When your designing your new swanky bathroom you may think your bath choice will be one of the easiest.

However, when you are first greeted by the overwhelming range of styles, you may feel rather spoilt for choice.  In fact we, ourselves could even stand accused of bombarding you with just too much choice.

With stunning pictures of freestanding baths, straight baths, corner and shower baths the decision can get harder than it first seems. The choice is seemingly endless and we may even chuck in a few items into our online baskets before questioning ourselves, was that really the right bath to opt for?

But don’t despair, pop the kettle on and continue reading. We have compiled some advice that should, allow you to better get to grips with what bath will be right for you.


So without further ado, let’s have a look what’s important:


Do you want a spacious bath?

Some of us tend to prefer a nice quick shower, in which case we may not be too bothered over how big our bath actually is.

April Halton Freestanding bath


For others however the bath may be our very own retreat, our very own sanctuary within our homes. So, in this case it’s important to look at more spacious baths, which tend to come in the form of freestanding, double ended and also corner baths as well. Freestanding options give you the freedom of position within the room, whereas double ended options provide the more common straight bath. A corner bath whilst having a  spacious interior can actually free up floor space in the bathroom for other amenities.

If you want what many consider to be the ultimate type of bath, then you should opt for a whirlpool bath. This is a type of bath allows you to get a spa like experience, in your home everyday. Bliss!


Short on space? what are the options?

Now this is the perfect solution when space is at a premium. A shower bath, basically has one wider end that provides extra space for showering and allows for a shower screen to be fitted. These shaped baths are normally referred to as P or L shaped baths.

Elite L Shape Shower Bath

There is also a growing number of smaller freestanding baths, such as the Trojan Uppingham and the Trojan Alcora. This gives you the option of a statement bath even if your bathroom is on the smaller side!


Only have room for a straight bath?

Solarna Trojancast reinforced bath


The style of bath that most people are familiar with but also by far the most popular type, that’s the humble single ended bath. This is a bath option that needs no introduction, yet offers a practical and affordable solution. Don't let it deceive you either, the single ended bath comes in sizes up to 1800 x 800mm and with newer super deep options available, these baths can still provide a luxurious and relaxing option.


So once you've worked out which option you think will be best for your bathroom, head to Bathroom Supastore and take a look at your options. Head to the category pages where you can search by size which means, all your options in one place.