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  • Space Saving Ways to Get that Second Toilet!

    A home can never have too many toilets! FACT! Not only will the addition of an extra toilet add value to the property but it will also save you from many awkward situations. Can you think of a time where you had a long soak in the tub without being interrupted? A time where the children or your other half hasn’t needed to pop in to use the loo? No, we can’t either!

    This relaxing, spa like experience needn't be the thing of dreams. Adding in an additional toilet, be it in the form of an en-suite or downstairs conversion, can be achieved with very little space.

    When shopping around for your bathroom essentials it’s important to remember that this area is just a toilet, so you won’t have to factor in storage, heating and all the little extras that are needed in your main bathroom. Simply put…a toilet and a basin is really all you need!


    Space saving bathroom sinks

    Now, this is an instance where size really doesn’t matter! Remember, the basin will simply be used for washing hands. No cleaning teeth or having a full body wash here so the smaller the basin, the better it will meet your needs.


    Sonata Vanity Unit


    Whilst storage isn’t something you need to factor in, if you can have some it’s an added bonus. The Sonata vanity unit has been made with cloakrooms specifically in mind. The unit is a slim line 155mm deep, so forget about cramming it full. However, some spare loo roll, soap and hand towels will fit in perfectly. Just remember that you’ll need to allow room for the door to open. The petite basin itself bows out from unit creating an ample space to position hands under the tap.


    Tavistock Niche Corner Basin


    If floor space is limited, wall hung basins are the way forward. With semi pedestal or bottle trap options, you can choose between a wide array of wall hung basins. The advantage of a wall hung basin is freeing up much needed floor space for the toilet itself. The Tavistock Bathrooms Niche wall hung basin is designed to fit into a corner of the room. This is the perfect solution to an oddly shaped room.

    In addition to the smaller basin, you’ll also need a smaller tap! The good news is the majority of those available on Bathroom Supastore come as a mini version.


    Space Saving Toilets

    Now it’s time to consider the toilet. There are now many different types of toilet available on the market. Gone are the days when you just chose the shape and colour of the close coupled unit. There are now back to wall, wall hung and even corner options. So let’s have a look!


    Q60 close coupled comfort height toilet


    If you’re still looking for a classic close coupled toilet, where the cistern is positioned at the back of the pan, this can still work with limited space. It’s worth considering a short projection toilet as this means the whole unit doesn’t take up as much space. The Tavistock Bathrooms Q60 toilet has a projection of just 600mm and is a unique squared off shape.


    Tavistock Micra Back to Wall Toilet


    Now if you want to hide away your cistern and also give yourself an added bonus of a little shelf, a back to wall toilet is perfect. All that is visible in this set up is the toilet pan. Choose to build a fake wall and hide this away or use a back to wall unit. It also allows you to use either a flat flush plate in a design and colour to match the décor, or make your room high tech with a sensor flush, fancy right!? Choose a short projection pan, such as the Tavistock Bathrooms Micra to save yourself some extra space.


    Laguna Corner Toilet


    Another solution to a space problem is a corner fitted toilet, like the Laguna one above. Combining with a corner basin will really make use of every corner of the room, whilst using just a small amount of floor space.


    The Ultimate Solution

    If you’re home doesn’t allow you enough space to fit even two of the bathroom essentials, then fear not. A combined toilet and basin, is the answer to your prayers. The benefit of this option is only one wall is used up, with space saving in mind, these items are designed specifically for under the stairs or that converted cupboard. Here at Bathroom Supastore we’ve got not only one but four options for you!


    Athena 2 in 1


    The Athena vanity unit and toilet is the complete package. A sleek vanity unit, that comes in 3 beautiful colours, has wide yet slim line basin sat atop the unit. The basin has a cut out section designed perfectly for your soap, which is a very clever idea from the manufacturer, Premier. With its concealed cistern the Athena 2 in 1 is a smart choice.


    Under stairs Cloakroom bathroom


    When you didn’t think it could get any smaller, we can introduce the 2 in 1 Close Coupled toilet. This clever combination has a basin on top of the cistern and can also produce hot water, unlike any other 2 in 1. Whilst this doesn’t look as impressive as the Athena, it’s certainly a genius solution for getting that second loo.


    Hopefully these ideas and options have inspired you to finally get that second toilet. To bring some sort of sanity to your bathroom and make it easier for all those family gatherings.

  • Signs your bathroom is ready for a revamp!


