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Electric/Power Showers & Handwash

Electric Showers & Handwash

Choosing the correct shower for you and your family isn’t always easy; thanks to the fact there are several different types around. Here at Bathroom Supastore we focus on Electric showers and Power showers. We also stock electric handwash systems for both commercial and home use.

How does an electric shower work?

An electric shower operates via the mains cold water supply in your home. It takes the water from here and heats it up via a heating element in the shower itself the minute you turn the dial to switch the shower on. All electric showers are graded in terms of kilowatts where the higher the rating, the more efficient the shower. The electric showers we stock range from 8.5kW to 10.5kW.

Meanwhile, all of our electric showers are white with chrome so will blend in well with most bathroom décor colour schemes.

What gives a power shower its strength?

Power showers take water from the hot water supply as well as the cold one and mix them together to produce a pleasant temperature for the user. The spray is more powerful than in an electric shower (hence the name) and is achieved by using an internal pump. At Bathroom Supastore our thermostatic power showers are by leading brands in the industry.

Benefits of an electric handwash

An electric handwash is small water heater that sits over your sink and, like a mini-version of an electric shower, heats up the minute it’s switched on. They are available in either hands-free automatic or manual switch on versions and have a swivel spray head for ease of use. You will also find these typically in a white and shiny silver chrome colour scheme. They’re mostly found in commercial establishments but can be used in the home too, especially for sinks in outbuildings.

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