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Shower Tray Anti Slip Kits

Shower Tray Anti Slip Kits

Ensure your new shower is as safe it can be by applying an anti slip kit prior to allowing your family to use it. That’s because it is far too easy to slip on wet tiles when there is soap residue lying underfoot, resulting in fractured bones and cuts.

It really doesn’t take long to apply a shower tray anti slip kit (in can be done DIY-style by the homeowner, rather than calling in an expert) and nor is a kit expensive to buy. And yet, it could save you or your family days of lying around the house injured and unable to work due to broken limbs.

Anti slip kits won’t ruin your bathroom decor

You may believe an anti-slip kit, because it coats the shower tiles, will ruin the design and look of your shower. But nothing could be further from the truth. Here at Bathroom Supastore the kits we supply involve coating your shower area in a substance which becomes transparent when dry, so that you can’t tell it’s actually there – and it doesn’t alter the tile design or colouring at all.

Anti slip kits can be applied to a range of surfaces

Baths are designed and manufactured from various materials today, but especially acrylic and porcelain. And that’s why the majority of anti slip kits have been developed to suit both of these surfaces, as well as a number of other materials. This includes the cast iron used in older baths, and gelcoat. You will also find that many anti slip kits will also work on concrete or metal surfaces.

Anti slip kits beat a shower mat

Shower mats end up becoming water logged and torn at the edges after time, which doesn’t make for a very attractive bathroom feature. In addition, they can lead to dampness if let to sit in the same place for too long.

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