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Bathroom Inspiration

  • Space Saving Ways to Get that Second Toilet!

    A home can never have too many toilets! FACT! Not only will the addition of an extra toilet add value to the property but it will also save you from many awkward situations. Can you think of a time where you had a long soak in the tub without being interrupted? A time where the children or your other half hasn’t needed to pop in to use the loo? No, we can’t either!

    This relaxing, spa like experience needn't be the thing of dreams. Adding in an additional toilet, be it in the form of an en-suite or downstairs conversion, can be achieved with very little space.

    When shopping around for your bathroom essentials it’s important to remember that this area is just a toilet, so you won’t have to factor in storage, heating and all the little extras that are needed in your main bathroom. Simply put…a toilet and a basin is really all you need!


    Space saving bathroom sinks

    Now, this is an instance where size really doesn’t matter! Remember, the basin will simply be used for washing hands. No cleaning teeth or having a full body wash here so the smaller the basin, the better it will meet your needs.


    Sonata Vanity Unit


    Whilst storage isn’t something you need to factor in, if you can have some it’s an added bonus. The Sonata vanity unit has been made with cloakrooms specifically in mind. The unit is a slim line 155mm deep, so forget about cramming it full. However, some spare loo roll, soap and hand towels will fit in perfectly. Just remember that you’ll need to allow room for the door to open. The petite basin itself bows out from unit creating an ample space to position hands under the tap.


    Tavistock Niche Corner Basin


    If floor space is limited, wall hung basins are the way forward. With semi pedestal or bottle trap options, you can choose between a wide array of wall hung basins. The advantage of a wall hung basin is freeing up much needed floor space for the toilet itself. The Tavistock Bathrooms Niche wall hung basin is designed to fit into a corner of the room. This is the perfect solution to an oddly shaped room.

    In addition to the smaller basin, you’ll also need a smaller tap! The good news is the majority of those available on Bathroom Supastore come as a mini version.


    Space Saving Toilets

    Now it’s time to consider the toilet. There are now many different types of toilet available on the market. Gone are the days when you just chose the shape and colour of the close coupled unit. There are now back to wall, wall hung and even corner options. So let’s have a look!


    Q60 close coupled comfort height toilet


    If you’re still looking for a classic close coupled toilet, where the cistern is positioned at the back of the pan, this can still work with limited space. It’s worth considering a short projection toilet as this means the whole unit doesn’t take up as much space. The Tavistock Bathrooms Q60 toilet has a projection of just 600mm and is a unique squared off shape.


    Tavistock Micra Back to Wall Toilet


    Now if you want to hide away your cistern and also give yourself an added bonus of a little shelf, a back to wall toilet is perfect. All that is visible in this set up is the toilet pan. Choose to build a fake wall and hide this away or use a back to wall unit. It also allows you to use either a flat flush plate in a design and colour to match the décor, or make your room high tech with a sensor flush, fancy right!? Choose a short projection pan, such as the Tavistock Bathrooms Micra to save yourself some extra space.


    Laguna Corner Toilet


    Another solution to a space problem is a corner fitted toilet, like the Laguna one above. Combining with a corner basin will really make use of every corner of the room, whilst using just a small amount of floor space.


    The Ultimate Solution

    If you’re home doesn’t allow you enough space to fit even two of the bathroom essentials, then fear not. A combined toilet and basin, is the answer to your prayers. The benefit of this option is only one wall is used up, with space saving in mind, these items are designed specifically for under the stairs or that converted cupboard. Here at Bathroom Supastore we’ve got not only one but four options for you!


    Athena 2 in 1


    The Athena vanity unit and toilet is the complete package. A sleek vanity unit, that comes in 3 beautiful colours, has wide yet slim line basin sat atop the unit. The basin has a cut out section designed perfectly for your soap, which is a very clever idea from the manufacturer, Premier. With its concealed cistern the Athena 2 in 1 is a smart choice.


    Under stairs Cloakroom bathroom


    When you didn’t think it could get any smaller, we can introduce the 2 in 1 Close Coupled toilet. This clever combination has a basin on top of the cistern and can also produce hot water, unlike any other 2 in 1. Whilst this doesn’t look as impressive as the Athena, it’s certainly a genius solution for getting that second loo.


