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  • What does my guarantee cover?


    A guarantee are part and parcel of buying anything new these days. However, when it comes to buying a new bathroom it's important to make sure you're getting what you need. The items stocked on Bathroom Supastore always come with a guarantee of at least one year, for your peace of mind. This covers any manufacturing defects on any item purchased. However, many of the items, especially those from one of our top manufacturers such as Trojan and Kudos come with much longer guarantees. All of the products on Bathroom Supastore clearly display the guarantee for every item on the website page for it. But what is covered by these exactly?



     Solarna L Shaped reinforced bath

    Trojan baths are covered by a huge 25 year guarantee and the Trojancast reinforced baths are covered by an even longer 30 year guarantee. The length of this will certainly reassure your purchase, as Trojan are confident in the great quality of their product. This guarantee covers all manufacturing defects during this time frame.


    What’s included:

    • Manufacturing defects including;
    • Misshapen acrylic
    • Blistering
    • Marks under the acrylic


    What’s not included:

    • Scratches
    • Cracks – often caused from impact dropped such as bottles etc
    • Wear and tear




     Kudos K stone rectangle shower tray

    All Kudos products come with a lifetime guarantee…yep lifetime! But remember this again covers just manufacturing defects. Shower enclosure runners are classed as a serviceable part which are not covered, think of them as the tyres of your new car! Kudos' guarantee has to be registered on their website within 28 days of purchase to validate it.


    What’s not included:


    • Glass breakages.
    • Wear and tear caused by excessive or abnormal use.
    • Faults or damage caused in connection with the build-up of dirt, mould, mildew, lime-scale or similar.
    • Damage caused from the use of abnormal or inappropriate cleaning products.
    • Accidental damage, damage caused by negligence or wilful damage.


    Tavistock Bathrooms


    Tavistock Impact Java Plum Roomset

    Tavistock Bathrooms are another company that offer extended guarantees on their products, ranging from 10 years to lifetime depending on the product. All products are guaranteed against defective workmanship or materials. Tavistock are keen on replacing the faulty part, rather than sending out a replacement unit. Their policy also covers hinges and fittings as long as the damage hasn’t been caused by the guide below.


    The extended guarantees break down like this:


    • 10 year's on all taps
    • 10 year's on all bathroom furniture
    • Lifetime guarantee on most toilet seats
    • 10 year's on all showers
    • 20 year's on all basins and toilets


    Not included:


    • Serviceable parts – For example, tap cartridges.
    • Damage caused from the use of abnormal or inappropriate cleaning products.
    • Faults or damage caused in connection with the build-up of dirt, mould, mildew, lime-scale or similar.


    April Baths

     Eppleby Ultra Violet roomset

    April freestanding baths come with a huge 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects too. However, to validate the guarantee, you will need to register it via April’s website after purchasing.  The guarantee on April baths are very similar to the Trojan baths listed above, in fact the only difference is the length.


    What does lifetime guarantee mean?


    Many of the items have a lifetime guarantee. This means that we’re confident the product will last effectively and function correctly for the expected lifespan of that particular product type. You can find out what lifespan you’d expect for items on the manufactures websites or by contacting us. However, this is voided if the item has been modified in any way, been cleaned using harmful products or stopped working due to a build-up of dirt, limescale or mould.


    We really hope this guide has helped clear up any questions regarding the guarantee provided by ourselves and the manufacturers we supply. However, if you’re even in any doubt if you have reason to make a claim on your guarantee, please contact us and we can help with your queries.

  • Why choose vinyl flooring?

    Vinyl Flooring has had something of a revival in recent years. But, gone are the gaudy 70’s style tiles we all remember from our grandparent’s homes. Vinyl was always considered a cheaper option of flooring hence the negative memories people have of it. However vinyl flooring has once again become one of the most versatile home flooring options. Whether you're wanting a classic wooden or traditional stone flooring there are a wide range of options available.


    Why choose vinyl flooring from Karndean?


    Karndean palio clic


    Vinyl flooring has always been a popular choice due to its practical nature for many years. However, Karndeans Palio Clic is a luxury vinyl flooring, the likes we've not seen available before.

    Whilst it is design has a luxurious feel, it's installation technique is simple and straight forward. Making it an ideal solution if you like to get stuck in yourself.

