When it comes to the finishing touches, your bathroom taps are up there with the most crucial. The taps you choose can either reinforce your bathroom décor, become a standalone statement design feature or if you want to think outside of the box; be a complete contrast to the rest of your suite.  The Tavistock tap range feature many of the best sellers here at Bathroom Supastore. Take a look at our favourites, they may quickly become yours too.


1. Cheltenham Basin Taps


Tavistock Cheltenham Basin Taps

If you’re looking for something truly unique, you can’t go wrong with the Tavistock Cheltenham Basin Taps. The individual taps stand tall and proud. With an elongated spout that arches into the basin bowl. Adorned with cross shape traditional twist top handles these taps area real mix of classic and modern styling.



2. Solace Bath Filler

Tavistock Solace Bath Filler


With a wide open spout creating a cascading waterfall flow effect the Tavistock Solace Bath Filler is this season trend. The bath filler features 2 individual taps that mix the water together before it reaches the spout for the most effective temperature control. A waterfall tap is perfect for creating that spa like feeling in your own bath tub.


3.  Revive Basin Mixer


Tavistock Revive Basin Mono

Finally an out of the ordinary bathroom taps design! The Tavistock Revive basin mixer will be sure to make a real focal point in your bathroom. The shapely, angled spout is sandwiched between individual twisting hot and cold taps designed for one hole basins. Larger than most with a high shine chrome finish, the Revive is a contemporary style basin tap that we’re confident will inspire many similar styles.


4.  Varsity Bath Shower Mixer & Handset

Tavistock Varsity Shower Bath Mixer


The Tavistock Varsity bath shower mixer and handset is traditional perfection. With design nods to an era long gone therefore, this bath shower mixer looks epic sat atop a classic freestanding tub. The shower head is turned on with an iconic turn handle and the water flow controlled with individual taps. The taps are the original cross design with authentic white accents. This traditional style is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.


5. Index Bath Filler

Tavistock Index Bath Filler


The whole of the Tavistock Index tap range exudes a strong masculinity. An angular design with symmetrical taps and spout make for a striking and bold look. With a sophisticated and urban appeal, the Index bath filler is a must in any contemporary setting.


Due to the fantastic range of Tavistock bathroom taps available there really is no excuse for not finding the perfect accessories for your bathroom. Check out the Tavistock tap collections available at very affordable prices on Bathroom Supastore.