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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  • Bathroom Supastore Easter Giveaway!

    Easter is a weekend full of treats. By mid-day you can pretty much guarantee that any children will be bouncing off the walls from excitement and sugar! But it’s often a time where parents get forgotten. So here at Bathroom Supastore we wanted to do a giveaway, just for all the parents this Easter.

    Easter Giveaway


    Bath Caddies are a great addition to the bathroom. Allowing you to take drinks and snacks as well as books, candles or an electronic device to the bath to help you properly unwind. The caddy has transformed how we relax in the tub, it is the ideal companion after a busy Easter weekend. As this is the time parents need to take some time for themselves, we’re giving away a beautiful bamboo caddy. The caddy will suit any room decor style from Scandinavian simplicity to traditional due to the colour and style.


    How to enter


    Head over to our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages to enter.  The rules are simple, share the post from the page comment on your shared post with the hashtag #supastoretreat and like the page. You can enter on all 3 platforms during the competition time frame.


    The T&C’s


    The competition will run from 9am Friday 30th of March until midnight Monday April 2nd. Entries after this time will not be counted. Entries can be made on all social platforms, as many times as you like. You must like our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page for your entry to count. You must use the hashtag #supastoretreat on your shared post. Winner will be announced on all platforms on Tuesday April 3rd at midday. If your account is private, we will need to verify you have met the criteria of the competition. Therefore, we would need your account to be made public between 11am and 11.30am whilst the winner is chosen.


    Lastly, we'd like to wish you all Good Luck!

  • What does my guarantee cover?


    A guarantee are part and parcel of buying anything new these days. However, when it comes to buying a new bathroom it's important to make sure you're getting what you need. The items stocked on Bathroom Supastore always come with a guarantee of at least one year, for your peace of mind. This covers any manufacturing defects on any item purchased. However, many of the items, especially those from one of our top manufacturers such as Trojan and Kudos come with much longer guarantees. All of the products on Bathroom Supastore clearly display the guarantee for every item on the website page for it. But what is covered by these exactly?



     Solarna L Shaped reinforced bath

    Trojan baths are covered by a huge 25 year guarantee and the Trojancast reinforced baths are covered by an even longer 30 year guarantee. The length of this will certainly reassure your purchase, as Trojan are confident in the great quality of their product. This guarantee covers all manufacturing defects during this time frame.


    What’s included:

    • Manufacturing defects including;
    • Misshapen acrylic
    • Blistering
    • Marks under the acrylic


    What’s not included:

    • Scratches
    • Cracks – often caused from impact dropped such as bottles etc
    • Wear and tear




     Kudos K stone rectangle shower tray

    All Kudos products come with a lifetime guarantee…yep lifetime! But remember this again covers just manufacturing defects. Shower enclosure runners are classed as a serviceable part which are not covered, think of them as the tyres of your new car! Kudos' guarantee has to be registered on their website within 28 days of purchase to validate it.


    What’s not included:


    • Glass breakages.
    • Wear and tear caused by excessive or abnormal use.
    • Faults or damage caused in connection with the build-up of dirt, mould, mildew, lime-scale or similar.
    • Damage caused from the use of abnormal or inappropriate cleaning products.
    • Accidental damage, damage caused by negligence or wilful damage.


    Tavistock Bathrooms


    Tavistock Impact Java Plum Roomset

    Tavistock Bathrooms are another company that offer extended guarantees on their products, ranging from 10 years to lifetime depending on the product. All products are guaranteed against defective workmanship or materials. Tavistock are keen on replacing the faulty part, rather than sending out a replacement unit. Their policy also covers hinges and fittings as long as the damage hasn’t been caused by the guide below.


    The extended guarantees break down like this:


    • 10 year's on all taps
    • 10 year's on all bathroom furniture
    • Lifetime guarantee on most toilet seats
    • 10 year's on all showers
    • 20 year's on all basins and toilets


    Not included:


    • Serviceable parts – For example, tap cartridges.
    • Damage caused from the use of abnormal or inappropriate cleaning products.
    • Faults or damage caused in connection with the build-up of dirt, mould, mildew, lime-scale or similar.


    April Baths

     Eppleby Ultra Violet roomset

    April freestanding baths come with a huge 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects too. However, to validate the guarantee, you will need to register it via April’s website after purchasing.  The guarantee on April baths are very similar to the Trojan baths listed above, in fact the only difference is the length.


    What does lifetime guarantee mean?


    Many of the items have a lifetime guarantee. This means that we’re confident the product will last effectively and function correctly for the expected lifespan of that particular product type. You can find out what lifespan you’d expect for items on the manufactures websites or by contacting us. However, this is voided if the item has been modified in any way, been cleaned using harmful products or stopped working due to a build-up of dirt, limescale or mould.


    We really hope this guide has helped clear up any questions regarding the guarantee provided by ourselves and the manufacturers we supply. However, if you’re even in any doubt if you have reason to make a claim on your guarantee, please contact us and we can help with your queries.

  • SS18 Bathroom Colour Trends

    It certainly doesn’t feel like spring out there at the moment, that’s for sure. Looking out of the window this week, at some point for all of the UK, has us feeling all winter wonderland! But we’re not letting that get us down here at Bathroom Supastore. We’re looking forward to the colour trends that will be gracing homes this Spring and Summer!


    Build Me Up Buttercup

    Yellow bathroom

    Yes, were talking yellow! From bright canary yellow to pastel butter shades and everything in-between. This daring shade can be quite daunting however, adding this sunny shade to your bathroom is sure to put you in a great mood every morning. A whole wall of yellow could be a little overbearing, so choose your shade wisely. If you want in on this trend but don't want to commit fully start by adding some key accessories. A bright yellow bathmat or towels is a great way to start. Or choose a mosaic tile with a hint of yellow.


    Blue Monday

    Navy blue bathroom

    Blues and in particular darker blues, such as Indigo and Navy are huge hitters this spring summer. Not shades that you’d expect to see in the warmer months of the year leaning more towards trends in the autumn and winter. Blue is a great dark alternative to black whilst keeping your bathroom on trend. Add in a splash of complementary colours orange or yellow to brighten the room or team with grey for an industrial and masculine vibe.


    Pretty in Pink

    Pink bathroom

    Pink has been growing in the interior design trend stakes for quite some time but always seen as an accompaniment to another shade. This Spring/Summer is pinks time to shine as the dominant shade. This seasons pink is a pastel salmon, cherry blossom or strawberry. Shades that have been given the name millennial pink. Instead of using your pink to warm up grey, industrial tones, team with a darker or more vibrant pink to add depth to your bathroom.



    Certain Shade of Green

    Sage green bathroom

    Sage green is a shade that rose in popularity last year due to Pantones colour of the year. Greenery which is a vivid colour was often accompanied with sage or khaki for contrast. This subtle green shade is a beautiful blend of grey and green. It elegantly compliments vintage decor however, it can also add a natural feeling to any modern design. Just add a few potted plants for the ultimate outdoor indoor bathroom.


    What do you think of the Spring Summer colours? Are these shades you'll be adding to your home this year?

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