    Everyone gets to the stage where they want a new bathroom. Magazines, social media and TV show us stunning bathrooms everyday which can be all it needs to get new ideas flowing. However, some bathrooms are left to get to the stage where they need a revamp.

    A well decorated bathroom is often top of a home buyers check list. It's therefore a room that is worth the investment to keep it look good. So when will you know the time to change is here? Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you need to take the plunge and give your bathroom a revamp!



    If you have carpet in your bathroom, you will want to remove it, after reading this. Carpet in your bathroom is asking for trouble. Unable to be properly cleaned a bathroom carpet, although warm under foot will harbour bacteria. This means your nice clean feet will be stepping straight onto a dirty floor! Not to mention that it will never really feel dry. The condensation produced in the bathroom will be absorbed leaving damp feeling under foot!


    The solution to this problem is simple. Choose a tiled or vinyl flooring, such as the Karndean Palio Clic, and add a bath mat for warmth. The bath mat can be easily washed, which should be done weekly, to keep the floor not only hygienic but looking great too.



    There was a time when sage green, pastel pink or blue was the hottest trend in bathrooms…and we don’t mean on the walls! Coloured sanitrywear was a big trend that lasted many decades. Pastel pink and blue were big in the 1950’s with darker sage green and mahogany becoming popular in the 70’s. If you have a coloured suite you may want to consider a change. In recent years some coloured freestanding baths have sold well, but unsurprisingly white sanitrywear is still the most popular choice.


    The solution here is simple, if you want to add a bold colour to your bathroom keep it on the walls.  The advantage of keeping the colour in your bathroom on the walls is it is much cheaper to change this if or when you get bored or fancy a change.




    Taps, plugs and wastes are often the first thing that will make a bathroom look dated. The style and colour of a tap is very telling, unless you choose a timeless and classic design. Chrome finish taps are also subject to peeling. This is caused when chemicals that are too harsh are continually used to clean the bathroom. They can also gather lime scale which can be a little unsightly if left. If you have fittings that aren't sparkling and can' be cleaned, a change may be overdue.


    The solution is to choose taps that won’t date easy. Whilst copper or black taps are popular right now, they may not be in 5 years’ time. Always bear this in mind when spending out! Instead opt for a simple and sleek design like the Tavistock Solace range, which will stand the test of time.



    Just like taps, a furniture will date your bathroom dramatically.  Whether it’s the wood colour, wood type or design of bathroom furniture it can be very telling of its age. If you can tell the decade your bathroom was fitted from the furniture then it may be time to start again.


    The solution when it comes to furniture is to keep it simple. Try not to jump on any trend band wagons if you want to keep your bathroom furniture looking great. Those gloss red units might seem like a good idea at the time, but always consider how you will feel about then in 10 years. The Tavistock Compass range is sleek and come sin 3 simple shades that will certainly stand the test of time. If your furniture is in good condition but not to your taste, you can upgrade this with some paint and new handles for a cheaper fix.



    If you’re a culprit of any of these, you really need to consider giving your bathroom a face lift. You will find that you don’t have to spend a fortune to completely change your bathroom aesthetic.  Contact the team on 08452719929 if you'd like to talk about revamp options.

  • What Shape Shower Tray Should I Pick?

    Having both a bath and a shower in your bathroom is common place these days, however planning and fitting these into your bathroom can feel like a game of Tetris.


    It’s worth designing a floor plan before you go about purchasing your new bathroom, that’s because it’s common not to take into account how much space is left between bathroom items and to therefore miscalculate. The shape and more importantly the size of your shower tray is something that needs great consideration within your bathroom. As well as room for the doors to open if you’re choosing a hinged enclosure.


    With so many options it can be tricky to know where to start. Continue reading for our guide on each of the shower tray shapes.


    Square Shower Tray

    Square shower tray


    A square shower tray is what would be considered the classic and traditional shower tray style. With that being said, it is still a very popular style and shape in today’s modern bathrooms.

    A square shower is ideally fitted in the corner of the bathroom but can be in a more central location of the bathroom, needing just one wall.  The advantage of choosing a square show tray is you’re able to choose between sliding or hinged doors.

    The square shower trays start as small as 700 mm, which still provides ample showering space and go as large as 1200 mm for a luxurious shower. It also makes them ideal for any bathroom size.


    Rectangle Shower Tray

    Kudos K stone rectangle shower tray


    If space is no object, then you may prefer a rectangular shower tray. The rectangular space allows for a more comfortable shower thanks to the ample internal space within the shower enclosure.

