With an increase of innovative and eco friendly products being released every year- it is very important to help the climate, as well as your wallet and reduce water usage within the home. There is no better place to save water than in the bathroom. The BBC have recently claimed that in 25 years time there won't be enough water to meet the demand!

With the invention of water saving toilets and shower systems -we have an even bigger duty as consumers to continue to help reduce water wastage and energy in our every day lives. Water efficiency can be achieved with a few very simple changes. Here is our guide to help with your water conservation.

Take a shower

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If you have a bath to get clean everyday, this is an easy habit to stop. Taking a shower instead will help water conservation massively. A typical bath consumes approximately 70-80 litres of water. Whereas a shower can use half this amount. Although- if you use a power shower, be careful as this could waste more water than a bath could if it is at the maximum out-put. Be sure to turn down the settings to reduce your water consumption. A bath could be more beneficial if you intend to share the water: i.e, bathing the children together, instead of using fresh water for each. This could in fact use less water than multiple showers. In short, be mindful of the water usage of both your bath and shower and choose your daily washing options wisely.

  • If you only have a bath- only fill the bath to a sensible level. Over-filling the bath will increase your water wastage and ultimately cost you and the environment more money. Invest in a reinforced bath , as this will keep your water hotter and stop the urge to keep topping up!
  • If you shower- turn the shower off during lathing and hair shampooing & conditioning. You'll be surprised how much water this will save and how many ££'s will come off your water bill.
  • You could fit a water-saving head to your shower head to save on your water consumption.
  • Only shower for the time it takes to clean yourself. Prolonged showering could double or quadruple your water consumption.
  • Consider buying an eco-friendly shower.

Turn off the tap

When you use your taps it is imperative to turn them off properly and when not in use. If you don't- you could be wasting a lot of water over the year. Tavistock Solace Bath Filler
  • Make sure all taps are properly turned off when you're done.
  • When cleaning your teeth; don't have a running tap. Instead fill a cup up with water to minimise your water usage.
  • Choose basin and bath mixer taps rather than individuals, as you'll reach the required temperature much quicker without wasting as much water. You'll often spend too long running the cold or hot water to get the correct temperature in your bath or basin with individual taps.

Reduce your flushes

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When using the toilet, you could reduce your water usage by installing a water saving device such as a Hippo Bag . A Hippo bag sits in your toilet's cistern and helps reduce the amount of water needed every time you flush your toilet. An average flush uses 9 litres of water- the Hippo bag, could reduce this to 7.5 litres of water. Choosing a dual flush cistern for your toilet is also a great way to reduce the water used when using the loo!

  • Use a Hippo bag in your cistern.
  • Use a dual-flush toilet to reduce the water used.
  • Change your toilet if it is an old one. This will help reduce your water usage as they use less water.
  • Only flush when you need to.
  • Fix any leaky loo's as you notice them. A leak will rack up a considerable amount of water wastage without you realising.

Install a water meter

Getting your water company to put your household on a water meter can save on your yearly water bill. Being aware that every drop of water used is costing money is a great incentive to save water.

We hope this guide inspires you to make conscious decisions to reduce your energy footprint in the bathroom.