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Basin Wastes & Traps

Basin Wastes & Traps

Basin wastes and traps are essential items for your new bathroom basin. A trap is necessary if your basin is a wall hung version, for instance, whereas a waste is necessary regardless of the style of basin you eventually settle on – although different styles of basin do require different types of waste systems.

What different types of basin wastes are out there?

Just as there are several types of tap systems you can invest in for your bathroom, similarly there is a choice of different waste systems. Older generations will have grown up with the traditional system of a plug hole and chain attached to the sink while the more modern version is the click waste (which is very easy for children to use). More unusually, there are wastes that never close, giving them the name ‘free flow’ waste systems.

What is a bottle trap?

A bottle trap is used when a basin is wall hung ie there is no pedestal to secure it to the floor. Instead, a frame on the other side of the wall - together with fixing bolts - ensures it remains securely in position. Because there is no pedestal there’s nowhere for the waste to go – at least until a bottle trap is attached.

The waste water will flow into the bottle trap after it has run through the basin. It will then be directed towards the drainage pipe. You’ll find the bottle trap underneath the basin where it will be in keeping with the design of the basin itself ie if it’s a curved basin then the bottle trap will be cylindrical. In the event the basin is more traditional and square with straight lines, then the bottle trap will similarly be straight to match.

Bottle traps tend to be made from rust-free brass with a chrome plated outer surface.

Bottle traps

If you are planning to buy a wall-mounted basin, you will need a bottle trap. This is where the waste water goes after it has gone through the basin waste, before flowing through to the drainage pipe. They fit neatly underneath the basin, they are typically made from brass (which doesn’t rust) and are chrome-plated.

Bottle traps are available to buy in a range of styles, which means you can buy ones to match the look of your basin. For example, if your basin is angular, you may want to pair this with a square-shaped bottle trap. Alternatively, to match a rounded basin, you can opt for a bottle trap that is more cylindrical. Bottle traps can be both practical and stylish, so they can fit nicely into the overall appearance of your bathroom suite.

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