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Shower Valve Sets

Shower Valve Sets

It’s the shower valve that controls the water flow for your shower and there are two main types to choose from on the market today – thermostatic and manual shower valves. Our shower valve sets here at Bathroom Supastore include not simply the valve but also the sliding rail kit and the shower head, allowing you to achieve a co-ordinated look for your shower.

Explaining the different types of shower valves

A Thermostatic shower valve will maintain the temperature of your shower water at all times so that it remains constant, making it the best choice for families with young children. There are usually two handles in a thermostatic system – one to turn the water on and off, the other to adjust the temperature. You can also keep this static so that the water remains at your desired temperature between showers. If your shower has body jets attached then you will probably end up with three handles.

A manual shower valve tends to only have the one handle. It works in a similar way to the mixer tap in your bath or bathroom wash basin in that it controls both the water flow and the temperature of your shower. This type of valve doesn’t regulate the temperature of the water so it can turn unexpectedly cold or become very hot depending on whether water is being used elsewhere in the house. Despite this admitted inconvenience a manual shower valve can prove a very inexpensive option for those on a budget and remains a very popular choice.

Shower valves and diverters

For your convenience a diverter allows you to alter where the water is flowing from ie to change from the static shower head to the handheld slider rail kit. It’s possible to switch between both two and three different thermostatic valves with a diverter.