    Hopefully these ideas and options have inspired you to finally get that second toilet. To bring some sort of sanity to your bathroom and make it easier for all those family gatherings.

  • Baths vs. Showers: Options for small bathrooms

    When limited space compromises your dream bathroom, don’t panic! With a little advice and logical decision making, you can have a bathroom you love, no matter what the compromise is.

    With small bathrooms, we’d always recommend starting with the largest items in the room to ensure you’re making the most of your space. Beware though! This approach will raise the first conundrum of your small bathroom renovation… choosing between a bath or a shower.

    Let’s talk through the options...



    Baths have a bad rep for being less hygienic than showers, and unfairly so. Without a doubt, baths are the more relaxing of the two and great for using salts and oils to aid aches, pains and even improve your skin. They’re just as good for getting clean too – assuming you haven’t been rolling around in the mud!  

    So, before you dismiss the humble bath on account of space and practicality, think again. Working a bath into your small bathroom layout could be worth the effort, and you might be surprised to know there are quite a few options available.

    Trojan Space Saving Inset Bath

    Inset baths

    Inset baths in small bathrooms are one of the most popular choices as they fit flush against walls and into snug alcoves. You can also attach a shower head and guard to one end of the bath for the best of both worlds. L-shaped and P-shaped bath tubs were designed with shower baths in mind giving you extra space to shower.

    Instagram Bathroom Inspo @buzzychristineCredit: @buzzychristine via Instagram

    Compact baths

    If space really isn’t on your side, consider a compact or corner bath instead. Compact baths are shorter in length to fit in tight places, and often have steeper edges for extra depth. Corner baths fit flush against straight walls, but instead, have a rounded corner so there’s no unnecessary protrusion into your precious space.


    Freestanding baths

    Trojan Uppingham Freestanding Bath

    The ultimate choice, of course, is the freestanding bath, and it’s not as unattainable for a small bathroom as you might think. We’re pleased to announce that compact freestanding baths are a thing! So, if you want to save space but need a little luxury in your life, this option might be for you.



    When it comes to washing off post-workout sweat or heavy makeup, taking a shower is the clear option for ensuring all the dirt particles are washed away. If you’re washing your hair, then we’d argue the shower is best here too as you can thoroughly rinse your shampoo and conditioner.

    Bonus tip! Finishing your shower on a cooler temperature will lock in more moisture making your hair extra shiny. Beauty tips aside… what other reasons are there for choosing a shower in your small bathroom?


    Quadrant shower enclosures

    Kudos Original Quadrant Shower

    Quadrant shower enclosures are one of the most compact options for a small bathroom as they don’t need a lot of floor space. Be sure to opt for sliding doors too, as doors that swing will only take up more valuable space.

    You can often match your shower enclosure to the rest of the fittings too for a bathroom suite that’s both beautiful and easy on the eye.



    Instagram Bathroom Inspo @agnieszka.jakubowicz Credit: @agnieszka.jakubowicz via Instagram

    If you prefer something more minimalistic, then why not consider a fully tiled wetroom? You’ll cut out any unnecessary fixtures and fittings for an uncluttered finish that doesn’t compromise on space. As a finishing touch, go for an overhead shower that’s fixed to the wall or ceiling without any exposed pipework. Think of all the space you’ll save for other essentials!


    We spoke with Claire O’Brien, British Ceramic Tile’s Head of Design and Product, to get more insight on small bathroom design.

    When it comes to decorating small bathrooms, your options don’t have to be limited. It’s not a case of one size fits all anymore. There’s so much to choose from when it comes to making the most of your space.

    We’re in a world where compact fixtures and fittings are no longer ‘uncool’. Instead, there are tools available to create something wonderful.

    A simple feature wall or splashback with statements tiles can be all the styling your compact shower or bath needs. Bold geometric and asymmetric patterns are a great choice for an on-trend look that doesn’t overwhelm small spaces.

    Considering both your style and needs early on will lead to an interior that’s unique to you – without compromise.

  • How To Get A Botanical Bathroom?

    Botanical bathrooms are a trend that don’t seem to be going anywhere. The trend, that started in 2017 when Pantone announced Greenery as its colour of the year, has seen a rise in popularity of green bathrooms and the inclusion of plants within bathrooms.