    Traditional stone or wooden floors that can often be associated with being cold. However, Palio Clic is warm underfoot and in addition, can be fitted alongside underfloor heating to further insulate and heat your home. A great choice for rooms with limited wall space and ideal for creating that warm underfoot bathroom floor.

    Palio Clic has intricate wood and detailed stone designs, boasting realistic textures and grain details with a hard-wearing and easy to clean wear layer. The main advantage to vinyl flooring is how easy it is to clean. Palio Clic is perfect for busy family homes with a wipe clean surface to eliminate stains with mishaps from children and pets alike.

    Wood styles

     Palio Clic wooden vinyl floor

    The eight wooden look planks come in a popular large plank format with a pack containing 10 planks, covering 2.184 square metres. Available in eight stunning shades, from white washed panels to rich oak tones. The variety ensures a shade suitable for any room you wish to place it.


    Stone styles


    Palio Clic stone tiled vinyl floor

    The four stone designs are available as a contemporary, rectangular tile forma with a pack congaing 10 tiles, covering 2.184 square metres. Available in four beautiful tones that boast realistic texture and multi tonal design. You really won’t believe they’re not real stone.


    How easy is it to fit Palio Clic?


    Palio Clic vinyl flooring has a patented lock and click system. The tiles and planks lock together and click in place incredibly easily and therefore, doesn’t require any glue or nails to secure.  The video below shows a breakdown of exactly how to fit these. Look how easy it is!


    What do you think about vinyl flooring? Is it an option you'd choose for your home?

    If you'd like to discuss any vinyl flooring options, please give the team a call on 08452719929 or drop us an email.

  • Our Top 5 Illuminated Mirrors


    An illuminated bathroom mirror is sure to be high on the list of essential bathroom furniture. It not only lightens the room but creates the illusion of a space. More importantly; these days more and more digital features are being incorporated into mirror design.


    With these digital additions it’s important they are designed to withstand water and condensation. All the illuminated mirrors on Bathroom Supastore are IP44 rated which means they are protected from water spray from any direction. Therefore ensures full electrical safety for you and your bathroom.


    Here are our top 5 illuminated mirrors that also have some extra hidden features!


    1. Charm Backlit Mirror

     Charm Backlit Mirror 800 x 600

    The Charm mirror has beautiful curved edges with a back lit inner frame. This illuminated mirror is fitted with a demisting pad which eliminates steaming up whilst the bathroom is in use. The style of the illuminated band bounces light from inside and out; teamed with the large size of the mirror providing ample light. The mirror can be fitted horizontally or vertically for ease of use in any bathroom space.


    2. Tavistock Lansdown Framed Illuminated Mirror

     Tavistock Lansdown Framed Illuminated Mirror

    If you’re someone who loves to get the whole room to match the Lansdown illuminated mirror is for you. Unlike some modern mirrors that come with multiple digital features, the Lansdown is a simplistic style. Due to its traditional design the mirror is aesthetically pleasing in any decor style but suits a period or classic best.  The mirror has a wide detailed wooden frame with an illuminated light inside of this. The Lansdown furniture comes in 3 shades and the mirror is available in all of these so you are able match the entire suite.


    3. Tavistock Vapour Backlit Illuminated Mirror

     Tavistock Vapour Backlit Illuminated Mirror

    The Tavistock Vapour mirror is visually stunning. With an illuminated oval design, the LED design highlight the main viewing area. Also highlighted is a smaller magnified circular section of mirror. This is perfect for applying makeup, shaving or any of those little things that require a closer look. The light feature is operated by an infra-red no touch on/off switch so there should be no finger prints left on the mirror. Another nifty feature is the addition of an integrated socket for charging electric shavers and toothbrushes. It also has a demister pad and therefore reduces the chances of stepping out of the shower to a steamy mirror when the bathroom is in use.


    4. Tavistock Aster LED Backlit Illuminated Mirror

     Tavistock Aster LED Backlit Illuminated Mirror

    The Tavistock Aster mirror is a beautiful wide panoramic style mirror. The LED light fitted on the outer edge of the mirror provides a bright and plentiful supply of light.  Its rounded edges give a softer aesthetic which complements curved furniture, such as the Tavistock Tempo pictured beautifully. The Aster comes in 3 sizes so it'll be able to fit in most bathrooms. The Aster makes a gorgeous focal point in any bathroom ideal if you want to make an impact and you're limited for floor space. Fitted with demister pads to help prevent the mirror from steaming up during bathroom use.


