You may have seen the term IP44, IP60 or IP with a number next to it when you’ve been looking for the perfect illuminated mirror for your bathroom. If this is something you're purchasing for the first time, it can be hard to know what this relates to. With any electrical equipment fitted in a bathroom there is a risk of a harmful effect. To both your new accessories as well as any member of the family. So if you're looking to add additional lighting or an illuminated mirror to your bathroom you should continue reading. 

IP ratings explained and what's important to understand before for your purchase?

IP44 ratings explained

So, what does IP44 mean? When you see IP44 this is a type of rating given to electrical appliances, including illuminated mirrors, to indicate their level of protection against water and solid objects. The IP in IP44 stands for Ingress Protection. The number 44, for example, indicates the level of protection provided. The first number is protection against solids, like dust particles for example and the second number is protection against water. 

There are many levels of IP rating. Ranging from the mid 20’s all the way up to the 60’s. Remember this value is the level of protection against water resistance. A lower number will indicate that the product is safe against a water splash. Whilst a higher number will indicate a product completely waterproof against immersion in water. So an IP rating of 44 protects against water spray from all directions. This is important when it comes to a bathroom as you can never guarantee water will stay away from the mirror. A rouge shower head could spray the mirror from the side or a child splashing in the bath could get the underneath.  Another reason this is particularly important in areas where water is present as it ensures the safety of the user and the longevity of the product.

It’s also worth considering the placement of your illuminated mirror. There are ‘bathroom zones’ that would be considered as no-go areas for your mirror to be installed. The zones are determined by their proximity to water sources and the level of moisture in the air. 

IP ratings fitting zones

The bathroom zones are:


    • Zone 0: This is the area inside the bath or shower itself, and any fitting used in this zone must have a minimum of IP65 rating. This means it is completely waterproof and can withstand continuous immersion.

    • Zone 1: This is the area directly above Zone 0, up to a height of 2250mm from the floor. Any fitting used in this zone must have a minimum ingress protection rating of IP44, which means it is protected against water splashing from any direction.

    • Zone 2: This is the area beyond Zone 1, up to a height of 3m from the floor, and at least 600mm away from the edge of the bath or shower enclosure. Any fitting used in this zone must have a minimum IP code of IP44, which means it is protected against water splashing from any direction.

It's important to note that if the bathroom has a shower installed over a bath, the area around the bath falls into Zones 1 and 2. Fittings in these areas must meet the minimum ingress protection rating requirements for those zones. Additionally, if the mirror is located within reach of the shower or bath, it should have a pull cord switch or be operated by a safety isolating transformer to reduce the risk of electric shock.

What we do at Bathroom Supastore...

All of the mirrors on Bathroom Supastore are designed to be connected to the main electrical power supply. They will have a button on the mirror itself to control this. The wires for the mirror are fed into a cavity in the wall and the backing of the mirror will also slot into this cavity. This helps to further reduce any contact with water and any moisture. This also provides an ultra slim finish for your bathroom mirror.

In summary, when shopping for an illuminated mirror, look out for at least IP44 rating in the product description. This rating indicates that the mirror is suitable for use in areas where water is present. Such as bathrooms and wet rooms, whilst providing protection against any solid object and splashes of water. By choosing an illuminated mirror with an IP44 rating, you can enjoy a stylish yet practical addition to your bathroom without compromising on safety.

We hoping this has helped with your buying decision. You can take a look at the full illuminated bathroom range available on Bathroom Supastore here