efficient
  • No cost of un-used heated water
  • Generally cheaper to buy than other shower types
  • Still works when boilers don’t work
  • Quick and easy to install


Mixer Showers

Mixer showers tend to use both hot and cold water supplies when heating water. It is important to have a combi boiler or an emersion heater when considering a mixer shower for your bathroom. Some mixer showers are designed to work with high-pressure water systems and others for low-pressure water systems. It is important to find out when you make your purchase.

Bath and shower mixers are also available -and water temperature is controlled by adjusting the bath taps.

Thermostatic mixer showers are better at regulating temperature and have an added advantage of shutting off supply when someone uses cold water elsewhere in the house- preventing the shower from scolding you.


Benefits of a Mixer Shower

  •  Shower and bath mixer showers available
  • Good water flow rate
  • Works with combi boilers and immersion heaters
  • Shower offers fixed head or adjustable ones

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