    Botanical Bathroom

    So what is a Botanical bathroom?

    The word botanical stems from the science term botany, which is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. In simple terms a botanical bathroom is not only inspired by nature but incorporates this into the rooms décor. The benefits of having plants in your bathroom are incredible too. From helping with humidity to purifying the air they can really transform your bathroom. If you’re new to plants or never been able to keep one alive; stick around and we’ll let you know the best plants to add to your bathroom.


    What plants to choose for your botanical bathroom;


    Spider Plant

    Spider Plant

    A spider plants is a great choice for a bathroom. It’s a very hardy plant, making it almost impossible to kill! They like their soil to dry out in between watering, so if you happen to forget to water them for a little while, don’t panic. Their beautifully edged leaves grow hanging around their planter, making them perfect for hanging pots.

    It’s also a nontoxic plant making it pet friendly. It’s a plant that is actually like cat nip to cats… if they eat enough it can cause some mild hallucinogenic effects.

    Spider plants help to remove odours from the air as well as taking out 90% of the formaldehyde from the air. This is found in many bathroom products, cleaning items and the grout between your tiles.


    Snake Plant

    Snake Plant

    Otherwise known as Mother-In-Laws tongue this is another undemanding plant making it ideal for a bathroom environment. The plant needs very little attention, so if you’re a person who only remembers to water their plants every so often a snake plant is the one to choose.

    They thrive in a bright bathroom but this isn’t essential; they survive just as well in low light levels. A great air purifier, it can actually increase the amount of oxygen within the room.

    Its sturdy leaves grow upwards, requiring little space outside of its pot, allowing it to work well on shelves or the floor if you have the room. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this plant is toxic to cats and dogs. So If you have inquisitive pets its best to place these high up or choose something else.


    Boston Fern

    Boston Fern

    A Boston ferns natural habitat is in the rainforest, a humid and sun light deprived area. It is used to getting a few drops of water now and then, but always thrives. A bathroom recreates the environment the fern thrives in perfectly.

    Another plant that is hard to kill as they absorb water from the air, making them ideal for reducing humidity within the home, especially the bathroom. This in turn helps to purify the air.

    As well as all the other benefits, the Boston fern is also pet friendly.


    Aloe Plant

    Aloe Vera Plant

    Whilst this is also a plant that is toxic to cats and dogs it has to be the most giving plant. An aloe plant has thick gently spiky leaves that are filled with a healing gel. The gel inside the leaves can be applied to minor scrapes, burns and bug bites. Often helping with the healing process. Whilst the plant itself helps to improve the air quality of the room in which its placed.

    Part of the succulent family it takes in moisture through its leaves meaning it needs very little watering and why it thrives in the humidity of a functioning bathroom. Aloe loves the sunlight but not directly as its leaves can burn and turn a little red, so don’t pop them on the windowsill.




    Of all the plants on this list the Orchid is the neediest, but also the most enchanting. They can live in both non direct and direct light. However, they require much more water if positioned in the latter. Naturally an orchid will lay its roots into a tree rather than the earth so if you want to successfully grow one indoors it will require a pot of special orchid bark soil, but this is easy to get hold of. The dendrobium and phalaenopsis types of orchid are the easier to care for, so if you’re new to plants try opting for one of these. They’re pet friendly too.

    Orchids flourish in the hot and steamy atmosphere created in a bathroom, which mimics its natural rain forest home. With elegant blossoms that have a beautiful smell, an orchid can fill your bathroom with a spa like aroma and vibe all whilst cleansing the air and producing more oxygen.


    Lucky Bamboo

    Bamboo Plant

    A Lucky Bamboo is unlike any of the other plants listed as it doesn’t need soil to thrive. Just like a bunch of flowers, a bamboo plant prefers a vase or pot filled with water and pebbles. Add some stone or glass pebbles for a decorative look. All it asks is for fresh water weekly.

    Lucky Bamboo is another pet friendly plant, perfect for its preferred floor location. Its branches grow speedily upwards but towards the light. You can tie the branches together to encourage it to grow into specific shapes and it can be preened too.  Leaves sprout in various spots on the branches and a sign of a healthy bamboo is leaves that grow upwards.

