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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  • How to create a period style bathroom?

    Digital technologies are ever evolving and whilst we’re seeing more and more digital enhancements of bathroom essentials, such as de-misting mirrors and remote controlled showers, we still find ourselves looking backwards. Period style, particularly Victorian and Edwardian, are still top of the charts when it comes to bathroom design. If you’re looking to completely re-design your bathroom or just give it refresh in a period style, we have products to help. Continue reading for our top period style products.



    Varsity period shower bath mixer

    If you’re looking to change the décor style in your bathroom to a period style, you don’t have to start from scratch. Changing a few key components of the room can completely transform the space. With its classic shaping and white accents, the Tavistock Varsity Shower Bath mixer is the ultimate addition. The whole range is indicative of the period style which includes basin taps and shower options, but we’ll take more on those later.



    Reina Oxford vintage radiator

    Radiators are another small change you can make in your bathroom that just like taps, give an instant period feeling. Choosing a white and chrome radiator such as the Reina Oxford or the Reina Camden which both have traditional shaping will add an instant vintage vibe. The vintage style allows you to place hand towels over the top arch. Eliminating the need for a towel rail. We adore these dual colour radiators against a muted palette, such as sage green or dove grey.



    April Eldwick traditional freestanding slipper bath

    A freestanding traditional style bath not only creates a statement but is a sure fire way of stamping the traditional décor style on the room. A roll top or freestanding style bath is a must for creating instant traditional appeal.  We simply adore the curves of the April Eldwick slipper tub. It's elegance and grace just screams traditional style.



    Varsity period style shower

    Going for a period design doesn’t mean you have to go without the modern convenience of a shower. There are many different styles you can choose whilst keeping the period aesthetic. Choosing a traditional style shower valve and head separately will let you have shower head in exactly the shape and size you want. Without having to compromise for the traditional shower valve style. We love the Ultra Victorian shower valve, with white accents that you can highlight in other areas of the bathroom. However, our favourite traditional shower has to be the Tavistock Varsity. This shower really does have everything! Dual heads with the white accents synonymous with period style. Plus, it has the traditional lever controls.



    Vitoria High level period style toilet

    If you’re hoping to achieve a traditional style in your bathroom then a low or high level toilet is a fantastic choice. These toilet styles have the ideal aesthetic for a classic style, with their visible cistern often paired with a lever or pulley flush.  With its ornate brackets the Tavistock Vitoria is both elegant and timeless. It will certainly be a talking point for anyone who enters your bathroom.  A low level toilet will create a similar style, without taking up as much space. Ideal for smaller bathrooms that still want a loo with flair!


    Would you love a period style bathroom? Do you have one? We love to see what you’ve done with your Bathroom Supastore purchases…so if you’ve created a period style bathroom show us! Tag us in your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or send them to us via our sales email

  • Bathroom Decor Trends For 2018

    The start of 2018 is well under way now and with it come predictions for the hottest bathroom décor trends of the year. The new shades and styles that will be huge over the next year are bold and different to those we’ve seen in past years. We’re confident that you’ll fall in love with a at least one of these and start planning how to get this in your own bathroom.


    Colour Accents


    Colour accent trends

    Now this isn’t a new idea, however it’s a trend set to make it big this year. It’s time to throw away caution to the wind and add a splash of bright, bold colour to your bathroom. Bathrooms lend their selves perfectly to that extra dash of bright colour, due to the natural tones of the sanirtywear.

    This trend will see a comeback of coloured baths and sanitrywear, but if you’re not brave enough to make such a big commitment don’t worry. You can easily add colour to your bathroom with accessories. Add in some towels, a rug or a piece of art in your chosen colour. Once you’ve warmed to the colour we’re confident you’ll be reaching for the paint to make more of a statement.


    Hotel Style Shower

     Large shower trend

    Showers were always seen as an addition rather than an essential in a bathroom. However, in recent years this tradition has changed. Many people opting to forget the tub and go for a more lavish shower, which is reflected in this trend prediction.

    Hotel style showers are far easier to achieve at home that you may think. Without a bath you'll create ample space for a large and luxurious walk in style shower that we’re used to seeing in boutique hotels. With incredibly discreet shower panels and slim line the Kudos Ultimate range is ideal for making a chic statement feature. Why not go full on hotel style and add his and hers shower heads?


