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  • What Bathroom Style Are You?

    When it comes to your bathroom it is important to plan your style according to your space. Here is a quick guide to help you decide what Bathroom Style could work for you!

    Modern Bathroom Styles

    Modern bathroom styles offer chic and sophistication with a minimal feel. Using latest designs and innovative technology to create modern and unique spaces. Modern bathrooms can be placed in small and large spaces and with a  variety of bathroom designs. Usually with soft lighting, minimal accessories and select furnishings; such as mirrors  and bespoke feature walls. Colours are used in select spaces either to frame a bathroom piece or a bathroom object. Lighting is cleverly used to create an illusion of space and serenity.

    These types of bathrooms particularly work well within modern apartments, minimalistic houses and family spaces.

    Typical traits of a modern bathroom

    Minimal furnishings

    Sleek designs and smooth lines

    Reflective surfaces

    Latest designs

    Soft lighting

    Feature walls

    Contemporary Bathroom Styles

    Contemporary bathrooms are usually of cutting edge innovation and bespoke pieces to create minimalistic and sparse spaces. Rooms tend to be full of 'wow' features such as: made to order bathroom pieces, artworks and or creative pieces to deliver a unique space and feel. Often with high-specifications- mirrors, lighting and art can often help the overall feel when creating a contemporary space. More often a place of indulgence rather than convenience and practicality.

    These types of bathrooms often work well in self-builds, barn conversions and city-living spaces.

    Typical traits of a contemporary bathroom

    Glamorous lighting/mirrors

    Unique interior design

    Places of indulgence

    Made-to-order bathroom products/artwork

    Large open spaces

    Premium design and technology

    Traditional Bathroom Styles

    Traditional bathroom spaces usually consist of s 'homely' or 'lived' in style. The classic 'shaker' style bathroom is often used in traditional spaces. Typically woods and ceramics are used in bathroom materials alongside acrylic baths. Bright or pastel shades create warmth and tiles bring convenience and practicality to bathroom spaces. Lighting, soft-furnishings and practical storage create a traditional bathroom space.

    These types of bathroom styles typically work well in farmhouses, cottages, period properties and family homes.

    Typical traits of a contemporary bathroom

    Storage solutions

    Shaker style

    Woods and ceramics

    Home furnishings

    Floor and wall tiles

    For all of your bathroom products be sure to check out our shop here: for premium products at competitive prices.

  • Which Type Of Bath is Best?

    When it comes to picking your bath style- there are many things to consider when choosing the perfect bath for your bathroom. Here at Bathroom Supastore we have a wide range of bath styles for you to choose from and all at very competitive prices. Here are a few of our best picks!

    Corner Baths

    If you are looking for a little bit of luxury then you may consider a Corner Bath for your bathroom. If you have a larger bathroom then this could be an ideal choice when it comes to picking your new bath. Corner baths come in a variety of sizes and angles to choose from. You can choose either right or left angle baths.

    Corner Bath

    Orlando Reinforced Corner Bath 1500 x100 LH

    Made of acrylic -this Left Hand Corner Bath is from the Trojan collection. With the winning combination of innovation and styling. The Trojancast reinforcement process gives it strength and durability which you would expect from iron cast baths- but with the plush feeling that acrylic gives. You can view this bath here

    Free Standing Baths

    If you are looking for a splash of sophistication- then you will find a great range of free standing baths at Bathroom Supastore. Free standing baths offer a range of benefits when it comes to designing your bathroom. A bathroom can look less cluttered with a free standing baths. Usually best for larger spaces where floor space isn't at a premium. A bathroom can become a place of relaxation and not just a place to wash with a  free standing bath. Free standing bath

    Skipton Double Ended Free Standing Bath

    This bath is sleek, stylish and comes with smooth edges. The bath comes with un-drilled tap holes and is pre-drilled for waste and overflow. The bath is moulded using double skinned acrylic, which offers outstanding heat retention properties. The bath comes with a choice of four feet to complement both modern and traditional bathroom settings. You can view this bath here.

    Single Ended Bath

    If you are looking for a standard bath yet stylish and practical- our choice of single ended baths could be for you. Single ended baths are practical for small bathroom spaces, and where family bath time is the priority. With a choice of sizes to choose from, be sure to find a great selection of baths here at Bathroom Supastore.

    single ended bath

    Derwent Reinforced Single Ended Bath

    This bath comes with a 30 year guarantee and is of Trojan Cast quality. The acrylic material is manufactured in the UK and complies with all regulations. The 30 year guarantee gives you peace of mind of durability. With ease of installation in most standard bathrooms, this bath is a best pick when it comes to your bathroom. You can view this bath here.