    Lucky Bamboo is up there with the top air purifiers. The leaves help to remove toxins from the air.


    With all these facts its hard to see why you wouldn't add some plants to your bathroom. What do you think of this trend? Do you have plants in your bathroom? We would love to hear if you've felt the benefits of a botanical bathroom.

  • Why choose vinyl flooring?

    Vinyl Flooring has had something of a revival in recent years. But, gone are the gaudy 70’s style tiles we all remember from our grandparent’s homes. Vinyl was always considered a cheaper option of flooring hence the negative memories people have of it. However vinyl flooring has once again become one of the most versatile home flooring options. Whether you're wanting a classic wooden or traditional stone flooring there are a wide range of options available.


    Why choose vinyl flooring from Karndean?


    Karndean palio clic


    Vinyl flooring has always been a popular choice due to its practical nature for many years. However, Karndeans Palio Clic is a luxury vinyl flooring, the likes we've not seen available before.

    Whilst it is design has a luxurious feel, it's installation technique is simple and straight forward. Making it an ideal solution if you like to get stuck in yourself.

    Traditional stone or wooden floors that can often be associated with being cold. However, Palio Clic is warm underfoot and in addition, can be fitted alongside underfloor heating to further insulate and heat your home. A great choice for rooms with limited wall space and ideal for creating that warm underfoot bathroom floor.

    Palio Clic has intricate wood and detailed stone designs, boasting realistic textures and grain details with a hard-wearing and easy to clean wear layer. The main advantage to vinyl flooring is how easy it is to clean. Palio Clic is perfect for busy family homes with a wipe clean surface to eliminate stains with mishaps from children and pets alike.

    Wood styles

     Palio Clic wooden vinyl floor

    The eight wooden look planks come in a popular large plank format with a pack containing 10 planks, covering 2.184 square metres. Available in eight stunning shades, from white washed panels to rich oak tones. The variety ensures a shade suitable for any room you wish to place it.


    Stone styles


    Palio Clic stone tiled vinyl floor

    The four stone designs are available as a contemporary, rectangular tile forma with a pack congaing 10 tiles, covering 2.184 square metres. Available in four beautiful tones that boast realistic texture and multi tonal design. You really won’t believe they’re not real stone.


    How easy is it to fit Palio Clic?


    Palio Clic vinyl flooring has a patented lock and click system. The tiles and planks lock together and click in place incredibly easily and therefore, doesn’t require any glue or nails to secure.  The video below shows a breakdown of exactly how to fit these. Look how easy it is!


    What do you think about vinyl flooring? Is it an option you'd choose for your home?

    If you'd like to discuss any vinyl flooring options, please give the team a call on 08452719929 or drop us an email.

  • The Pantone Colour of 2018 is here!

    Pantone have only gone and announced the colour of 2018 already!  The colour they have chosen for 2018 is Ultra Violet. A gorgeous colour, a mix of deep red and cobalt blue mix to create this rich deep purple. According to Pantone Colour Institutes executive director Leatrice Eiseman, Ultra Violet is ‘dramatically proactive and thoughtful’.

    Pantone Colour of the year 2018


    This stunning shade isn’t too far removed from the plum shade that was huge in bathroom design in AW17. Ultra Violet is a rich shade that is sure to make a statement in any bathroom, however you choose to include it.


    How to incorporate Ultra Violet in your bathroom

     Eppleby Ultra Violet roomset


    With such a bold colour it can be quite daunting to paint all your walls, but that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from it. Instead opt for changing your bathroom towels, shower curtain and accessories instead! You’d be surprised how much of an impact this will make to your bathroom. The best bit is Ultra Violet accessories will dazzle against white and look incredible with greys and blacks. It will work superbly with any bathroom suite colour.


    Ultra Violet bathroom

    If you are one for bold decor and really making a statement, then grab the paint and go for it! The blue purple shade is amazing backdrop for modern white furniture and create a bold and dramatic look with darker greys or black.  If you don’t want to paint the whole room, just choose a statement wall or recess and make a feature out of it. If you find the shade a little too dark or daring once its on the wall, you can always brighten it with artwork or a mirror.


    We'd love to hear your thoughts on the colour that will dominate 2018. What do you think of the 2018 shade? Will you be adding this to your bathroom? Or any other room in your home?