    Sunken Baths

     Sunken bath trend

    If, however you do love a bath there is a hot new trend that you can adopt in your bathroom. Freestanding baths have been seen as focal point within the bathroom for many years. The new trend however is to incorporate the bath into a sunken area of the room. What is a sunken bath? A sunken bathtub is exactly what it sounds like. Leaving just the top exposed the bath will make the room feel more spacious and airy. A sunken bath helps creates a spa like feature of your bathroom. The addition of whirlpool jets, like the Trojan Elite 14 Jet whirlpool pictured will create a sanctuary area, perfect for long relaxing soaks.


    Indigo Blue


    Indigo colour trend

    Whilst the Pantone Ultra Violet is predicted to be a big hit this year, there is also another shade making waves in bathroom décor. The dark shade has a stunning inky blue tone colour scheme compliments simple furniture. Working well with both white and wood finishes. The richness can be overwhelming but using different textures, matt walls, glossy tiles for example adds depth to a bathroom.

    Indigo is reminiscent of the deepest parts of the sea, team with light oak and a hint of turquoise for a seaside feeling all year round.


    Matt Furniture


    Matt furniture trend

    There’s no doubting the popularity of high gloss furniture in the bathroom, with its easy wipe clean surfaces, but there’s a new style in town for 218. Matt furniture is going to be where it’s at!

    Whats great about his trend is you don’t have to buy new to achieve it. With many paint brands now stocking matt finishes you can up-cycle your current furniture very easily. The Tavistock Vitoria range is our stand out matt furniture and is available in dark grey or linen white.


    Are you planning a bathroom remodel this year? Will you be following any of these trends? What are your thoughts on these trends? We love to know what you think, so be sure to leave us a comment below.

  • Our Top 5 Illuminated Mirrors


    An illuminated bathroom mirror is sure to be high on the list of essential bathroom furniture. It not only lightens the room but creates the illusion of a space. More importantly; these days more and more digital features are being incorporated into mirror design.


    With these digital additions it’s important they are designed to withstand water and condensation. All the illuminated mirrors on Bathroom Supastore are IP44 rated which means they are protected from water spray from any direction. Therefore ensures full electrical safety for you and your bathroom.


    Here are our top 5 illuminated mirrors that also have some extra hidden features!


    1. Charm Backlit Mirror

     Charm Backlit Mirror 800 x 600

    The Charm mirror has beautiful curved edges with a back lit inner frame. This illuminated mirror is fitted with a demisting pad which eliminates steaming up whilst the bathroom is in use. The style of the illuminated band bounces light from inside and out; teamed with the large size of the mirror providing ample light. The mirror can be fitted horizontally or vertically for ease of use in any bathroom space.


    2. Tavistock Lansdown Framed Illuminated Mirror

     Tavistock Lansdown Framed Illuminated Mirror

    If you’re someone who loves to get the whole room to match the Lansdown illuminated mirror is for you. Unlike some modern mirrors that come with multiple digital features, the Lansdown is a simplistic style. Due to its traditional design the mirror is aesthetically pleasing in any decor style but suits a period or classic best.  The mirror has a wide detailed wooden frame with an illuminated light inside of this. The Lansdown furniture comes in 3 shades and the mirror is available in all of these so you are able match the entire suite.


    3. Tavistock Vapour Backlit Illuminated Mirror

     Tavistock Vapour Backlit Illuminated Mirror

    The Tavistock Vapour mirror is visually stunning. With an illuminated oval design, the LED design highlight the main viewing area. Also highlighted is a smaller magnified circular section of mirror. This is perfect for applying makeup, shaving or any of those little things that require a closer look. The light feature is operated by an infra-red no touch on/off switch so there should be no finger prints left on the mirror. Another nifty feature is the addition of an integrated socket for charging electric shavers and toothbrushes. It also has a demister pad and therefore reduces the chances of stepping out of the shower to a steamy mirror when the bathroom is in use.


    4. Tavistock Aster LED Backlit Illuminated Mirror

     Tavistock Aster LED Backlit Illuminated Mirror

    The Tavistock Aster mirror is a beautiful wide panoramic style mirror. The LED light fitted on the outer edge of the mirror provides a bright and plentiful supply of light.  Its rounded edges give a softer aesthetic which complements curved furniture, such as the Tavistock Tempo pictured beautifully. The Aster comes in 3 sizes so it'll be able to fit in most bathrooms. The Aster makes a gorgeous focal point in any bathroom ideal if you want to make an impact and you're limited for floor space. Fitted with demister pads to help prevent the mirror from steaming up during bathroom use.