    A large rectangle show tray allows you to create hotel chic, with a shower big enough for 2. With the options of pivot, hinged or sliding doors on a rectangle tray you can create a shower to match the theme of your bathroom. Suited to both modern, minimalist or traditional, country or period rooms.

    Make a statement with your shower with our largest 2000 x 900 mm rectangle shower tray, or if you’re pushed for space but want that little bit of extra room choose the 900 x 700 mm.


    Quadrant Shower Tray

    Quadrant shower tray


    A Quadrant shower tray has 2 straight edges that are joined by a front curve. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, where floor space is at a premium. The curved doors create a gorgeous profile that suit any bathroom decor style.

    A quadrant shower fits neatly into the corner of the room and also reduces the space needed within the room, when compared with a square shower. Making bathroom manoeuvrability much smoother. The doors on a quadrant shower tend to be sliding, again to eliminate the space needed. However, you can get some hinged ones too if your bathroom isn’t on the smaller side.

    Our quadrant shower trays range between 800 mm and 1000 mm.


    Offset Quadrant Shower Tray

    Offset quadrant shower tray


    An offset quadrant shower is a mixture of a quadrant and rectangle shower. The tray has one short edge and one longer edge that sits against walls into a corner of your bathroom. This creates a large, luxurious shower space, ideal for larger or busy family bathrooms.

    The large design of an offset quadrant shower does require a corner to be positioned in. The only other thing to factor in if you choose an offset quadrant is that there are hand options. The hand will determine which end of the shower is curved.

    Our smallest offset quadrant comes in at a large 900 x 760 mm and the largest is a huge, hotel style 1400 x 800.


    Bowed Shower Tray

    Kudos bowed shower tray


    Modern bathroom design now has a preference towards curved lines and minimalist design and with this the Bowed shower tray shape has been introduced. The bowed shape tray is a rectangle on 3 sides with one of the larger ends curving outwards.

    A bowed shower tray should be fitted between 2 walls, where you can just add a curved door, such as the Kudos Originals, or you can opt for an enclosure that has 2 sides and install the tray in a corner.

    The bowed trays are a great alternative to a quadrant and create a spacious shower space in any bathroom. The advantage of this shape shower tray is you can fit them in either large or smaller bathrooms and their unique shape make them perfect for long thin rooms or for filling that awkward alcove in your bathroom.


    For more design inspiration why not check out the rest of our articles on our blogs? Our team are on hand via email or telephone if you have any queries too regarding shower tray options too.

  • What is a Reinforced Bath?

    When it comes to choosing your new bath there’s not just the shape, style or size to consider but whether to choose standard or reinforced.  If you’ve never heard the term reinforced bath before, don’t worry. This article will give you all the information needed to help you make that choice.

    All of our reinforced bath tubs are from the company Trojan. Trojancast is a substantial reinforcement process for an acrylic bath. This involves adding a flow coat to the underside of the bath, leaving you with a very distinctive bath... it’ll be green underneath!

    Solarna reinforced bath

    The quality of Trojancast

    Quality is essential during the Trojancast process. A dedicated team of specially trained personnel take pride in each and every Trojancast reinforced bath they produce.

    At every stage of its production, the bath is checked. This ensures it reaches the exceptionally high standards of Trojan. A checklist is carried out at each stage, without fail and this label comes with your new bath. Therefore, allowing you to view the journey of your bath and allows Trojan to ensure this meets their manufacturing quality criteria.


    Corner reinforced bath

    Why choose a reinforced bath?


    • Once the flow coat has been added to the tub it leaves it much sturdier and rigid. Which, for you means the bath is much more resilient to everyday life. Which makes it ideal for a busy family bathroom.


    • A Trojancast bath has the associated strengths of an old cast iron bath but with all the benefits of a modern material. No longer is your bath tub cold to the touch!


    • You’ll be able to enjoy a long soak in the tub without needing to keep topping up the hot water. The flow coat added to the bath has amazing insulating properties that helps the water retain its heat. Get a nice supply of bath bombs ready to savour.


    • The guarantee of a Trojancast bath also increases to an incredible 30 years from 25 on a standard Trojan bath. So any manufacturing issues in this time are covered with Trojan.


    • You still get to choose from the huge selection of shapes and styles available from Trojan. So if you've had you're eye on the Solarna L Shape or the Orlando Corner Bath, you can just upgrade to the Trojancast reinforced version.