    5. Phonic LED Mirror with Integrated Bluetooth Audio Speakers

     Phonic LED Mirror with Integrated Bluetooth Audio Speakers

    The Phonic illuminated mirror has a stunning LED pin point light design down either side. With an infrared on/off switch and heat demister pad there is no excuse for finger prints and messy water marks. Another incredible feature of the contemporary Phonic mirror is the integrated speaker! Yep, that’s right a speaker. So, whilst you’re having a relaxing bath you'll be able to pop on some chilled out music and really relax! It's ideal for creating that spa like vibe.  The amazing features make this a mirror that really does tick all the boxes!


    What do you look for in a bathroom mirror? Is lighting important? or do you prefer a mirror to be just a mirror?

    These are just a handful of our favourites but if you’ve not seen one you like there are many more options here. Contact the team on the phone or via email if you have any questions on the items above. The customer service team are here happy to help with any queries.

  • Storage Solutions For Any Size Bathroom

    Storage is a must in any bathroom. Bathrooms are always THE most cluttered rooms in the home. All those bottles, towels and knick knacks as well as toys if you’ve got children! An accumulation of stuff that leaves you with a less than tidy bathroom. We all strive for a neat and tidy hotel style bathroom. Choosing cleverly hidden, room size appropriate or just enough storage can be a minefield. Here’s the Bathroom Supastore guide to bathroom storage.


    Wall Hung Storage

    Tavistock Tempo Wall Hung Vanity


    With wall hung storage you instantly get the feeling of more space. With the unit being raised off the floor it creates the illusion of space. Choose between a wall hung storage cabinet such as the taller Tavistock Compass or more square Origins Quatro which is designed specifically for this. Alternatively, you can choose a wall hung vanity unit such as the Tavistock Tempo, which is a basin with storage unit underneath. With storage built into an essential part of your bathroom furniture you’re not only saving floor space but wall space too!

    Modular Storage Unit

    Ikoma Modular Bathroom Storage


    If you’re lucky enough to have a large or even a medium bathroom with lots of wall space, then modular furniture is the way to go. This type of furniture consists of multiple unit options and sizes. With draws, cupboards and cabinets you can select exactly what you want all in the same design.  Available in multiple sizes this allows you to essentially design your own bathroom layout. Our Ikoma furniture is a modern and sleek rand of modular furniture. Choose a large 1050mm basin with a cupboard and draws underneath of go for a slim line 450mm basin and add a tall cupboard with selves. The world is your oyster!



    Cloakroom Storage

     Origins Cloakroom Vanity Unit


    If your bathroom or en suite is lacking in space, then it can be tricky to know what solution to choose. We think a smaller vanity basin unit is ideal, as you still get enough space to store away the essentials that can leave your bathroom looking untidy. The Origins Classic Vanity unit is petite in size making it the ideal solution. With a slim frame and 400mm width its ideal for the smaller room. Sitting on the floor this traditional style vanity unit utilises the space under your basin. It comes in a range of colours too, so will suit any bathroom or en suite.


    We have many storage solutions available for all bathroom sizes. Be sure to head to the website and take a look at the furniture section of the website. Alternatively click any of the links above if you like what you've seen.

  • What is a Reinforced Bath?

    When it comes to choosing your new bath there’s not just the shape, style or size to consider but whether to choose standard or reinforced.  If you’ve never heard the term reinforced bath before, don’t worry. This article will give you all the information needed to help you make that choice.

    All of our reinforced bath tubs are from the company Trojan. Trojancast is a substantial reinforcement process for an acrylic bath. This involves adding a flow coat to the underside of the bath, leaving you with a very distinctive bath... it’ll be green underneath!

    Solarna reinforced bath

    The quality of Trojancast

    Quality is essential during the Trojancast process. A dedicated team of specially trained personnel take pride in each and every Trojancast reinforced bath they produce.

    At every stage of its production, the bath is checked. This ensures it reaches the exceptionally high standards of Trojan. A checklist is carried out at each stage, without fail and this label comes with your new bath. Therefore, allowing you to view the journey of your bath and allows Trojan to ensure this meets their manufacturing quality criteria.


