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  • Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 - Living Coral

    At this time of year in the world of design people eagerly await the announcement of the Pantone Colour of the year. This announcement comes to mark the start of the new design season with all sectors, for example fashion, home décor and even technology taking influence from this shade.


    Pantone Colour of 2019 Living Coral


    The Pantone shade of 2019 is 16-1546 aka Living Coral. A shade that seems to relate greatly to the events and realisations of the year. “The overriding influence [this year] was the environment,” explains Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone’s colour consulting unit. Pantone describe it as a mellow yet lively shade. Unlike last year’s Ultra Violet, its packed with energy which makes it the perfect shade for your bathroom.


    How to add Living Coral to your bathroom


    If you want to keep your bathroom on trend here’s our guide to adding this warming hue.


    Kudos Ultimate 2 Living Coral


    Now it can be an expensive hobby to change your bathroom décor on a yearly basis, so the most common way to incorporate each new shades is with your bathroom accessories. A change of towels and bathmat for example, can completely change the way your room looks. Small additions of living coral really make the shade pop, especially against a neutral bathroom background.


    If you’re not one to shy away from colour and really want to brighten up your bathroom, this shade will certainly do just that. Add it to a feature wall or varying hues throughout to really embrace it.  Whilst the colour is rich and vibrant in tone it isn’t overpowering so works well with both dark and light surroundings. Living Coral can also add depth and warmth to greys, smoky teals and beige. So be sure to accessorise with these tones.


    Tavistock Match Living Coral


    What are your thoughts on the shade? Will you be adding Living Coral to your bathroom? Or to any room within in your home?

  • How To Get A Botanical Bathroom?

    Botanical bathrooms are a trend that don’t seem to be going anywhere. The trend, that started in 2017 when Pantone announced Greenery as its colour of the year, has seen a rise in popularity of green bathrooms and the inclusion of plants within bathrooms.

    Botanical Bathroom

    So what is a Botanical bathroom?

    The word botanical stems from the science term botany, which is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. In simple terms a botanical bathroom is not only inspired by nature but incorporates this into the rooms décor. The benefits of having plants in your bathroom are incredible too. From helping with humidity to purifying the air they can really transform your bathroom. If you’re new to plants or never been able to keep one alive; stick around and we’ll let you know the best plants to add to your bathroom.


    What plants to choose for your botanical bathroom;


    Spider Plant

    Spider Plant

    A spider plants is a great choice for a bathroom. It’s a very hardy plant, making it almost impossible to kill! They like their soil to dry out in between watering, so if you happen to forget to water them for a little while, don’t panic. Their beautifully edged leaves grow hanging around their planter, making them perfect for hanging pots.

    It’s also a nontoxic plant making it pet friendly. It’s a plant that is actually like cat nip to cats… if they eat enough it can cause some mild hallucinogenic effects.

    Spider plants help to remove odours from the air as well as taking out 90% of the formaldehyde from the air. This is found in many bathroom products, cleaning items and the grout between your tiles.


    Snake Plant

    Snake Plant

    Otherwise known as Mother-In-Laws tongue this is another undemanding plant making it ideal for a bathroom environment. The plant needs very little attention, so if you’re a person who only remembers to water their plants every so often a snake plant is the one to choose.

    They thrive in a bright bathroom but this isn’t essential; they survive just as well in low light levels. A great air purifier, it can actually increase the amount of oxygen within the room.

    Its sturdy leaves grow upwards, requiring little space outside of its pot, allowing it to work well on shelves or the floor if you have the room. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this plant is toxic to cats and dogs. So If you have inquisitive pets its best to place these high up or choose something else.


    Boston Fern

    Boston Fern

    A Boston ferns natural habitat is in the rainforest, a humid and sun light deprived area. It is used to getting a few drops of water now and then, but always thrives. A bathroom recreates the environment the fern thrives in perfectly.

    Another plant that is hard to kill as they absorb water from the air, making them ideal for reducing humidity within the home, especially the bathroom. This in turn helps to purify the air.

    As well as all the other benefits, the Boston fern is also pet friendly.


    Aloe Plant

    Aloe Vera Plant

    Whilst this is also a plant that is toxic to cats and dogs it has to be the most giving plant. An aloe plant has thick gently spiky leaves that are filled with a healing gel. The gel inside the leaves can be applied to minor scrapes, burns and bug bites. Often helping with the healing process. Whilst the plant itself helps to improve the air quality of the room in which its placed.

