A bathroom, especially when this is upstairs, needs to be completely waterproof to avoid further complications within the rest of your home. There are lots of areas in a bathroom where water can leak, along the edge of a bath with an overhead shower for example, so it’s a very important thing to consider as part of your bathroom renovation.

Classi Seal - Waterproof tape

What is Classi Seal?

Classi Seal is a flexible tape that is applied to the edges of the items going into your bathroom where water could escape. So along the edge of a bath or a shower tray. It allows your choice of wall coverings, tiles or boards to be fitted right up to the tray or bath but provides another seal underneath the standard silicone sealant. The tape comes in 4 different lengths allowing you to choose the most convenient for the products you’re adding to the room. 

How to fit Classi Seal

This amazing product is fitted in just 4 simple steps, so won’t add hours onto your bathroom renovation.

Classi Seal installation

You simply start the process by measuring the tape and cutting this to size. Then you will need to use sad paper to rough up the edge of the product you’re applying this to. Next up is applying the tape. Making sure you manipulate this around any corners to avoid rippling. This will stop any issues with tile/board fitting after the product has been put into place. Then you simply fit your bath/tray as normal. You can start the tiling straight away, no need to wait for anything to dry.

Be sure to click onto the QR code above. This will take you to the manufacturers installation video.

We add Classi Seal into the Essential Extra's tab onto our product pages as we think this is a must have. A waterproof bathroom is now more achievable than ever before.