Have you always wanted a whirlpool bath in your own home, but never know where to start? The many names used when it comes to describing the bath from whirlpool, spa, Jacuzzi and hot tub; although they’re all the same thing in essence! And then so many terms regarding the jet options it can be enough to frazzle the brain!

L Shape Whirlpool Bath

Let us get down to the nitty gritty terms of Whirlpool baths and explain and hopefully our guide will leave you prepared and ready to buy a home spa.

The technical jargon!

With fewer but much larger jets, a whirlpool system operates by sucking in the water from the tub. These jets feed the water back into the bath as pressure creating a range of massage options. Choose from relaxing to an intense sports hydro-massage.

A tub with air jets tend to have many smaller vents that are positioned all over the tub. This acts in the same way as the whirlpool, however the jet is not as strong. It's also warmed by a heater to create a gentle all over massage. The more jets there are in a system, the better the hydro massage experience.

Whirlpool Jet

We also offer baths with a combination of both whirlpool and air jets.  Ideal for a complete body massage at your fingertips.

Besides the difference in massage styles, the only other difference with these jet options is the cleaning method. Whirlpool jets require a solution to be run through these whereas an air jet needs turned on after the water has drained to dry.


The Aquair range

You can rest assured that when you purchase a whirlpool bath from Bathroom Supastore that you’re going to get the best quality. The range of outstanding Aquair whirlpool baths offer the same exceptional quality you’ve come to expect from Trojan Baths. But with the added features of a relaxing spa experience at home. No third party company are ever involved with the production of the bath or system. Trojan complete the production of the bath from the very start to the very end.

Double ended whirlpool bath

The great thing about choosing the Aquair range is all the incredible standard Trojan baths are available as a whirlpool option! So you are still able to choose the Elite doubled ended, Solarna L-shape or Orlando corner bath that you’ve had your eye on. Just add on as few as 6 jets or a whopping 26, in a combination of whirlpool and air jets! Which, if you were wondering can be operated individually or together.

Do you know about the whirlpool bath extras?

Whirlpool bath controls

Now this is where you really turn the bath into a spa like experience in your own home. If you're opting for a mixture of jets you can also choose a multiple control panel to let you choose exactly what jets work when. An inline water heater keeps your bath nice and warm for as long you're soaking for. A Bluetooth connection can be installed allowing you to add a soothing song to your spa. Create the perfect atmosphere with a choice between one or multiple LED lights. These can be static or colour changing.

Cascade double end whirlpool bath

Now we know that’s a lot to take in but hopefully it makes more sense. Remember, the world really is your oyster when you choose a whirlpool bath. Whilst there are many whirlpool bath options in stock on the website, if you don't see exactly what you want don't panic. Contact our customer care team who are experts and will be able to help you look at the options available and price these up for you.