It may seem like summer has only just arrived but the interior design world is already thinking about autumn and winter colour trends for the next season.

This autumn and winter you can expect to see a distinct switch from neutral tones to a very bold, almost Eastern palette. The rich tones contain hints of spice and warmth which will really make a feature in your bathroom.

There’s no need to be afraid of adding colour to your bathroom. This can be done as little or as much as you want but you’ll be surprised at the depth it will add, even in a small bathroom!


Salmon Pink

A move from the millennial pink tones that have graced living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms alike for the last 2-3 seasons. This autumn will see a deeper pink with orange base tones. A variation of Pantone's Living Coral, the colour of 2019, made specifically with the colder months in mind.

Salmon pink colour bathroom

The pastel yet warming shade adds a richness to a normally cold bathroom. Contrasted with the white sanitary wear or even dark furniture it importantly creates just the right amount of pop!

Olive green

Now this may not be a colour that you’d naturally pop in a bathroom. The colour which may seem better suited to a kitchen has a rich yet almost pastel tone that adds a botanical and earthy vibe to the room. Making a tranquil and peaceful space where I can guarantee you'll want to spend more time relaxing in.

Olive Green colour bathroom

What’s great about this tone of green too, is its adaptability to modern, period and even a minimalist décor style.

Air Force Blue

The darkest of this season colours, this deep blue shade is ideal for the bathroom. The deep shade can add be used to add drama to your bathroom. Whilst the white furniture, in contrast will work to brighten alongside it. Painting the whole bathroom such an intense colour will leave you with a chic room that can be teamed with gold fittings and fixtures for a luxurious and sophisticated effect.

Air Force blue bathroom

Not feeling as brave? Choose an alcove or statement wall to add the deep colour and use hints of lighter blue elsewhere. This blue hued mix is a classic that will never go out of fashion. See how great it looks combined with the Dark Java furniture.


Taking inspiration from Moroccan décor, this bright and energetic colour is an unusual choice for a bathroom. However, the shade will add much needed warmth to and you don’t have to add much to make an impact.

Paprika colour bathroom

The clever placement of a rug, some custom bottles or a piece of art can bring the colour into the room in a way that makes it super easy to change as the seasons trend change.


Another shade this season based around Moroccan décor styles and one that makes a great secondary shade to both Air Force Blue and Paprika! Mustard has been an interior trend for a while now but as featured predominantly as a secondary shade.

Mustard colour bathroom

Used as the primary colour in your bathroom Mustard will really brighten and lift the whole room. What could be better than being greeted by the colour of sunshine every morning?


What do you think of the latest interior trend shades? Do you think you’ll be adding any to your bathroom?