An illuminated bathroom mirror has to be high on the list of essential bathroom furniture. It not only lightens the room but creates the illusion of a space especially in space deprived bathrooms. More importantly; these days a mirror is much more than a mirror, with multiple digital features are being incorporated into the design.


With these digital additions it’s important they are designed to withstand water and condensation. All the illuminated mirrors on Bathroom Supastore are IP44 rated which means they are protected from water spray from any direction. Therefore ensures full electrical safety for you and your bathroom.


Here are our top 5 illuminated mirrors that also have some extra hidden features!


1. Finesse Ultra Slim Round LED Illuminated Mirror

Finesse Mirror

The Reflections Round Finesse mirror is a truly unique design. Taking inspiration from Art Deco design, the geometric trim design is simply beautiful. Not only does it have the stunning design it also features a a demister pad to reduce steam build up when the bathroom is in use, a bright daylight output and touch sensor switch, the Finesse mirror really does have it all. It also comes in two sizes a 600mm and a 700mm, making it the ideal choice for all bathrooms.


2. Tavistock Lansdown Framed Illuminated Mirror

Tavistock Lansdown Illuminated Mirror

If you’re someone who loves to get the whole room to match the Lansdown illuminated mirror is for you. Unlike some modern mirrors that come with multiple digital features, the Lansdown is a simplistic style. Due to its traditional design the mirror is aesthetically pleasing in any decor style but suits a period or classic best.  The mirror has a wide detailed wooden frame with an illuminated light inside of this. The Lansdown furniture comes in 3 shades and the mirror is available in all of these so you are able match the entire suite.


3. Elegance Ultra Slim Portrait LED Illuminated Mirror

Elegance Ultra Slim Portrait LED Illuminated Mirror with Shaver Socket

The Reflections Elegance illuminated mirror is so much more than just a bathroom mirror. With a curved illuminated frame, the bright white LED always starts the day off right.  Another nifty feature is the addition of an integrated dual voltage socket for charging electric shavers and toothbrushes. It also has a demister pad so therefore reduces the chances of stepping out of the shower to a steamy mirror when the bathroom is in use. Its portrait design is ideal for above a vanity and with two size options, 500 x 700mm and 600 x 800mm you can create the perfect symmetrical look.


4. Tavistock Aster LED Backlit Illuminated Mirror

Tavistock Aster Mirror

The Tavistock Aster mirror is a beautiful wide panoramic style mirror. The LED light fitted on the outer edge of the mirror provides a bright and plentiful supply of light.  Its rounded edges give a softer aesthetic which complements curved furniture, such as the Tavistock Tempo pictured beautifully. The Aster comes in 3 sizes so it'll be able to fit in most bathrooms. The Aster makes a gorgeous focal point in any bathroom ideal if you want to make an impact and you're limited for floor space. Fitted with demister pads to help prevent the mirror from steaming up during bathroom use.


5. Phonic LED Mirror with Integrated Bluetooth Audio Speakers

Audio Phonic Mirror

The Phonic illuminated mirror has a stunning LED pin point light design down either side. With an infrared on/off switch and heat demister pad there is no excuse for finger prints and messy water marks. Another incredible feature of the contemporary Phonic mirror is the integrated speaker! Yep, that’s right a speaker. So, whilst you’re having a relaxing bath you'll be able to pop on some chilled out music and really relax! It's ideal for creating that spa like vibe.  The amazing features make this a mirror that really does tick all the boxes!


What do you look for in a bathroom mirror? Is lighting important? or do you prefer a mirror to be just a mirror?

These are just a handful of our favourites but if you’ve not seen one you like there are many more options here. Contact the team on the phone or via email if you have any questions on the items above. The customer service team are here happy to help with any queries.