  • Which Shower Type Do You Need?

    When it comes to picking the correct shower it is important to understand which type of shower you will need. Here we shall explain the different varieties and what to consider when it comes to purchasing your new shower. There are four different types of showers, these include:


    Digital Showers


    Digital Showers are the latest in innovative technology. They can be pre-programmed for the desired temperature. They are available in Mixer and Electric type showers. A digital shower works by a small processor, which mixes hot and cold water together. The water temperature is controlled and means that you are unlikely to get water temperature spikes mid-shower.

    They are designed to give you more flexibility when it comes to your bathroom design and layout. The mixer and heating unit is operated by a separate control panel- which can be placed out of sight via a hidden wire or wireless technology.


    Benefits of a Digital Shower

    • Adjustable temperature and water flow via a panel hidden away from the shower unit
    • The power unit can be fitted within a 10 metre range of a shower unit, or via wireless technology usually in either a loft or an airing cupboard
    • Available in either Mixer or Electric shower types.
    • Flexible bathroom design and layout
    • Control of water temperature and flow


    Power Showers

    Power showers are useful to have in low-pressure water areas. They feed of both hot and cold water supplies and have a built in pump. Water flow is usually good especially if you live in a low- pressure area. They are easy to install, as they don’t have a separate pump like Mixer showers do- and offer a good amount of control over water temperature. However- they can be expensive to run as they use a lot more water: something to consider if you have a water metre.


    Benefits of a Power Shower

    • Good flow of water even when in a low water pressure area
    • Easy to install as there is not a separate pump
    • Works best with low pressure systems.


    Electric Showers

    Electric showers work off a cold supply of water. The water is heated as it is needed. This can be beneficial to help keep costs down. The water flow tends to be weaker than digital and power showers- but this can be overcome with an added integral pump. Installation of an Electric Shower by a certified electrician is important to ensure safety compliance and can add to the cost of the overall fit of the shower. The temperature can fluctuate between 1-2 degrees of the recommended temperature. This can be dependent on the household’s water usage at the time of showering.

    Electric showers often become victims of limescale build-up and generally have weaker water flow.


    Benefits of an Electric Shower

    • Only uses cold water supply-energy efficient
    • No cost of un-used heated water
    • Generally cheaper to buy than other shower types
    • Still works when boilers don’t work
    • Quick and easy to install


    Mixer Showers

    Mixer showers tend to use both hot and cold water supplies when heating water. It is important to have a combi boiler or an emersion heater when considering a mixer shower for your bathroom. Some mixer showers are designed to work with high-pressure water systems and others for low-pressure water systems. It is important to find out when you make your purchase.

    Bath and shower mixers are also available -and water temperature is controlled by adjusting the bath taps.

    Thermostatic mixer showers are better at regulating temperature and have an added advantage of shutting off supply when someone uses cold water elsewhere in the house- preventing the shower from scolding you.


    Benefits of a Mixer Shower

    •  Shower and bath mixer showers available
    • Good water flow rate
    • Works with combi boilers and immersion heaters
    • Shower offers fixed head or adjustable ones

    Bathroom Supastore offers a wide variety of showers for you to chose from. Whether you are looking for a Digital Shower, an Electric Shower or a Mixer Shower- you can find all of our showers here. At the best prices- you will love our service and support when it comes to selecting your next shower.

  • Why Do We Bath?

    In modern England bathing is a must-do. If one doesn’t bathe, one isn’t clean. How times change! Whether you prefer a long hot soak or a quick refreshing shower? Why do you bath?

    In the Victorian era it was a treat for the upper class to bathe once a month in tin baths in their bedrooms. Servants would scurry along with buckets of heated water to fill the vast tin tubs. It was quite a chore to warm the water and fill a bath up. Very often the bath would be recycled and the noble servants would often treat themselves to a dip in the lukewarm water. Scents were often used to sweeten the smell of the bathing experience.

    Bathing in Medieval England

    Throughout history the reasons for bathing has changed. In Medieval England, it was often thought that bathing caused the spread of infection. However- during the black-plague, it was understood to have helped against the spread of infection.

    Medieval Bathing Medieval Bathing
    "The rich were able to afford soap, and the poor often would use rags with just water. Summer months encouraged dips in rivers and fresh water lakes. In more affluent areas, bathing houses were introduced and people were able to enjoy public baths."

    In 1828 the first public bath was opened in Liverpool. It soon became popular and more washhouses were opened throughout the UK. In 1846 Sir George Gray introduced a bill: which enabled public baths for the laboring classes. Local authorities were responsible for the funding and building of them.