    Part of the succulent family it takes in moisture through its leaves meaning it needs very little watering and why it thrives in the humidity of a functioning bathroom. Aloe loves the sunlight but not directly as its leaves can burn and turn a little red, so don’t pop them on the windowsill.




    Of all the plants on this list the Orchid is the neediest, but also the most enchanting. They can live in both non direct and direct light. However, they require much more water if positioned in the latter. Naturally an orchid will lay its roots into a tree rather than the earth so if you want to successfully grow one indoors it will require a pot of special orchid bark soil, but this is easy to get hold of. The dendrobium and phalaenopsis types of orchid are the easier to care for, so if you’re new to plants try opting for one of these. They’re pet friendly too.

    Orchids flourish in the hot and steamy atmosphere created in a bathroom, which mimics its natural rain forest home. With elegant blossoms that have a beautiful smell, an orchid can fill your bathroom with a spa like aroma and vibe all whilst cleansing the air and producing more oxygen.


    Lucky Bamboo

    Bamboo Plant

    A Lucky Bamboo is unlike any of the other plants listed as it doesn’t need soil to thrive. Just like a bunch of flowers, a bamboo plant prefers a vase or pot filled with water and pebbles. Add some stone or glass pebbles for a decorative look. All it asks is for fresh water weekly.

    Lucky Bamboo is another pet friendly plant, perfect for its preferred floor location. Its branches grow speedily upwards but towards the light. You can tie the branches together to encourage it to grow into specific shapes and it can be preened too.  Leaves sprout in various spots on the branches and a sign of a healthy bamboo is leaves that grow upwards.

    Lucky Bamboo is up there with the top air purifiers. The leaves help to remove toxins from the air.


    With all these facts its hard to see why you wouldn't add some plants to your bathroom. What do you think of this trend? Do you have plants in your bathroom? We would love to hear if you've felt the benefits of a botanical bathroom.

  • SS18 Bathroom Colour Trends

    It certainly doesn’t feel like spring out there at the moment, that’s for sure. Looking out of the window this week, at some point for all of the UK, has us feeling all winter wonderland! But we’re not letting that get us down here at Bathroom Supastore. We’re looking forward to the colour trends that will be gracing homes this Spring and Summer!


    Build Me Up Buttercup

    Yellow bathroom

    Yes, were talking yellow! From bright canary yellow to pastel butter shades and everything in-between. This daring shade can be quite daunting however, adding this sunny shade to your bathroom is sure to put you in a great mood every morning. A whole wall of yellow could be a little overbearing, so choose your shade wisely. If you want in on this trend but don't want to commit fully start by adding some key accessories. A bright yellow bathmat or towels is a great way to start. Or choose a mosaic tile with a hint of yellow.


    Blue Monday

    Navy blue bathroom

    Blues and in particular darker blues, such as Indigo and Navy are huge hitters this spring summer. Not shades that you’d expect to see in the warmer months of the year leaning more towards trends in the autumn and winter. Blue is a great dark alternative to black whilst keeping your bathroom on trend. Add in a splash of complementary colours orange or yellow to brighten the room or team with grey for an industrial and masculine vibe.


    Pretty in Pink

    Pink bathroom

    Pink has been growing in the interior design trend stakes for quite some time but always seen as an accompaniment to another shade. This Spring/Summer is pinks time to shine as the dominant shade. This seasons pink is a pastel salmon, cherry blossom or strawberry. Shades that have been given the name millennial pink. Instead of using your pink to warm up grey, industrial tones, team with a darker or more vibrant pink to add depth to your bathroom.



    Certain Shade of Green

    Sage green bathroom

    Sage green is a shade that rose in popularity last year due to Pantones colour of the year. Greenery which is a vivid colour was often accompanied with sage or khaki for contrast. This subtle green shade is a beautiful blend of grey and green. It elegantly compliments vintage decor however, it can also add a natural feeling to any modern design. Just add a few potted plants for the ultimate outdoor indoor bathroom.


    What do you think of the Spring Summer colours? Are these shades you'll be adding to your home this year?

  • How to create a period style bathroom?

    Digital technologies are ever evolving and whilst we’re seeing more and more digital enhancements of bathroom essentials, such as de-misting mirrors and remote controlled showers, we still find ourselves looking backwards. Period style, particularly Victorian and Edwardian, are still top of the charts when it comes to bathroom design. If you’re looking to completely re-design your bathroom or just give it refresh in a period style, we have products to help. Continue reading for our top period style products.



