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Shower Bath Screens

Shower Bath Screens

If your bathroom happens to be space-compromised and you can’t fit in both a bath and a shower, then chances are you have opted for the best of both worlds and chosen a bath complete with shower bath screen.

A shower bath doesn’t only make sense in terms of being able to enjoy both a long, luxurious soak and the benefits of a quick shower when pushed for time, but it also adds a contemporary touch to a bathroom. That’s because, for a long time now, transparent shower bath screens have taken the place of the awkward and frequently sodden shower curtain.

These days shower bath screens come in a selection of sizes and shapes to suit your bath and blend in with the existing bathroom furniture. This includes such varieties as aluminium semi-framed shower bath screens, hinged, folding, sliding, multi-panelled, curving and even stencilled shower bath screens. They can pivot outwards into the bathroom or be pushed inwards to lean against the shower to provide more overall space if the room happens to be particularly small.

Transparent shower bath screens blend in seamlessly

Frameless bath shower screens actually give the illusion of having more space in a bathroom since they ‘open’ the area out. They look particularly classic and contemporary when affixed to a white bathroom suite. They also work in a more elaborately designed bathroom since the clear glass won’t detract visually from the stunning tiles, panelled paintwork, impressive taps or funky furniture while, at the same time, ensuring the bathroom remains bright and fresh looking. Transparent shower bath screens are also a great way of showing off an impressive new showerhead and installation.

Other benefits of a shower bath screen

The main benefit of having a shower bath screen though is to ensure no unwanted water ends up soaking the bathroom floor while the shower is being used. Certainly, they are far more effective in this respect than a shower curtain. In addition, clear glass shower bath screens are easy to keep clean, simply requiring a wipe down with a sponge every now and again in a bid to catch any excess moisture. Most shower glass screens today are fitted with an anti-plaque coating so as to avoid the built-up of unwanted lime scale and dirt over time.

Happily shower bath frames are available these days to accommodate most budgets and tastes, ensuring every bathroom can benefit from one.

  • Trojan Concert P Shape Shower Bath Screen & Rail Favourite

    Special Price £102.00

    was £171.00

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  • Kudos Inspire 5mm L Shaped Bath Screen 1556 x 810mm Favourite

    Special Price £231.00

    was £307.00

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  • Quebec Curved Shower Bath Screen Favourite

    Special Price £147.00

    was £246.00

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  • Trojan Elite / Solarna L Shape Shower Bath Screen & Rail Favourite

    Special Price £138.00

    was £231.00

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  • Kudos Inspire L Shape Shower Bath Screen with Towel Rail Favourite

    Special Price £247.00

    was £330.00

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