    Corner reinforced bath

    Why choose a reinforced bath?


    • Once the flow coat has been added to the tub it leaves it much sturdier and rigid. Which, for you means the bath is much more resilient to everyday life. Which makes it ideal for a busy family bathroom.


    • A Trojancast bath has the associated strengths of an old cast iron bath but with all the benefits of a modern material. No longer is your bath tub cold to the touch!


    • You’ll be able to enjoy a long soak in the tub without needing to keep topping up the hot water. The flow coat added to the bath has amazing insulating properties that helps the water retain its heat. Get a nice supply of bath bombs ready to savour.


    • The guarantee of a Trojancast bath also increases to an incredible 30 years from 25 on a standard Trojan bath. So any manufacturing issues in this time are covered with Trojan.


    • You still get to choose from the huge selection of shapes and styles available from Trojan. So if you've had you're eye on the Solarna L Shape or the Orlando Corner Bath, you can just upgrade to the Trojancast reinforced version.


    Solarna L Shaped reinforced bath


    Hopefully this article will help you make you decide if a reinforced bath is for you. However, if you have any questions or need any further details please don’t hesitate to give the team a call on 0845 271 9929 or contact us via email.

  • Why choose Bathroom Supastore?

    The thought of purchasing a new bathroom online can leave you feeling a little apprehensive, especially as it’s a big investment. Here at Bathroom Supastore we understand this and do everything we can to put your mind at ease and make it a pleasurable experience. This is why we think you should choose to shop with us.

    Why Choose Bathroom Supastore?

    The BEST Customer Service

    There is so much to consider when refitting your bathroom, it can be quite a daunting process. Having to ensure the measurements are correct and you have all the correct parts is overwhelming. Which is why we have the best customer service team (if we do say so ourselves!). All of the team has many, many years’ experience. Knowing the products stocked inside out. Any queries prior to ordering can be answered with call, email or online chat.  Without a showroom to view the item before purchasing can make a huge difference. So we include multiple photos of the product on the website, showing each item in as many rooms as possible.


    Order Check Process

    After you’ve taken the plunge and placed your order you can rest assured knowing this will be fully checked by our experienced team. If the team can see that what you’ve ordered isn’t compatible or they’re unsure of what you’re hoping to achieve with the items, they’ll give you a call. This is to make sure that the items are exactly what you need to complete the job in hand. Where else would you get that kind of service!?


    Great Quality Products

    You can rest assured that anything you buy from Bathroom Supastore is of the highest quality. Supplied by the best in the business; with the majority of items fully designed and manufactured in the UK.  With products by Trojan Plastics, Kudos, Reina and Tavistock, to name just a few. Prior to shipping our warehouse staff fully check the products to ensure they are in perfect condition for arrival.


    We pride ourselves on the service we provide here at Bathroom Supastore. Going above and beyond to ensure that our customers get exactly what they want in addition to receiving the best price possible with superb customer service.  We're obviously going to be biased, but if you’ve placed an order or spoken to the team we’d love to hear about your experience via our Trustpilot review page, which you can find here.


    We also love to see what you've done with your purchases. Send us a photo of your new bathroom via email or by tagging us on one of our social media pages. Maybe you'll see your bathroom online!

  • The Bathroom Supastore Guide to Whirlpool Baths

    Have you always wanted a whirlpool bath in your own home, but never know where to start? The many names used when it comes to describing the bath from whirlpool, spa, Jacuzzi and hot tub; although they’re all the same thing in essence! And then so many terms regarding the jet options it can be enough to frazzle the brain!


    Trojan Solarna L Shape Whirlpool Shower Bath


    Let us get down to the nitty gritty terms of Whirlpool baths and explain and hopefully our guide will leave you prepared and ready to buy a home spa.


    The technical jargon!

    With fewer but much larger jets, a whirlpool system operates by sucking in the water from the tub. These jets feed the water back into the bath as pressure creating a range of massage options. Choose from relaxing to an intense sports hydro-massage.

    A tub with air jets tend to have many smaller vents that are positioned all over the tub. This acts in the same way as the whirlpool, however the jet is not as strong. It's also warmed by a heater to create a gentle all over massage. The more jets there are in a system, the better the hydro massage experience.


