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Why Do We Bath?

In modern England bathing is a must-do. If one doesn’t bathe, one isn’t clean. How times change! Whether you prefer a long hot soak or a quick refreshing shower? Why do you bath?

In the Victorian era it was a treat for the upper class to bathe once a month in tin baths in their bedrooms. Servants would scurry along with buckets of heated water to fill the vast tin tubs. It was quite a chore to warm the water and fill a bath up. Very often the bath would be recycled and the noble servants would often treat themselves to a dip in the lukewarm water. Scents were often used to sweeten the smell of the bathing experience.

Bathing in Medieval England

Throughout history the reasons for bathing has changed. In Medieval England, it was often thought that bathing caused the spread of infection. However- during the black-plague, it was understood to have helped against the spread of infection.

Medieval Bathing Medieval Bathing
"The rich were able to afford soap, and the poor often would use rags with just water. Summer months encouraged dips in rivers and fresh water lakes. In more affluent areas, bathing houses were introduced and people were able to enjoy public baths."

In 1828 the first public bath was opened in Liverpool. It soon became popular and more washhouses were opened throughout the UK. In 1846 Sir George Gray introduced a bill: which enabled public baths for the laboring classes. Local authorities were responsible for the funding and building of them.

Bathhouse's in the UK

Ancient Greece and Rome saw the earliest form of bathhouses, and were typically a mark of affluence. Slaves would be used to wash and wipe their masters and to haul bathing apparatus. Bathhouses often had gymnasiums attached to them, and were a multi-use complex of activities. Local surgeons acted as barbers and food and drink were readily available; and sex was also permitted. Bathers would often stay all day enjoying the pleasantries.

The Roman Bath House in Bath The Roman Bath House in Bath

With modern day health centres and leisure clubs offering a multitude of activities- the bathing experience is not dis-similar to that of Ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient or modern times- bathing has become a popular past time and necessity.

In modern England-a hot bath at the end of the working day enables one to un-wind, de-stress and gather sanity in a hectic world. Unlike in the Victorian times- even us mere peasants can enjoy a bath!

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