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Wet Room Panels

Wet Room Panels

A very modern alternative to the shower enclosure, a wet room panel (or panels) can be attached to a straight wall or used in a corner setting. Unlike the glass shower enclosure panel which is attached to the tray, the wet room panel usually attaches to the floor (although it can be put onto a shower tray too, if desired). The overall effect of a wet room is a spa-like environment which, on the whole, offers more space to luxuriate in than a shower itself.

Not only that, but adding a wet room is an excellent way to add value to your home if you plan on selling it a few years down the line, while you enjoy the luxury and freedom of the facility in the meantime.

Wet room panels available in a range of designs

Wet room panels come in minimalist versions through to elaborate curved versions to suit your wet room and tastes. As well as a main panel you can also buy right and left hand deflector panels.

The size of wet room panels varies enormously too. Here at Bathroom Supastore the length of our wet room panels start at 250mm and go all the way up to 1000mm. All have the ability to adjust the wall channel in the event your bathroom walls aren’t ‘true.’

Glass that’s designed to practically ‘clean itself’

The high quality tempered safety glass we use in our wet room panels has been specially treated so that it prevents the build up of soap scum and limescale which would otherwise tarnish the sparkling look of your wall panels and make them difficult to clean.

Depending on the particular brand of wet room panel you choose, they all come with guarantees ranging from 10 years up to a lifetime on materials and craftsmanship.