    5. Phonic LED Mirror with Integrated Bluetooth Audio Speakers

     Phonic LED Mirror with Integrated Bluetooth Audio Speakers

    The Phonic illuminated mirror has a stunning LED pin point light design down either side. With an infrared on/off switch and heat demister pad there is no excuse for finger prints and messy water marks. Another incredible feature of the contemporary Phonic mirror is the integrated speaker! Yep, that’s right a speaker. So, whilst you’re having a relaxing bath you'll be able to pop on some chilled out music and really relax! It's ideal for creating that spa like vibe.  The amazing features make this a mirror that really does tick all the boxes!


    What do you look for in a bathroom mirror? Is lighting important? or do you prefer a mirror to be just a mirror?

    These are just a handful of our favourites but if you’ve not seen one you like there are many more options here. Contact the team on the phone or via email if you have any questions on the items above. The customer service team are here happy to help with any queries.

  • What Shape Shower Tray Should I Pick?

    Having both a bath and a shower in your bathroom is common place these days, however planning and fitting these into your bathroom can feel like a game of Tetris.


    It’s worth designing a floor plan before you go about purchasing your new bathroom, that’s because it’s common not to take into account how much space is left between bathroom items and to therefore miscalculate. The shape and more importantly the size of your shower tray is something that needs great consideration within your bathroom. As well as room for the doors to open if you’re choosing a hinged enclosure.


    With so many options it can be tricky to know where to start. Continue reading for our guide on each of the shower tray shapes.


    Square Shower Tray

    Square shower tray


    A square shower tray is what would be considered the classic and traditional shower tray style. With that being said, it is still a very popular style and shape in today’s modern bathrooms.

    A square shower is ideally fitted in the corner of the bathroom but can be in a more central location of the bathroom, needing just one wall.  The advantage of choosing a square show tray is you’re able to choose between sliding or hinged doors.

    The square shower trays start as small as 700 mm, which still provides ample showering space and go as large as 1200 mm for a luxurious shower. It also makes them ideal for any bathroom size.


    Rectangle Shower Tray

    Kudos K stone rectangle shower tray


    If space is no object, then you may prefer a rectangular shower tray. The rectangular space allows for a more comfortable shower thanks to the ample internal space within the shower enclosure.

    A large rectangle show tray allows you to create hotel chic, with a shower big enough for 2. With the options of pivot, hinged or sliding doors on a rectangle tray you can create a shower to match the theme of your bathroom. Suited to both modern, minimalist or traditional, country or period rooms.

    Make a statement with your shower with our largest 2000 x 900 mm rectangle shower tray, or if you’re pushed for space but want that little bit of extra room choose the 900 x 700 mm.


    Quadrant Shower Tray

    Quadrant shower tray


    A Quadrant shower tray has 2 straight edges that are joined by a front curve. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, where floor space is at a premium. The curved doors create a gorgeous profile that suit any bathroom decor style.

    A quadrant shower fits neatly into the corner of the room and also reduces the space needed within the room, when compared with a square shower. Making bathroom manoeuvrability much smoother. The doors on a quadrant shower tend to be sliding, again to eliminate the space needed. However, you can get some hinged ones too if your bathroom isn’t on the smaller side.

    Our quadrant shower trays range between 800 mm and 1000 mm.


    Offset Quadrant Shower Tray

    Offset quadrant shower tray


    An offset quadrant shower is a mixture of a quadrant and rectangle shower. The tray has one short edge and one longer edge that sits against walls into a corner of your bathroom. This creates a large, luxurious shower space, ideal for larger or busy family bathrooms.

    The large design of an offset quadrant shower does require a corner to be positioned in. The only other thing to factor in if you choose an offset quadrant is that there are hand options. The hand will determine which end of the shower is curved.

    Our smallest offset quadrant comes in at a large 900 x 760 mm and the largest is a huge, hotel style 1400 x 800.


    Bowed Shower Tray

    Kudos bowed shower tray


    Modern bathroom design now has a preference towards curved lines and minimalist design and with this the Bowed shower tray shape has been introduced. The bowed shape tray is a rectangle on 3 sides with one of the larger ends curving outwards.

    A bowed shower tray should be fitted between 2 walls, where you can just add a curved door, such as the Kudos Originals, or you can opt for an enclosure that has 2 sides and install the tray in a corner.

    The bowed trays are a great alternative to a quadrant and create a spacious shower space in any bathroom. The advantage of this shape shower tray is you can fit them in either large or smaller bathrooms and their unique shape make them perfect for long thin rooms or for filling that awkward alcove in your bathroom.


    For more design inspiration why not check out the rest of our articles on our blogs? Our team are on hand via email or telephone if you have any queries too regarding shower tray options too.

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