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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • What is a Reinforced Bath?

    When it comes to choosing your new bath there’s not just the shape, style or size to consider but whether to choose standard or reinforced.  If you’ve never heard the term reinforced bath before, don’t worry. This article will give you all the information needed to help you make that choice.

    All of our reinforced bath tubs are from the company Trojan. Trojancast is a substantial reinforcement process for an acrylic bath. This involves adding a flow coat to the underside of the bath, leaving you with a very distinctive bath... it’ll be green underneath!

    Solarna reinforced bath

    The quality of Trojancast

    Quality is essential during the Trojancast process. A dedicated team of specially trained personnel take pride in each and every Trojancast reinforced bath they produce.

    At every stage of its production, the bath is checked. This ensures it reaches the exceptionally high standards of Trojan. A checklist is carried out at each stage, without fail and this label comes with your new bath. Therefore, allowing you to view the journey of your bath and allows Trojan to ensure this meets their manufacturing quality criteria.


    Corner reinforced bath

    Why choose a reinforced bath?


    • Once the flow coat has been added to the tub it leaves it much sturdier and rigid. Which, for you means the bath is much more resilient to everyday life. Which makes it ideal for a busy family bathroom.


    • A Trojancast bath has the associated strengths of an old cast iron bath but with all the benefits of a modern material. No longer is your bath tub cold to the touch!


    • You’ll be able to enjoy a long soak in the tub without needing to keep topping up the hot water. The flow coat added to the bath has amazing insulating properties that helps the water retain its heat. Get a nice supply of bath bombs ready to savour.


    • The guarantee of a Trojancast bath also increases to an incredible 30 years from 25 on a standard Trojan bath. So any manufacturing issues in this time are covered with Trojan.


    • You still get to choose from the huge selection of shapes and styles available from Trojan. So if you've had you're eye on the Solarna L Shape or the Orlando Corner Bath, you can just upgrade to the Trojancast reinforced version.


    Solarna L Shaped reinforced bath


    Hopefully this article will help you make you decide if a reinforced bath is for you. However, if you have any questions or need any further details please don’t hesitate to give the team a call on 0845 271 9929 or contact us via email.

  • Art Deco Bathroom Inspiration

    What is Art Deco?

    Art Deco style was created in the 1920’s through to the 30’s. Synonymous with geometric shapes, intricate detail and dramatic colours it’s very easy to see why it’s one of those trends that people love. Art Deco influences can be seen in everything from architecture to fashion.  It was an era of glamour and extravagance that has an aspirational style for many younger generations. You’ve seen Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, right? Who wouldn’t want to live is a house designed like Gatsby’s!


    Create a nod to Art Deco

    Trojan Art deco bath roomset


    Art Deco is such a strong style that it doesn’t have to encompass the whole bathroom. Thanks to its distinctive look, you can just add a dusting of the style to your existing room. The Trojan Art Deco bath makes a stylish centre piece for your bathroom. With decorative geometric corner details, the bath has stepped straight out of the 20’s.


    Finishing your bathroom with taps distinctive of the era, is also great at incorporate the style without changing your whole room. The Nilo taps have a sophisticated style that exude the Art Deco vibe. This version has traditional tap heads are given a slightly modern feel by joining in a mixer however the aesthetic is very true to the era. They are also available as individual taps.  They can also be added to any basin, although we think they look best upon a traditional full pedestal basin.


    Nilo basin mixer


    Another way to enhance the art deco feeling in your bathroom is with colour!  Choose a pastel pink or mint green, or go bold with a racing green or black to enhance these small touches. You can also add in a statement feature with traditional shaping, such as an arched mirror or dado rail. Yep, those pieces of wood your parents had in every room in the 90's are perfect in this setting!


    Go full Art Deco

    If you want to fully transform your bathroom into a glamorous 1920’s escape, this will take a little more planning but you will be able to achieve an incredible bathroom.


    Carlton and Skipton art deco roomset


    One of the most iconic art deco looks is a freestanding bath. The April Skipton freestanding bath has chunky chrome finish feet that blur the line between the traditional and the modern. However, the addition of a traditional bath mixer sets the characteristic of the era.

    Turning your attention to the suite, it’s important to choose a separate basin and toilet. There were no modern combination units back in the 20’s. A classic look is key so we recommend choosing a full pedestal basin. With its traditional shaping the Carlton Basin is ideal, especially as there is a matching toilet too. The basin comes with 2 tap holes so you’re able to continue the art deco styling with the Tavistock Varsity taps.


    The Art deco style is lavish and extravagant, so don’t be afraid to go for it. The styling of this era have been here for some time and show no signs of going anywhere soon. So you don’t have to worry about an out of date bathroom anytime soon. We adore the style of this era and hope this article has given you the inspiration to make the change, if you do too!

  • What Shower Will Suit My Small Bathroom?

    You find that if you’ve got a small bathroom you find yourself looking at the things you can’t have! This thinking isn’t good, especially when you actually look at the amazing options available to you. Shower enclosures are not what they used to be. Gone are the small cramped spaces with just enough room to wash your hair.