  • What Shower Will Suit My Small Bathroom?

    You find that if you’ve got a small bathroom you find yourself looking at the things you can’t have! This thinking isn’t good, especially when you actually look at the amazing options available to you. Shower enclosures are not what they used to be. Gone are the small cramped spaces with just enough room to wash your hair.


    Regardless of the size of your bathroom you can have sleek and contemporary décor, minus the bath tub.


    Quadrant shower enclosure

     G6 Quadrant shower enclosure


    A quadrant shower enclosure is ideal for a small bathroom as it can utilise an unused corner of your bathroom without taking up too much floor space. A quadrant tray has two straight edges and a curved front adjoining these and are available in 800, 900 and 1000 mm sizes. The doors on a quadrant shower always slide open, eliminating the room required for a standard hinged door.  The benefits of a quadrant shower also include the ease of movement around the limited space thanks to the beautiful curved enclosure and turning dead space into a highly usable shower area instead.


    Recess shower cubicle

     Tavistock Oxygen Recess Bi Fold shower


    Many small bathrooms are an unusual shape. This can often be due to re-location of the room from downstairs, making use of all the available space in an en-suite or adding an old airing cupboard into the room. You are therefore left with a room requiring much more thought to the design practicality and aesthetic. If you’re lucky enough to have a recess in your bathroom you don’t have to keep it as a cupboard. Transform it into a stunning shower enclosure as all you need is a door! The Tavistock Oxygen recess shower comes with a hinged or if your space by the recess is limited a bi-fold option. A great way to save space.


    Walk in Shower 

     Kudos Ultimate 2 Walk In Shower


    A walk in shower in a great addition to a smaller bathroom due to the illusion it creates. The beauty of a walk in shower is the lack of restriction in your bathroom. With open ends and a somewhat floating glass panel, this is minimalist design at its best. What it also does, is create the illusion of more space, as there isn’t a designated shower tray or enclosure taking up space. The Kudos Ultimate 2 range have many walk in shower options. You can choose between deflector panels helping control the flow of water or opt for one straight panel. A straight panel only will need a wet room system on the floor and walls.


    Wet Room


    Vivid Wet Room Panel


    A wet room; much like a walk in shower is amazing at creating the illusion of space. However, unlike a walk through shower these are often positioned into a corner making them ideal for a small bathroom. Creating an enclosure space without an actual enclosure leaves a sleek design. As a result of the glass panels, the light within the room bounces and creates an airy and spacious feel. The Kudos Ultimate 2 range offers panels of all shapes and sizes so you can customise your wet room, how cool is that? Or if you’re looking for something a little more straightforward you can look at the Coral wet room panels. A wet room is a great addition in any small bathroom.


    So whilst your small bathroom may not have enough room for the tub of your dreams we’re confident that the options you’ve just read about have given you a different outlook. Bathrooms can be just as luxurious without a bath and hopefully you're finally choose the shower of your dreams instead. If you have any questions regarding any of the showers here get in touch. You can contact us either on 0845 271 9929, via the online chat or with the email

  • Is Your Bathroom Winter Ready?

    British summer time officially come to an end this week so it’s important to make sure your bathroom heating is ready for the winter. It’s likely that now is the time your heating will be turned back on. If things aren’t as they should be, invest in a new bathroom radiator before the winter arrives. Here are our recommendations for heating up your bathroom.


    A Vertical Radiator

    Colona Vertical Bathroom Radiator

    A vertical radiator is perfect for any type of bathroom. Being tall and slim rather than bulky and horizontal eliminates a wasted wall. Which is ideal for a bathroom where furniture already takes up so much wall space. Suitable for both small and larger bathrooms for different reasons. The tallness of the radiator circulates the warm air from its base all the way to its top so is much better at heating up larger bathrooms super quick! And choosing a thinner radiator such as the Corona Radiator allows you to fit this in the smallest of spaces, even behind the door.


    A Towel Rail

    Reina Deno Heated Towel Rail

    Towel rails are by far the most popular choice in bathroom heating. Due mainly to the huge variety of styles available. You are able to choose small, tall, wide and designer. There really is a towel rail to suit any style of décor.  These are great for family bathrooms, with the radiator providing multiple rails to place damp towels to dry. We’re big fans of the classic ladder style towel rail such as the designer Reina Deno.


