When limited floor space compromises your dream bathroom , don't panic! With a little advice and logical decision making, you can have a bathroom you love, no matter what the compromise is.

With small bathrooms , we'd always recommend starting with the largest items in the room to ensure you're making the most of your space . Beware though! This approach will raise the first conundrum of your small bathroom renovation... choosing between a bath or a shower .

Let's talk through the options...


Baths have a bad rep for being less hygienic than showers, and unfairly so. Without a doubt, taking a bath is the more relaxing of the two and great for using salts and oils to aid aches, pains and even improve your skin. They're just as good for getting clean too - assuming you haven't been rolling around in the mud!

So, before you dismiss the humble bathtub on account of space and practicality, think again. Working a bath into your small bathroom layout could be worth the effort, and you might be surprised to know there are quite a few options available.

Trojan Space Saver Bath for small bathrooms

Inset baths

An Inset bath in a small bathroom is one of the most popular choices as they fit flush against walls and into snug alcoves. You can also attach a shower head and guard to one end of the bath for the best of both worlds. L-shaped and P-shaped shower bath tubs were designed with showering in mind; the wider ends give you extra space to shower.

Inset bath

Credit: @buzzychristine via Instagram

Compact baths

If space really isn't on your side, consider a small bath or corner bath instead. Compact baths are shorter in length to fit in tight places, and often have steeper edges for extra depth. Corner baths fit flush against straight walls, but instead, have a rounded corner so there's no unnecessary protrusion into your precious bathroom space.

Freestanding baths

Small freestanding bath

The ultimate choice, of course, is the freestanding bath , and it's not as unattainable for a smaller bathroom as you might think. We're pleased to announce that compact freestanding bath tubs are a thing! So, if you want to save space but need a little luxury in your life, this option might be for you.


When it comes to washing off post-workout sweat or heavy makeup, taking a shower is the clear option for ensuring all the dirt particles are washed away. If you're washing your hair, then we'd argue the shower is best here too as you can thoroughly rinse your shampoo and conditioner.

Bonus tip! Finishing your shower with cold water will lock in more moisture making your hair extra shiny. Beauty tips aside... what other reasons are there for choosing a shower in your small bathroom ?

Quadrant shower enclosures

Kudos Original Quadrant shower enclosure

Quadrant shower enclosures are one of the most compact options for a small bathroom as they don't need a lot of floor space . Be sure to opt for sliding or bifold shower enclosure too, as doors that swing will only take up more valuable space.

You can often match your shower enclosure to the rest of the fittings too for a bathroom suite that's both beautiful and easy on the eye.


Wet room

Credit: @agnieszka.jakubowicz via Instagram

If you prefer something more minimalistic, then why not consider a fully tiled wetroom? You'll cut out any unnecessary fixtures and fittings for an uncluttered finish that doesn't compromise on space . As a finishing touch, go for an overhead shower that's fixed to the wall or ceiling without any exposed pipework. Think of all the space you'll save for other essentials!

We spoke with Claire O'Brien, British Ceramic Tile 's Head of Design and Product, to get more insight on designing a small bathroom.

When it comes to decorating small bathrooms, your options don't have to be limited. It's not a case of one size fits all anymore. There's so much to choose from when it comes to making the most of your bathroom space .

We're in a world where compact fixtures and fittings are no longer 'uncool'. Instead, there are tools available to create something wonderful.

A simple feature wall or splashback with statements tiles can be all the styling your compact shower or bath needs. Bold geometric and asymmetric patterns are a great choice for an on-trend look that doesn't overwhelm small spaces.

Considering both your style and needs early on will lead to an interior that's unique to you - without compromise.