    Regardless of the size of your bathroom you can have sleek and contemporary décor, minus the bath tub.


    Quadrant shower enclosure

     G6 Quadrant shower enclosure


    A quadrant shower enclosure is ideal for a small bathroom as it can utilise an unused corner of your bathroom without taking up too much floor space. A quadrant tray has two straight edges and a curved front adjoining these and are available in 800, 900 and 1000 mm sizes. The doors on a quadrant shower always slide open, eliminating the room required for a standard hinged door.  The benefits of a quadrant shower also include the ease of movement around the limited space thanks to the beautiful curved enclosure and turning dead space into a highly usable shower area instead.


    Recess shower cubicle

     Tavistock Oxygen Recess Bi Fold shower


    Many small bathrooms are an unusual shape. This can often be due to re-location of the room from downstairs, making use of all the available space in an en-suite or adding an old airing cupboard into the room. You are therefore left with a room requiring much more thought to the design practicality and aesthetic. If you’re lucky enough to have a recess in your bathroom you don’t have to keep it as a cupboard. Transform it into a stunning shower enclosure as all you need is a door! The Tavistock Oxygen recess shower comes with a hinged or if your space by the recess is limited a bi-fold option. A great way to save space.


    Walk in Shower 

     Kudos Ultimate 2 Walk In Shower


    A walk in shower in a great addition to a smaller bathroom due to the illusion it creates. The beauty of a walk in shower is the lack of restriction in your bathroom. With open ends and a somewhat floating glass panel, this is minimalist design at its best. What it also does, is create the illusion of more space, as there isn’t a designated shower tray or enclosure taking up space. The Kudos Ultimate 2 range have many walk in shower options. You can choose between deflector panels helping control the flow of water or opt for one straight panel. A straight panel only will need a wet room system on the floor and walls.


    Wet Room


    Vivid Wet Room Panel


    A wet room; much like a walk in shower is amazing at creating the illusion of space. However, unlike a walk through shower these are often positioned into a corner making them ideal for a small bathroom. Creating an enclosure space without an actual enclosure leaves a sleek design. As a result of the glass panels, the light within the room bounces and creates an airy and spacious feel. The Kudos Ultimate 2 range offers panels of all shapes and sizes so you can customise your wet room, how cool is that? Or if you’re looking for something a little more straightforward you can look at the Coral wet room panels. A wet room is a great addition in any small bathroom.


    So whilst your small bathroom may not have enough room for the tub of your dreams we’re confident that the options you’ve just read about have given you a different outlook. Bathrooms can be just as luxurious without a bath and hopefully you're finally choose the shower of your dreams instead. If you have any questions regarding any of the showers here get in touch. You can contact us either on 0845 271 9929, via the online chat or with the email

  • Is Your Bathroom Winter Ready?

    British summer time officially come to an end this week so it’s important to make sure your bathroom heating is ready for the winter. It’s likely that now is the time your heating will be turned back on. If things aren’t as they should be, invest in a new bathroom radiator before the winter arrives. Here are our recommendations for heating up your bathroom.


    A Vertical Radiator

    Colona Vertical Bathroom Radiator

    A vertical radiator is perfect for any type of bathroom. Being tall and slim rather than bulky and horizontal eliminates a wasted wall. Which is ideal for a bathroom where furniture already takes up so much wall space. Suitable for both small and larger bathrooms for different reasons. The tallness of the radiator circulates the warm air from its base all the way to its top so is much better at heating up larger bathrooms super quick! And choosing a thinner radiator such as the Corona Radiator allows you to fit this in the smallest of spaces, even behind the door.


    A Towel Rail

    Reina Deno Heated Towel Rail

    Towel rails are by far the most popular choice in bathroom heating. Due mainly to the huge variety of styles available. You are able to choose small, tall, wide and designer. There really is a towel rail to suit any style of décor.  These are great for family bathrooms, with the radiator providing multiple rails to place damp towels to dry. We’re big fans of the classic ladder style towel rail such as the designer Reina Deno.


    A Radiator Shelf

    Reina Elvina Heated Towel Shelf

    This option is amazing if you have a small bathroom as this is fitted up high so helps minimise the space needed. The Reina Elvina is basically a bent towel rail but this is ingenious. The radiator is fitted high so circulates the warm air much easier than a standard radiator. It also has a dual purpose, providing a shelf area to store multiple towels as well as using the lower rungs to hang those in use. Perfect when space is at a premium.



    Underfloor Heating

    Cosy Toes Underfloor Bathroom Heating

    Now this really is the best option for space saving! The Cosy Toes underfloor heating comes in mats that have super sticky backs which sticks to the flooring. This powerful adhesive then holds the mat in the final installed position ready for tiling. The best thing about underfloor bathroom heating is the feeling of the warmth when you step out of the shower or bath. It can also be used alongside a radiator.


    Whichever option you choose to heat your bathroom, getting this replaced or updated before winter arrives is essential. No-one wants to get out of a lovely soak in the tub to a damp towel. If you have any questions regarding the options available please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0845 271 9929 or via the chat option on the website.

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