    Solarna L Shaped reinforced bath


    Hopefully this article will help you make you decide if a reinforced bath is for you. However, if you have any questions or need any further details please don’t hesitate to give the team a call on 0845 271 9929 or contact us via email.

  • The Bathroom Supastore Guide to Whirlpool Baths

    Have you always wanted a whirlpool bath in your own home, but never know where to start? The many names used when it comes to describing the bath from whirlpool, spa, Jacuzzi and hot tub; although they’re all the same thing in essence! And then so many terms regarding the jet options it can be enough to frazzle the brain!


    Trojan Solarna L Shape Whirlpool Shower Bath


    Let us get down to the nitty gritty terms of Whirlpool baths and explain and hopefully our guide will leave you prepared and ready to buy a home spa.


    The technical jargon!

    With fewer but much larger jets, a whirlpool system operates by sucking in the water from the tub. These jets feed the water back into the bath as pressure creating a range of massage options. Choose from relaxing to an intense sports hydro-massage.

    A tub with air jets tend to have many smaller vents that are positioned all over the tub. This acts in the same way as the whirlpool, however the jet is not as strong. It's also warmed by a heater to create a gentle all over massage. The more jets there are in a system, the better the hydro massage experience.


    Whirlpool bath jet


    We also offer baths with a combination of both whirlpool and air jets.  Ideal for a complete body massage at your fingertips.

    Besides the difference in massage styles, the only other difference with these jet options is the cleaning method. Whirlpool jets require a solution to be run through these whereas an air jet needs turned on after the water has drained to dry.


    The Aquair range

    You can rest assured that when you purchase a whirlpool bath from Bathroom Supastore that you’re going to get the best quality. The range of outstanding Aquair whirlpool baths offer the same exceptional quality you’ve come to expect from Trojan Baths. But with the added features of a relaxing spa experience at home.


    Trojan Cascade Whirlpool Bath


    The great thing about choosing the Aquair range is all the incredible standard Trojan baths are available as a whirlpool option! So you are still able to choose the Elite doubled ended, Solarna L-shape or Orlando corner bath that you’ve had your eye on. Just add on as few as 6 jets or a whopping 26, in a combination of whirlpool and air jets! Which, if you were wondering can be operated individually or together.


    Do you know about the whirlpool bath extras?

    Whirlpool bath controls


    Now this is where you really turn the bath into a spa like experience in your own home. If you're opting for a mixture of jets you can also choose a multiple control panel to let you choose exactly what jets work when. An inline water heater keeps your bath nice and warm for as long you're soaking for. A Bluetooth connection can be installed allowing you to add a soothing song to your spa. Create the perfect atmosphere with a choice between one or multiple LED lights. These can be static or colour changing.


    Trojan Elite Double Ended Whirlpool Bath


    Now we know that’s a lot to take in but hopefully it makes more sense. Remember, the world really is your oyster when you choose a whirlpool bath. Whilst there are many whirlpool bath options in stock on the website, if you don't see exactly what you want don't panic. Contact our customer care team who are experts and will be able to help you look at the options available.

  • Finance Options Available at Bathroom Supastore


    Finance options


    When it comes to those big household purchases the finance options available can be the deciding factor in whether we buy or we don't. And when it comes to designing your dream bathroom we all know how expensive a remodel can be, especially when you have to consider the whole bathroom suite. However, there comes a time to stop talking and planning and actually bite the bullet. We stock a vast selection of the best bathroom manufacturers including the likes of Tavistock, Trojan and Kudos which guarantee to provide you with everything you need for your dream bathroom, be it an en suite, cloakroom or family bathroom.


    Luxurious bathrooms available.


    This is where Bathroom Supastore comes to the rescue

    Not only are our prices unbelievably low and we have incredible offers and bathroom suite bundles to start with, we now have flexible finance options available to suit your every needs. These also come with some amazing 0% finance options too!

    Choose from between 6 months -2 years at 0% or, if you need a little longer choose up to 4 years at 19.9%. The flexible options available mean your dream bathroom really is just a few clicks away.

    Click here for all the details including the full T&C’s.

  • Everything you need to know about thermostatic shower valves


     Thermostatic shower valves explained 



    Picking your new bathroom suite, well that’s the easy part, however picking all the fixtures and fittings that can sometimes be more difficult. But don’t worry, with our range of informative articles, you will have what you need in no time.

