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Digital Showers

Digital Showers

It was only really a matter of time before we encountered the latest in bathroom innovation. The digital shower is operated via wireless control and offers such features as consistently 100 per cent accurate temperature control. The beauty of a digital shower though is that you can switch it on from the comfort of your bed, knowing the temperature will be just right for you. There’s an incentive to get out of bed in the morning!

As you’d expect the units for digital showers work via touchscreen technology and LCD displays. Some showers have LED coded colour lighting which signals to the user when the water reaches the correct programmed temperature. You’ll find that the range of use with most wireless or Bluetooth digital showers is usually up to around 10 metres, while there are models that can be operated via the user’s mobile phone, meaning you can prepare it while still on your commute home from work.

Digital showers suit every type of water system

Provided your home has a hot water boiler or some form of immersion heating then it’s possible to fit a working digital shower.

Thanks to the technology involved in its manufacture, your digital shower does tend to be on the expensive side, varying in price from £200 up to more than £1000. Here at Bathroom Supastore we offer both non pumped digital showers for high pressure water system and thermostatic digital showers, starting at £334, with our most expensive model currently costing around £689.

Check your home’s water pressure before investing in a digital shower

Gravity fed water systems (with a cold water tank in the loft) may require a water pump in order for the water pressure to be strong enough for a digital shower. Pressurised systems and combi boilers will be fine on their own.

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