    Whirlpool bath jet


    We also offer baths with a combination of both whirlpool and air jets.  Ideal for a complete body massage at your fingertips.

    Besides the difference in massage styles, the only other difference with these jet options is the cleaning method. Whirlpool jets require a solution to be run through these whereas an air jet needs turned on after the water has drained to dry.


    The Aquair range

    You can rest assured that when you purchase a whirlpool bath from Bathroom Supastore that you’re going to get the best quality. The range of outstanding Aquair whirlpool baths offer the same exceptional quality you’ve come to expect from Trojan Baths. But with the added features of a relaxing spa experience at home.


    Trojan Cascade Whirlpool Bath


    The great thing about choosing the Aquair range is all the incredible standard Trojan baths are available as a whirlpool option! So you are still able to choose the Elite doubled ended, Solarna L-shape or Orlando corner bath that you’ve had your eye on. Just add on as few as 6 jets or a whopping 26, in a combination of whirlpool and air jets! Which, if you were wondering can be operated individually or together.


    Do you know about the whirlpool bath extras?

    Whirlpool bath controls


    Now this is where you really turn the bath into a spa like experience in your own home. If you're opting for a mixture of jets you can also choose a multiple control panel to let you choose exactly what jets work when. An inline water heater keeps your bath nice and warm for as long you're soaking for. A Bluetooth connection can be installed allowing you to add a soothing song to your spa. Create the perfect atmosphere with a choice between one or multiple LED lights. These can be static or colour changing.


    Trojan Elite Double Ended Whirlpool Bath


    Now we know that’s a lot to take in but hopefully it makes more sense. Remember, the world really is your oyster when you choose a whirlpool bath. Whilst there are many whirlpool bath options in stock on the website, if you don't see exactly what you want don't panic. Contact our customer care team who are experts and will be able to help you look at the options available.

  • Tavistock Bathroom Taps - The Bathroom Supastore Top 5

    When it comes to the finishing touches, your bathroom taps are up there with the most crucial. The taps you choose can either reinforce your bathroom décor, become a standalone statement design feature or if you want to think outside of the box; be a complete contrast to the rest of your suite.  The Tavistock tap range feature many of the best sellers here at Bathroom Supastore. Take a look at our favourites, they may quickly become yours too.


    1. Cheltenham Basin Taps


    Tavistock Cheltenham Basin Taps

    If you’re looking for something truly unique, you can’t go wrong with the Tavistock Cheltenham Basin Taps. The individual taps stand tall and proud. With an elongated spout that arches into the basin bowl. Adorned with cross shape traditional twist top handles these taps area real mix of classic and modern styling.



    2. Solace Bath Filler


    Solace Bath Mixer

    With a wide open spout creating a cascading waterfall flow effect the Tavistock Solace Bath Filler is this season trend. The bath filler features 2 individual taps that mix the water together before it reaches the spout for the most effective temperature control. A waterfall tap is perfect for creating that spa like feeling in your own bath tub.


    3.  Revive Basin Mixer


    Tavistock Revive Basin Mono

    Finally an out of the ordinary bathroom taps design! The Tavistock Revive basin mixer will be sure to make a real focal point in your bathroom. The shapely, angled spout is sandwiched between individual twisting hot and cold taps designed for one hole basins. Larger than most with a high shine chrome finish, the Revive is a contemporary style basin tap that we’re confident will inspire many similar styles.


    4.  Varsity Bath Shower Mixer & Handset


    Tavistock Varsity Bath Shower Mixer

    The Tavistock Varsity bath shower mixer and handset is traditional perfection. With design nods to an era long gone therefore, this bath shower mixer looks epic sat atop a classic freestanding tub. The shower head is turned on with an iconic turn handle and the water flow controlled with individual taps. The taps are the original cross design with authentic white accents. This traditional style is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.


    5. Index Bath Filler


    Tavistock Index Bath Mixer

    The whole of the Tavistock Index tap range exudes a strong masculinity. An angular design with symmetrical taps and spout make for a striking and bold look. With a sophisticated and urban appeal, the Index bath filler is a must in any contemporary setting.


    Due to the fantastic range of Tavistock bathroom taps available there really is no excuse for not finding the perfect accessories for your bathroom. Check out the Tavistock tap collections available at very affordable prices on Bathroom Supastore.

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