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In an ideal world it would be possible to connect the water for that new cloakroom or en-suite bathroom of yours to your home’s standard drainage system. However, things don’t always work out as planned. For instance, it might prove too expensive to connect the new bathroom’s water system to the existing one, or the layout just isn’t right – in which case, a macerator (ie waste pump) is the ideal solution.

What exactly does a macerator do?

A macerator will transfer the toilet, bath/shower or basin waste to the existing waste pipes for your home. The term ‘macerating’ describes the chopping and dissolving of solid waste into slurry. In doing so it makes it far easier to dispose of the material through a small pipe. It’s also an environmentally-friendly way of getting rid of waste.

You will usually find the macerator behind the toilet bowl where it is connected to the house’s main electricity supply. Different macerators are available for different purposes ie for a toilet or basin but it is generally acknowledged that all are very easy to install and can be done DIY-fashion.

How much does a macerator cost?

Macerators can vary from as little as £300 up to £600 and more. It’s necessary to calculate the cost of adding a pipe as well. Our own macerators here at Bathroom Supastore are priced at the lower end of the market but are still high in quality, as well as ensuring that the waste is disposed of quickly, hygienically and in a subtle and quiet manner. One of the macerators we offer contains two inlets while the other is larger with five inlets (this allows is the capacity to dispose of more waste simultaneously).

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