Botanical bathrooms are a trend that don’t seem to be going anywhere. The trend, that started in 2017 when Pantone announced Greenery as its colour of the year, has seen a rise in popularity of green bathrooms and the inclusion of plants within bathrooms.

Botanical Bathroom

So what is a Botanical bathroom?

The word botanical stems from the science term botany, which is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. In simple terms a botanical bathroom is not only inspired by nature but incorporates this into the rooms décor. The benefits of having plants in your bathroom are incredible too. From helping with humidity to purifying the air they can really transform your bathroom. If you’re new to plants or never been able to keep one alive; stick around and we’ll let you know the best plants to add to your bathroom.


What plants to choose for your botanical bathroom;


Spider Plant

Spider Plant

A spider plants is a great choice for a bathroom. It’s a very hardy plant, making it almost impossible to kill! They like their soil to dry out in between watering, so if you happen to forget to water them for a little while, don’t panic. Their beautifully edged leaves grow hanging around their planter, making them perfect for hanging pots.

It’s also a nontoxic plant making it pet friendly. It’s a plant that is actually like cat nip to cats… if they eat enough it can cause some mild hallucinogenic effects.

Spider plants help to remove odours from the air as well as taking out 90% of the formaldehyde from the air. This is found in many bathroom products, cleaning items and the grout between your tiles.


Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Otherwise known as Mother-In-Laws tongue this is another undemanding plant making it ideal for a bathroom environment. The plant needs very little attention, so if you’re a person who only remembers to water their plants every so often a snake plant is the one to choose.

They thrive in a bright bathroom but this isn’t essential; they survive just as well in low light levels. A great air purifier, it can actually increase the amount of oxygen within the room.

Its sturdy leaves grow upwards, requiring little space outside of its pot, allowing it to work well on shelves or the floor if you have the room. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this plant is toxic to cats and dogs. So If you have inquisitive pets its best to place these high up or choose something else.


Boston Fern

Boston Fern

A Boston ferns natural habitat is in the rainforest, a humid and sun light deprived area. It is used to getting a few drops of water now and then, but always thrives. A bathroom recreates the environment the fern thrives in perfectly.

Another plant that is hard to kill as they absorb water from the air, making them ideal for reducing humidity within the home, especially the bathroom. This in turn helps to purify the air.

As well as all the other benefits, the Boston fern is also pet friendly.


Aloe Plant

Aloe Vera Plant

Whilst this is also a plant that is toxic to cats and dogs it has to be the most giving plant. An aloe plant has thick gently spiky leaves that are filled with a healing gel. The gel inside the leaves can be applied to minor scrapes, burns and bug bites. Often helping with the healing process. Whilst the plant itself helps to improve the air quality of the room in which its placed.

Part of the succulent family it takes in moisture through its leaves meaning it needs very little watering and why it thrives in the humidity of a functioning bathroom. Aloe loves the sunlight but not directly as its leaves can burn and turn a little red, so don’t pop them on the windowsill.




Of all the plants on this list the Orchid is the neediest, but also the most enchanting. They can live in both non direct and direct light. However, they require much more water if positioned in the latter. Naturally an orchid will lay its roots into a tree rather than the earth so if you want to successfully grow one indoors it will require a pot of special orchid bark soil, but this is easy to get hold of. The dendrobium and phalaenopsis types of orchid are the easier to care for, so if you’re new to plants try opting for one of these. They’re pet friendly too.

Orchids flourish in the hot and steamy atmosphere created in a bathroom, which mimics its natural rain forest home. With elegant blossoms that have a beautiful smell, an orchid can fill your bathroom with a spa like aroma and vibe all whilst cleansing the air and producing more oxygen.


Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo Plant

A Lucky Bamboo is unlike any of the other plants listed as it doesn’t need soil to thrive. Just like a bunch of flowers, a bamboo plant prefers a vase or pot filled with water and pebbles. Add some stone or glass pebbles for a decorative look. All it asks is for fresh water weekly.

Lucky Bamboo is another pet friendly plant, perfect for its preferred floor location. Its branches grow speedily upwards but towards the light. You can tie the branches together to encourage it to grow into specific shapes and it can be preened too.  Leaves sprout in various spots on the branches and a sign of a healthy bamboo is leaves that grow upwards.

Lucky Bamboo is up there with the top air purifiers. The leaves help to remove toxins from the air.


With all these facts its hard to see why you wouldn't add some plants to your bathroom. What do you think of this trend? Do you have plants in your bathroom? We would love to hear if you've felt the benefits of a botanical bathroom.