    Varsity period shower bath mixer

    If you’re looking to change the décor style in your bathroom to a period style, you don’t have to start from scratch. Changing a few key components of the room can completely transform the space. With its classic shaping and white accents, the Tavistock Varsity Shower Bath mixer is the ultimate addition. The whole range is indicative of the period style which includes basin taps and shower options, but we’ll take more on those later.



    Reina Oxford vintage radiator

    Radiators are another small change you can make in your bathroom that just like taps, give an instant period feeling. Choosing a white and chrome radiator such as the Reina Oxford or the Reina Camden which both have traditional shaping will add an instant vintage vibe. The vintage style allows you to place hand towels over the top arch. Eliminating the need for a towel rail. We adore these dual colour radiators against a muted palette, such as sage green or dove grey.



    April Eldwick traditional freestanding slipper bath

    A freestanding traditional style bath not only creates a statement but is a sure fire way of stamping the traditional décor style on the room. A roll top or freestanding style bath is a must for creating instant traditional appeal.  We simply adore the curves of the April Eldwick slipper tub. It's elegance and grace just screams traditional style.



    Varsity period style shower

    Going for a period design doesn’t mean you have to go without the modern convenience of a shower. There are many different styles you can choose whilst keeping the period aesthetic. Choosing a traditional style shower valve and head separately will let you have shower head in exactly the shape and size you want. Without having to compromise for the traditional shower valve style. We love the Ultra Victorian shower valve, with white accents that you can highlight in other areas of the bathroom. However, our favourite traditional shower has to be the Tavistock Varsity. This shower really does have everything! Dual heads with the white accents synonymous with period style. Plus, it has the traditional lever controls.



    Vitoria High level period style toilet

    If you’re hoping to achieve a traditional style in your bathroom then a low or high level toilet is a fantastic choice. These toilet styles have the ideal aesthetic for a classic style, with their visible cistern often paired with a lever or pulley flush.  With its ornate brackets the Tavistock Vitoria is both elegant and timeless. It will certainly be a talking point for anyone who enters your bathroom.  A low level toilet will create a similar style, without taking up as much space. Ideal for smaller bathrooms that still want a loo with flair!


    Would you love a period style bathroom? Do you have one? We love to see what you’ve done with your Bathroom Supastore purchases…so if you’ve created a period style bathroom show us! Tag us in your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or send them to us via our sales email

  • The Pantone Colour of 2018 is here!

    Pantone have only gone and announced the colour of 2018 already!  The colour they have chosen for 2018 is Ultra Violet. A gorgeous colour, a mix of deep red and cobalt blue mix to create this rich deep purple. According to Pantone Colour Institutes executive director Leatrice Eiseman, Ultra Violet is ‘dramatically proactive and thoughtful’.

    Pantone Colour of the year 2018


    This stunning shade isn’t too far removed from the plum shade that was huge in bathroom design in AW17. Ultra Violet is a rich shade that is sure to make a statement in any bathroom, however you choose to include it.


    How to incorporate Ultra Violet in your bathroom

     Eppleby Ultra Violet roomset


    With such a bold colour it can be quite daunting to paint all your walls, but that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from it. Instead opt for changing your bathroom towels, shower curtain and accessories instead! You’d be surprised how much of an impact this will make to your bathroom. The best bit is Ultra Violet accessories will dazzle against white and look incredible with greys and blacks. It will work superbly with any bathroom suite colour.


    Ultra Violet bathroom

    If you are one for bold decor and really making a statement, then grab the paint and go for it! The blue purple shade is amazing backdrop for modern white furniture and create a bold and dramatic look with darker greys or black.  If you don’t want to paint the whole room, just choose a statement wall or recess and make a feature out of it. If you find the shade a little too dark or daring once its on the wall, you can always brighten it with artwork or a mirror.


    We'd love to hear your thoughts on the colour that will dominate 2018. What do you think of the 2018 shade? Will you be adding this to your bathroom? Or any other room in your home?

  • Art Deco Bathroom Inspiration

    What is Art Deco?

    Art Deco style was created in the 1920’s through to the 30’s. Synonymous with geometric shapes, intricate detail and dramatic colours it’s very easy to see why it’s one of those trends that people love. Art Deco influences can be seen in everything from architecture to fashion.  It was an era of glamour and extravagance that has an aspirational style for many younger generations. You’ve seen Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, right? Who wouldn’t want to live is a house designed like Gatsby’s!