    Bathhouse's in the UK

    Ancient Greece and Rome saw the earliest form of bathhouses, and were typically a mark of affluence. Slaves would be used to wash and wipe their masters and to haul bathing apparatus. Bathhouses often had gymnasiums attached to them, and were a multi-use complex of activities. Local surgeons acted as barbers and food and drink were readily available; and sex was also permitted. Bathers would often stay all day enjoying the pleasantries.

    The Roman Bath House in Bath The Roman Bath House in Bath

    With modern day health centres and leisure clubs offering a multitude of activities- the bathing experience is not dis-similar to that of Ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient or modern times- bathing has become a popular past time and necessity.

    In modern England-a hot bath at the end of the working day enables one to un-wind, de-stress and gather sanity in a hectic world. Unlike in the Victorian times- even us mere peasants can enjoy a bath!

    So why not indulge in one that not only looks great, is stylish and modern-but one that is also affordable. Bathroom Supastore has stylish baths at unbeatable prices. For your next bath- check out our range here!

  • Which Taps Are Best?

    When it comes to picking your taps for your bathroom- it is good to understand the different varieties out there on the market. There is a large choice to choose from; so getting the correct taps for your bathroom is important. Firstly you need to know what taps you need. Do you require taps for a sink, bath or small cloakroom basin? Do you live in a low or high water pressure area? It is important to know this information prior to choosing your bathroom taps.

    Consider the following:

    • What kind of bathroom taps do you need?
    • Do  you live in a low/high pressure water area?
    • What kind of water system does your home have?
    • How many holes does your basin have? One, two or three?

    What water system does your home have?

    When it comes to choosing your taps it is important to know which water system you have. Ie- you'll have less choice of taps if your home has a gravity water system. However- if you have an unvented water system you will have ample choice when it comes to picking the correct taps for your bathroom.

    • Gravity Water System -A Gravity Water System is a low pressure system which supplies water from a water tank- usually located in the loft. Dependent on where your bathroom is, depends on the water pressure that is needed. Sometimes with low pressure systems a water pump is needed. This will enable a wider of choice of bathroom taps.
    • Combination Boiler -A combination boiler is located at the point in which the cold water supply enters the property. Water is heated as it is needed and usually works well with high-pressure taps. Boilers vary from brand to brand- but a well-maintained combination boiler can output water pressure of 1-2 bars.
    • Unvented Water System- `This is a much simpler process than Gravity Water Systems. Water is held in a cylinder which is heated from an external source such as solar panels, electricity oil or gas. Modern homes tend to have this system. This system enables you to have a higher choice of taps due to high water pressure advantages.

    Now you have a better understanding of what kind of tap you need. Now you must decide and workout what style of tap you shall need. Basin taps are generally different sizes to bathroom taps. It is very important to know this as you could be buying taps that won't fit and/or too large or small for your sink/bath. It is also important to consider the function of the tap: does it need to be a mixer? A single tap or an in-built tap? These differences perform different jobs- do some research prior to buying your taps.

    Mono Basin Mixer Taps

    Mono basin mixer taps are very popular for bathroom basins. The ability of mixing water temperatures via a lever enable a more satisfying temperature. Mono basin mixer taps come in a  choice of designs and styles, and are suited to one hole basins. For a good choice of mono basin mixer taps visit our shop here.

    mono basin mixer tap

    Basin Taps

    A pair of basin taps can compliment a bathroom with two taps- one for hot water and one for cold water. For two hole basins -they come in a variety of styles and finishes- to compliment all bathroom basin styles. You can see our range of two hole basin taps here.

    Mayfair Loli Basin Taps

    Small Basin Taps

    These taps are ideal for small cloakroom sinks. They are well proportioned to compliment smaller basins. They can come in a variety of finishes and styles and can be supplied for one and two hole basins. For a great selection of basin taps please visit our shop here.

    Basin taps

    Three Hole Basin Taps

    Three hole basin taps offers a style statement to any bathroom. With two taps and a separate water spout- it is easy to control water temperature. They come in a  variety of styles and designs to choose from. You can visit our range here.

    Mayfir Three series


    Tall Basin Mixer Taps

    Tall basin mixer taps offers your bathroom a stylish statement. A welcome addition to any modern sink or bathroom design. Here at Bathroom Supastore you can be sure to have a wide range of tall basin mixer taps to choose from. For a great selection please visit our shop here.

    tall mixer taps



    For a full range of taps for baths and basins, be sure to visit our shop and browse the many different varieties. If you are in doubt- be sure to drop us an email or give us a call on our free phone number.

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