    At the moment, you may well be clutching a list of parts that your plumbers left you to order, one of those items on the list might be a thermostatic shower valve.

    Now, the name sounds rather technical, but this part of the shower is a rather simple part, you just need to be aware of a few points prior to ordering. So here we go, our guide to everything you need to know about thermostatic shower valves.

    What’s the difference between a bar, concealed and an exposed thermostatic shower valve?

    Don’t be put off by the technical names, it all comes down to what you like as a matter of design taste. However it may sometimes be advisable to swap like for like, meaning it can sometimes be cheaper in terms of installation costs if you replace a bar thermostatic shower valve, with the same type.

    Bar thermostatic shower valves

    Bar thermostatic shower valves are normally the lowest cost option out of the three choices, however there also the most popular, that’s because a lot of people like the valve being visible within the shower enclosure.

    Concealed thermostatic shower valves

    Concealed thermostatic shower valves are exactly as the name describes, concealed, this is ideal for those homeowners that prefer a more modern and minimalistic look. These valves fit flush to the wall, and with the bathrooms tiles surrounding the valve it can mean that most of the showers innerworkings are out of sight.

    Exposed thermostatic shower valves

    You know when somethings so well-made it’s a shame to cover it? Well, this rings true when you look at our range of exposed thermostatic shower valves.

    Whether it be ornate Victorian pillars, or a well-engineered bridge, some designers just prefer to show off how something has been put together. The same can be said about our range of exposed thermostatic shower valves, with robust handles and a sense of quality to every aspect of the design, for some people it’s the natural choice to opt for a such a shower valve.

    Now you know your options, why not see our full list of products

    We quite simply stock a massive range of shower valves, we stock low cost options, right through to designer shower valves that are always offered at great prices.





  • A simple guide to choosing the correct shower pump for your bathroom



    How to choose the correct shower pump for your bathroom


    Choosing a new shower pump can sure be confusing, after all, most shower pumps can come accompanied by a ton of technical information.

    So, if your currently in a pickle whether you need a positive head, or a negative head shower pump do not fear, we are here to help you.

    Also as those who have shopped for a shower pump already know, it’s not as easy as just picking between negative or positive head system, that’s because there’s also bar pressures to think about.

    You will also need to think about what you want your shower pump to power, that’s because shower pumps can also increase flow rates to items like your bath as well.

    What is a shower pump?

    Let’s cover the basics first, that’s because some people are aware of the problems within their bathrooms, but don’t necessarily know how a shower pump can help improve flow rates.

    Shower pumps can quite simply improve water pressure and flow rates within your bathroom, so in basic terms they turn showers that are generating a trickle of water, into showers that can offer powerful jets of water.

    You need to find out which water system you have first

    You need to find out which water system you have within your home, for example you may have a gravity fed water system. There are shower pumps that are designed for different types of water systems.

    One of the most common types of water systems that suffers from low water pressure, is the gravity fed system.

    Normally, but not always, combi boilers will generate enough water pressure to adequately power a shower. However all properties are different, so if in doubt contact a qualified plumber for advice.

    Then once you know which water system you have, it’s so easy to choose a shower pump from us.

    Why should I look for a silent shower pump?

    Some low-quality shower pumps can be rather noisy, this means that some low quality models can produce a whirring noise.

    However, shower pump design has now been improved by many leading suppliers, and we only stock shower pumps from some of the most respected manufacturers in the business.

    Take the Stuart Turner, Techflow TP, this is a high-quality shower pump that has a “whisper quiet” design. This means it’s super quiet design makes it more efficient and much less audible.


    How do I know which water pressure pump I need?

    Shower pumps are supplied offering varying degrees of bar pressure, if you are placing less demand on the shower pump then you will need less bar pressure from your shower pump.

    However, the bar pressure you require is totally dependent on what you need it for, for example, if you plan on just powering just one shower, then you may require less bar pressure.

    If you require a really powerful shower, then we have positive head shower pumps supplying up to 3.3 bars of pressure.

    If instead you require a powerful negative head system, we have a shower pump which can offer up to four bars of water pressure.

    Why choose Bathroom Supastore for your new shower pump?

    There are now so many online bathroom retailers selling shower pumps, however not all retail high quality shower pumps made by companies like Stuart Turner.

    If you require further help in order to choose the correct shower pump for your home, why not get in touch with our bathroom experts?



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