    A Radiator Shelf

    Reina Elvina Heated Towel Shelf

    This option is amazing if you have a small bathroom as this is fitted up high so helps minimise the space needed. The Reina Elvina is basically a bent towel rail but this is ingenious. The radiator is fitted high so circulates the warm air much easier than a standard radiator. It also has a dual purpose, providing a shelf area to store multiple towels as well as using the lower rungs to hang those in use. Perfect when space is at a premium.



    Underfloor Heating

    Cosy Toes Underfloor Bathroom Heating

    Now this really is the best option for space saving! The Cosy Toes underfloor heating comes in mats that have super sticky backs which sticks to the flooring. This powerful adhesive then holds the mat in the final installed position ready for tiling. The best thing about underfloor bathroom heating is the feeling of the warmth when you step out of the shower or bath. It can also be used alongside a radiator.


    Whichever option you choose to heat your bathroom, getting this replaced or updated before winter arrives is essential. No-one wants to get out of a lovely soak in the tub to a damp towel. If you have any questions regarding the options available please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0845 271 9929 or via the chat option on the website.

  • Cloakroom Bathroom Ideas

    A cloakroom bathroom or downstairs toilet as most people call it, is common place and almost always included in new build homes these days. However this is a great addition in older homes too. Adding possibly thousands in resale value to the property. The best bit is you need considerably less room than you may think to add a cloakroom bathroom to your home!


    Under the stairs toilet


    Under stairs Cloakroom bathroom

    I hear what you’re saying…. there is no way a cloakroom bathroom will fit under my stairs! Well you’d be very surprised with how much space you actually need for just a toilet and a sink. Which is essentially all you need in a downstairs loo. There are many ways to approach this, using wall hung furniture such as the Tavistock Micra. The stylish sanitryware eases manoeuvrability in the small space, whilst providing a clean and modern look. Our favourite option for an under the stairs toilet, due to it ingenious innovation is the Two in One Toilet Basin. This combines the basin into the back of the toilet removing one of the essential items and meaning less space is required.


    An old airing cupboard conversion


    Laguna Corner Toilet and Basin

    Many homes these days no longer have a huge tank of hot water on the landing. However a cupboard still remains where this used to be! So inevitably this space is often converted into an extra bathroom. These spaces are often quite small but that doesn’t mean it’s unusable. It’s important to make sure you choose sanitaryware and furniture that is proportionate to the space. Many options of sanitryware provide smaller basins and toilets, such as the Tavistock Structure range, due to demand. Within a more rectangle space as these cupboards often are, our favourite option is the Lecico Laguna Corner Basin and Toilet. Utilise every corner of the room whilst getting in and out of the small space with ease.


    A room with an unwanted alcove

    Tavistock Match back to wall unit

    If you’ve got a downstairs room with an unwanted alcove you can use this as the starting point for your new addition. The Tavistock Match furniture is ideal for a recess cloakroom bathroom and because of its clever design, helps to reduce the space required. The Match combines a toilet and basin in a back to wall unit, that also boasts under basin storage. As a result of this design the unit can be slotted straight into the alcove space. The worktop space along with the storage creates a space for all the bathroom essentials needed in a downstairs loo.


    A specially made cloakroom bathroom


    Sonata 500 Basin & Unit Medium Oak

    If you want to add a downstairs toilet but don’t have any of the options above and need to make a new room, this can be easier than it looks. Remember that you don’t need very much space. A fake plasterboard wall is used to create a space within another room or passageway. These created rooms have a tendency to be long and narrow to avoid loosing too much of the existing room. The toilet will ideally fitted to the back wall as this creates space for cloakroom furniture along the walls. The Sonata vanity basins are super slimline, with a depth of just 195mm, making them ideal for this kind of cloakroom bathroom.


    A contemporary or classic cloakroom bathroom is achievable in even the smallest of spaces. Hopefully this article will inspire you to finally take the plunge. Either with a transformation or to create that downstairs room. Besides those shown above, Bathroom Supastore has wide collection of cloakroom style furniture available. Looking for further inspiration? Click here to see our full range of cloakroom options.

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