    Create a nod to Art Deco

    Trojan Art deco bath roomset


    Art Deco is such a strong style that it doesn’t have to encompass the whole bathroom. Thanks to its distinctive look, you can just add a dusting of the style to your existing room. The Trojan Art Deco bath makes a stylish centre piece for your bathroom. With decorative geometric corner details, the bath has stepped straight out of the 20’s.


    Finishing your bathroom with taps distinctive of the era, is also great at incorporate the style without changing your whole room. The Nilo taps have a sophisticated style that exude the Art Deco vibe. This version has traditional tap heads are given a slightly modern feel by joining in a mixer however the aesthetic is very true to the era. They are also available as individual taps.  They can also be added to any basin, although we think they look best upon a traditional full pedestal basin.


    Nilo basin mixer


    Another way to enhance the art deco feeling in your bathroom is with colour!  Choose a pastel pink or mint green, or go bold with a racing green or black to enhance these small touches. You can also add in a statement feature with traditional shaping, such as an arched mirror or dado rail. Yep, those pieces of wood your parents had in every room in the 90's are perfect in this setting!


    Go full Art Deco

    If you want to fully transform your bathroom into a glamorous 1920’s escape, this will take a little more planning but you will be able to achieve an incredible bathroom.


    Carlton and Skipton art deco roomset


    One of the most iconic art deco looks is a freestanding bath. The April Skipton freestanding bath has chunky chrome finish feet that blur the line between the traditional and the modern. However, the addition of a traditional bath mixer sets the characteristic of the era.

    Turning your attention to the suite, it’s important to choose a separate basin and toilet. There were no modern combination units back in the 20’s. A classic look is key so we recommend choosing a full pedestal basin. With its traditional shaping the Carlton Basin is ideal, especially as there is a matching toilet too. The basin comes with 2 tap holes so you’re able to continue the art deco styling with the Tavistock Varsity taps.


    The Art deco style is lavish and extravagant, so don’t be afraid to go for it. The styling of this era have been here for some time and show no signs of going anywhere soon. So you don’t have to worry about an out of date bathroom anytime soon. We adore the style of this era and hope this article has given you the inspiration to make the change, if you do too!

  • Bathroom Colour Trend for AW17

    The AW has seen a huge shift in the bathroom colour trend compared to those we’ve seen in SS. Gone are the pastel hues of pink, baby blue and grey whilst rich plums, dark greys and teals are very much in. For inspiration think of a peacocks tail feathers or favourites from the chocolate tin (well, as long as your favourites are the green triangle and hazelnut in caramel!). These rich jewel shades scream luxury and add that touch of class.

    Autumn is the of year where we spend more time indoors, therefore it’s inevitable we start picking holes with our home décor. The bathroom colour trend this season will make a huge impact. Rich, deep jewel tones were once considered overpowering and a no-no for smaller bathrooms, however this isn’t the case anymore.


    Small Bathrooms


    Alberta Wall Hung Basin Plum Room


    You can use an eye catching shade into a small room by using textures to stop this compromising the size. Using super glossy tiles with a perfectly white suite for a contrasting look that reflects all the light natural and artificial to brighten the room. This technique will help if you do want to use a darker paint to the room too.


    Structure Basin and Toilet Teal Roomset


    You can also transform your bathroom by using the on trend shades in small doses. By picking out a statement feature, such as a patterned or statement wall. Another way of incorporating the trend is to pick accessories such as your towels in your chosen colour to keep your décor bang on the bathroom colour trend. Consequently, this method won't overpower the smaller space.


    Larger Bathrooms


    April Brearton Freestanding Bath Teal Roomset


    If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom but are still a bit scared of this seasons bathroom colours, don't panic. Every bathroom trend can be eased into. Choose a bright white furniture and bath, such as the Brearton Freestanding Bath and go for a lighter floor. Add the on trend bathroom colour of your choice to your walls only. Your clean white suite will contrast the rich backdrop and leave you with a bathroom that’s elegant and sophisticated.


    Tavistock Kobe Plum Roomset


    You can even team these amazing teal and plum colours with a dark grey suite, such as the Tavistock Kobe. The combination of the dark units and rich walls is opulent and indulgent. Which  creates the perfect setting to take a soak and relax.


    Do you like to stick to bathroom colour trends? What are your thoughts on these rich, dark shades? We love to hear what you think.

    If you would like any help with any of the items pictured don’t hesitate to give our customer service team a call on 0845 271 9929 or get in touch via any of our social channels.

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