When it comes to choosing your new bath there’s not just the shape, style or size to consider but whether to choose standard or reinforced.  If you’ve never heard the term reinforced bath before, don’t worry. This article will give you all the information needed to help you make that choice.

All of our reinforced bath tubs are from the company Trojan. Trojancast is a substantial reinforcement process for an acrylic bath. This involves adding a fibreglass flow coat to the underside of the bath, leaving you with a very distinctive bath... it’ll be green underneath!

Solarna Trojancast reinforced bath

The quality of Trojancast

Quality is essential during the Trojancast process. A dedicated team of specially trained personnel take pride in each and every Trojancast reinforced bath they produce.

At every stage of its production, the bath is checked. This ensures it reaches the exceptionally high standards of Trojan. A checklist is carried out at each stage, without fail and this label comes with your new bath. Therefore, allowing you to view the journey of your bath and allows Trojan to ensure this meets their manufacturing quality criteria.


Laguna Reinforced corner bath

Why choose a reinforced bath?


  • Once the flow coat has been added to the tub it leaves it much sturdier and rigid. Which, for you means the bath is much more resilient to everyday life. Which makes it ideal for a busy family bathroom.


  • A Trojancast bath has the associated strengths of an old cast iron bath but with all the benefits of a modern material. No longer is your bath tub cold to the touch!


  • You’ll be able to enjoy a long soak in the tub without needing to keep topping up the hot water. The flow coat added to the bath has amazing insulating properties that helps the water retain its heat. Get a nice supply of bath bombs ready to savour.


  • The guarantee of a Trojancast bath also increases to an incredible 30 years from 25 on a standard Trojan bath. So any manufacturing issues in this time are covered with Trojan.


  • You still get to choose from the huge selection of shapes and styles available from Trojan. So if you've had you're eye on the Solarna L Shape or the Orlando Corner Bath, you can just upgrade to the Trojancast reinforced version.


Trojan Solarna L Shape Bath


Hopefully this article will help you make you decide if a reinforced bath is for you. However, if you have any questions or need any further details please don’t hesitate to give the team a call on 0845 271 9929 or contact us via email.