At this time of year in the world of design people eagerly await the announcement of the Pantone Colour of the year. This announcement comes to mark the start of the new design season with all sectors, for example fashion, home décor and even technology taking influence from this shade...

Pantone Colour of the year Living Coral


The Pantone shade of 2019 is 16-1546 aka Living Coral. A shade that seems to relate greatly to the events and realisations of the year. “The overriding influence [this year] was the environment,” explains Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone’s colour consulting unit. Pantone describe it as a mellow yet lively shade. Unlike last year’s Ultra Violet, its packed with energy which makes it the perfect shade for your bathroom.


How to add Living Coral to your bathroom


If you want to keep your bathroom on trend here’s our guide to adding this warming hue.


Kudos Ultimate 2 Living Coral bathroom


Now it can be an expensive hobby to change your bathroom décor on a yearly basis, so the most common way to incorporate each new shades is with your bathroom accessories. A change of towels and bathmat for example, can completely change the way your room looks. Small additions of living coral really make the shade pop, especially against a neutral bathroom background.


If you’re not one to shy away from colour and really want to brighten up your bathroom, this shade will certainly do just that. Add it to a feature wall or varying hues throughout to really embrace it.  Whilst the colour is rich and vibrant in tone it isn’t overpowering so works well with both dark and light surroundings. Living Coral can also add depth and warmth to greys, smoky teals and beige. So be sure to accessorise with these tones.


Tavistock Match Living Coral bathroom


What are your thoughts on the shade? Will you be adding Living Coral to your bathroom? Or to any room within in your home?