Having both a bath and a shower in your bathroom is less common place these days. However, if you're planning and fitting a shower tray and bath these into your bathroom space can feel like a game of Tetris.

It's worth designing a floor plan before you purchase your new bathroom, because it's common not to take into account how much space is left between bathroom items and to therefore miscalculate. Getting the right shower tray is something that needs great consideration within your bathroom. As well as room for the doors to open if you're choosing a hinged enclosure.

With so many options it can be tricky to know where to start. Continue reading for our guide on each of the shower tray shapes and why these options could benefit your bathroom.

Square Shower Tray

Ultra Square Shower Tray

A square shower tray is what would be considered the classic and traditional shower tray option. That being said, it is still a very popular style and shape in modern bathrooms for the flexibility it provides.

A square shower enclosure is ideally fitted in the corner of the bathroom but can be in a more central location of the bathroom, needing just one wall. The advantage of choosing a square show tray is you're able to choose between sliding or hinged doors.

The square shower trays start as small as 700 mm, which still provides ample showering space and go as large as 1200 mm for a luxurious shower. It also makes them ideal for any bathroom size.

Rectangular Shower Tray

Kudos Ultimate 2 wet room

If space is no object in your bathroom, then you may prefer a rectangular shower tray. The rectangular space allows for a more comfortable shower thanks to the ample internal space within the shower enclosure. A rectangular shower tray is often accompanied by wet room panels rather than a standard shower enclosure

A large rectangle show tray allows you to create hotel chic, with a shower big enough for 2. With the options of pivot, hinged or sliding doors on a rectangle tray you can create a shower to match the theme of your bathroom. Suited to both modern, minimalist or traditional, country or period rooms.

Make a statement with your shower with our largest 2000 x 900 mm rectangle shower tray, or if you're pushed for floor space but want that little bit of extra room choose the 800 x 700 mm.

Quadrant Shower Tray

A Quadrant shower tray has 2 straight edges that are joined by a front curve. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, where floor space is at a premium. The curved doors create a gorgeous profile that suit any bathroom décor style.

A quadrant shower enclosure fits neatly into the corner of the room and reduces the space needed within the room, when compared with a square shower. Making bathroom manoeuvrability much smoother. The doors on a quadrant shower tend to be sliding, again to eliminate opening into the bathroom where space may be tight. However, you can get some hinged ones too if your bathroom is on the larger side.

Our quadrant shower trays range between 800 mm and 1000 mm.

Offset Quadrant Shower Tray

Coral Offset quadrant shower enclosure

An offset quadrant shower is a mixture of a quadrant and rectangle shower. The tray has one short edge and one longer edge that sits against walls into a corner of your bathroom. With a curved front which sits on an angle. This creates a large, luxurious shower space, ideal for larger or busy family bathrooms.

The large design of an offset quadrant shower does require a corner to be positioned in. The only other thing to factor in if you choose an offset quadrant is that there are hand options for your shower tray. The hand will determine which end of the shower is curved. Its also worth noting that different manufacturers of the offset quadrant tray will hand them differently. Some hand by the corner and some hand by the curve so double check with us before you order.

Our smallest offset quadrant comes in at a large 900 x 760 mm and the largest is a huge, hotel style 1400 x 800 mm.

Bowed Shower Tray

Kudos Bowed front shower enclosure

Modern bathroom design now has a preference towards curved lines and minimalist design. With this in mind, the Bowed shower tray shape has been created. The bowed shape tray is a rectangle on 3 sides with one of the larger ends curving outwards.

A bowed tray should be fitted between 2 walls, where you can just add a curved door, such as the Kudos Originals , or you can opt for an enclosure that has 2 sides and install the tray in a corner.

The bowed trays are a great alternative to a quadrant and create a spacious shower space in any bathroom. The advantage of this shape shower tray is you can fit them in either large or smaller bathrooms and their unique shape make them perfect for long thin rooms or for filling that awkward alcove in your bathroom.

For more design inspiration why not check out the rest of our articles on our blogs? Our team are on hand via email, live chat or telephone if you have any queries regarding the options above.